January 2018. Picture Prompt 1

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The latest Picture Prompt from the Imaginarium House. Everyone is welcome to take part in this writing challenge.

Submitted: January 05, 2018

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Submitted: January 05, 2018



January 2018. Picture Prompt 1.


Welcome to the first picture prompt of the year from the Imaginarium House. Who are they? Five girls or women; are they friendly? Hostile? Are they at school, at work, on the street? For a more fantasy or Sci Fi story, perhaps they are a coven of witches, or maybe are not human at all.


This picture can really be used in so many different ways. Probably most suited to short story, but you could use it for a starting point for an essay, or for a poem. This is not a competition but a writing prompt or challenge. You won’t win but then again you won’t lose either.


Come along and check out the Imaginarium House. https://www.booksie.com/house-the-imaginarium-760

Anyone is welcome to join from brand new Booksie members to those that are far more established and you do not need an invite. Just press the ‘join’ button.


Hope some of you will take up the challenge. Let me know if you do and I guarantee to give you a read and comment.


Happy writing,

Hullabaloo22 and the members of the Imaginarium.

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