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It's a story about an unhuman ritual in some tribes of Hindu religion community.

Submitted: January 05, 2018

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Submitted: January 05, 2018



As I looked that picture a gentle smile appeared on my face as always. I thank god for giving me such a sincere sister. Why...WHY! we have to let our sisters to marry and then they have to leave us. RING….RING….RING!!! I picked the phone on other side someone was crying. Hello….hello…..whose this. She said “Brother! my husband died; save me please.” I got shocked and sat on chair near by. I was thinking that why god has done this once again to me…. why me...why only me… 20 years ago this ritual of sati has killed my mother when my father died. God!! Why this ritual of sati has been created, why they burn the alive wife along the dead husband!!! God!! really is this the why you got pleased.. really… you want the life of a widow!!. God you got pleased when a living wife is burnt with the dead husband. Why!!! Why… this ritual is.. WHY. Last time I wasn't able to save my mother she was burnt in front of me. This ruined my life. I and my sister got alone and this my sister will be burn in front of me. God! save her please. I don't want to loose her. I wear my white Shalwar qameez and went to her house. They all were prepared to burn my sister along with her husband. She was crying and looking at me. I was helpless and wasn't able to look her. I ran and hold the feet of head of town, requested him to leave my sister but he said “ Look! God will be pleased by your sister, she will be very close to the god in the next world.” I was crying and begging for my sister's life but for others the ritual of sati, was more important then life my sister. They burn my sister in front of me and I was able to do nothing in front of whole town. Really, Did god pleased!!! Really!

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