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haven't decided on a name for the main characters name hence the ----- . please comment what i can improve on and what you think

Submitted: January 05, 2018

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Submitted: January 05, 2018



Food and water, rest. The 3 things that humans need to live. As long as those things are present, life's all good. It’s what we, as humans, are told throughout our life and we believe it. Until something bad happens. After that one bad thing happens, it always unravels and bad things start happening more often and you realise that humans need more than food, water rest. I suppose this will happen to many and if it happens to you, then you  will realise what we actually need. We need hate however love. We  need friends however space. We need someone we know will always be there. That we could trust with our life. We are probably the most complexed species and it cannot be put into words by a single person how our minds work. The feelings to need something. To want something so bad. To always be fighting...and never to be fought for...


------- sat in her dark, old childish bedroom and looked up at the twinkling lights in the dark sky. They shined and smiled at her and she smiled back. It had begun to rain and down stairs she could hear shouting again. Her smiled disappeared from her face and reality came back. ------ felt wetness on hand, at first she thought somehow the rain had come through the rusty window but seconds later and she caught a glimpse of herself and saw it was her own tears falling not the rain. As she sat on her windowsill, ---- thought about where it has started to go wrong but couldn’t pick a specific point.


------ long, golden shiny hair was tied into a messy bun and her cheeks were puffed and red. Her hands ached from punching the wall with anger a few hours ago. Her fluffy socks, old worn out joggers and jumper kept her warm from the coldness in her house. The coldness from her phone. The people that surrounded her. At school she always put up a strong front and people seemed to admirer that so that's how she stayed. Often she wondered if other people were like her. She knew the truth. She knew she was weak and scared and frightened but she seemed to be the only one that could see that.  


Suddenly her door bursted opened! An angry, tired, frustrated figure walked in. Bags under their eyes and a face with fear, ----- mum started arguing again. ------- took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “This can’t carry on” she thought. Her mum couldn’t see it the way she did. It wasn’t her fault. There was nothing she could. When ----- had reopened her eyes her mum looked at her, with disappointment and distraught and stormed out the room. Every night she lived this nightmare and ----- hoped and prayed every night there would be a different story but every night it would be the same, she’d get into an argument with someone, act like it was okay and then cry whether it was a few tears or crying for even hours maybe,  it was the same story. ------ didn’t have the worst life but she knew she deserved better even if she didn’t admit it to herself. She wasn’t close with either parent and found it hard to talk to them without shouting. So much had changed since her parents stopped sleeping in the same bed, since her brother thought he was older and cooler than he actually was, since her sister got her new boyfriend.


A few weeks ago ----- had started going out with her secondary school crush, everything was perfect. He was perfect, his golden brown hair, the way he smiled at her when she said something silly, the way his hands that fitted exactly with hers. Her life at school was amazing. She was popular, generally the teachers like her. She was smart and almost top in most subjects but ------- was also a friend to whoever may need one. Her face lit up a room when she walked in and she tried to put others in front of herself. Maybe these were the reasons why Noah fell in love with her but she would never see it. ----- always saw the best in people but couldn’t see it in herself. ------- was always happy at school and preferred being there than at home.


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