The Disappearance

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Tristan

so when a detective that doesn't think too highly about himself and gets a crime to solve who will be in jail this story has a bit of a turn in the end but a very good story



So I work for the O.P.P ontario provincial police force and a couple of months ago I was promoted to head investigator and I have done a couple of cases. We haven’t had any for a while I don't live anywhere septal actually it's probably below septal I live in a small old condo by myself. My Mom died two years ago and my Dad is on the edge of his life. I have a exciting but sad life. I believe my only meaning in life is to bust crime and to rot on this planet. I got ready to go to work I went to the washroom did my thing and took the elevator down to the underground parking. I went to my car and went to work. I pulled in and found parking, pulled in, got out of the car and walked in to the police station. I opened the door and was greeted by the receptionist Lizz “Good morning Officer Cage” I walk past trying to make it seem like I didn’t hear her. About five minutes later The announcements called say: “Officer Cage please come to head office A.S.A.P thats Officer Cage please come to head office A.S.A.P thank you”

As I walk down to the head office and open the door sergeant Samuel looks up and says “Please sit down” I walked up to the desk and I pull out a chair and slowly sit down. I asked “What is going on?” He answers “We have a case!” I say “Ok show me the file” It reads: Name: Sandra Michelle, Went missing: three days ago,

Case:Missing, Last seen: HillTop Park, Licence plate:nm1743g, address: 247 Willberrytop.rd ok lets get started right away. As I stand up to walk out Sargent Samuel stops me and says to me “Good luck on the case and check your paycheck their might be a surprise!” I reply “Will do” as I walk out of the room. I walk to the front of the room wear all the investigators hang out and I announce “Everybody please may I have your attention” all of sudden everyone looks at me. “Um does this concern lunch?” asks Detective France I answer “we have a case now are you here to eat or do your job? If eat than you can leave and don't come back.” he said “work sir sorry sir” “good” I say “ok now so we have a case a girl named Sandra she went missing three days ago we know the license plate but can't find the


car last seen Hilltop park address 247 willberrytop.rd” “ok let's get straight on it” says Detective France. So me and my partner Detective Connor got up everyone else got up too and went to their cars. I hop in the car and my partner followed I turned the keys and the car started I switched on the siren and lights. I got out of the parking lot and we were off I drove down to Hilltop park to see if we could find any clues. I got my partner to evacuate all the kids in the park well me and my other colleagues put caution tape up and put cones all around the potential crime scene. I looked around the benches Detective Connor looked around the slides and the rest of my colleagues looked around the swings and other areas such as trees and parking lot. I looked high and low I couldn't find anything until Detective James yelled “Look I found a phone and on the case it says: property of Sandra Michelle!” so we got into our cars and drove back to the station.

When we get there we all huddle around and searched the phone for about two hours till we found a text saying “Ok I will be over at your house soon” we checked the time it was sent and it was sent three days ago! And it was sent to a girl named Vanessa we looked at what hear phone number was we found it and called it. “Ring,Ring,Ring,Ring Hello?” says Vanessa “Hi this is the O.P.P Investigation force this is concerning your friend Sandra Michelle” “what about her?” “She went missing three days ago do you know anything about her disappearance?” “What!? I wasn’t informed about anything!” “Did she arrive at your house three days ago?” “yes she did” “Was anyone else their?” “I can't remember who it was I was really drunk but I remember talking to someone else” “do you have a Idea of who it could be?” “It could maybe be someone like Bill, Mike,Jack,Philippe,Harry or Nick” “can you tell me some stuff about them?” “Ya Mike has his hair dyed green and has a toyota truck,Jack has blond hair and a nisone car,Bill has blond hair and a chinese no named car, Philippe has gray hair and has no car but has a red bike,harry has blond hair and has a honda car and Nick has blond hair and a nison.” “Ok wear do you live she might have tried to leave your house and went with someone who possibly murdered her” I




live at 24 Malabie crescent” “Ok thanks bye.” So we all got up and went to our cars turned on the keys sirens and lights and then we were on our way.

We were all looking the whole way until around two kilometers away from the house we saw a car in the dich. So we pulled over and did the same procedure we had some colleges putting up caution tape and putting cones down too. We had Conner and I looking in the car and had others look in other places. “I found car keys” sayes detective Conner I say “what brand?” he answers “Nison” I say “Vanessa said that she knows some people it could have been with Nison’s!” “There is a clump of blond hair” “Ok lets call Vanessa again” “Ring,Ring,Ring, hello did you find something? “Maybe but could you give me the contacts of all the names you seid with blond hair and that owns a nison?” “Ya they are:56862940636285893 and 554429900333566439” “Ok thanks bye” Let's call “wait!” their is a licence plate on the ground but look it is not sandras sandras license plates are on the car!” “run the plates through the system” “It says they are owned by Vanessa!”  “Look there's her body and a knife in her heart!”  “bring the corpse to the lab” So we all got in the cars and went to the lab so we started the car drove their and walked in. we went to the scientist and handed hear the knife we didn't even need to say anything she just knew what we needed so after 12 hours we found out it was actually Vanessa and she wanted us to frame one of the two friends. We went back to the station and stormed into the generals office and yelled “WE NEED THE SWAT TEAM NOW WE HAVE NO IDEA OF HOW DANGEROUS THIS COULD BE” He didn't even Question why we need them she just said “Sure I will contact them immediately” “Where do you need them? 24 Balabie crescent” “They say they will meet you there” so we went to the car turned it on turned on the sirens and lights and met them their. Once we got out of the car I went and told them “We need men getting her at all costs I



don't care if in the end she is DEAD” “Ok  sir” than he yells “ok men we need people on every single door and window we cannot let her escape!”

The swat team was busy yelling come out we have you surrounded and breaking down doors while everyone else including me was behind cars aiming getting ready possibly shoot. She decided to just give up and come out she says she doesn’t want to get shot. So we all ran to her and handcuffed her but later we found out that she had explosives in her jacket so it’s good we didn’t give her any time to pull the pin or we would have all found ourselves dead so I say “Holy crap she has explosives!” “Well there's 5 more years for her in jail!” So we brought her to jail around 3 months later she went to court and this is what happened “your Honor I am guilty of murmuring Sandra Michelle I don’t deserve to live I beg you to put my on death row and not only did I kill her but I also caused the car making her unconscious which gave me the opportunity to stab her.” “how did you not sustain any injuries from the crash?” “I did look.” she takes of her hat to reveal a nasty bruise on her head. “Ok 53 years jail time then death row case closed” she his her hamer “WAM!” then the security came and brought her to jail but it didn't really make my life much but I did ask if my dad could come over and live the rest of his life he came on a thursday died on a saturday but I am just happy I got to see him one more time but I couldn't stand my miserable life sometimes but it all changed my job to a police officer I found they interact more so I guess the mystery is solved and it was THE DISAPPEARANCE

Submitted: January 05, 2018

© Copyright 2021 TristanKristan. All rights reserved.

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