Chapter 1: Where it all begins

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 638

Ezekiel sighs, hearing the sound of his loud alarm. He would get off his bed to get ready for work. About ten minutes, the tired man is wearing an outfit more casual then his PJ, looking at the mirror. “Looking good!” he said to himself. He goes through his modern apartment to open the main door, leading to stairs. He quickly goes down the stairs and opens the doors. Ha, the cold air will caress his face, making him smile. What a pleasant feeling! Ezekiel then walks to a fancy building, with letters in top of it spelling FASMA.INC. The smile in his face disappears rapidly.

“It’s going to be long day” he murmurs.  The door of his office opens, letting it see a tall man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He sighs

-Mr. Ezekiel, he says

-Yes, Mason?


Ezekiel rolls his eyes.

-I’ve heard you are becoming more and more late, irresponsible and unpleasant to be with. I hope those are lies, aren’t they?

-Is that so? Ezekiel says, making Mr. Saunders confused.

-You came in here shouting at me for some rumors!

-Ugh, answer me!

-…I can’t say it’s not true

-Ezekiel…, exclaims Mason, disappointed, I gave you many chances! This is your LAST straw!

-I am sorry! It won’t happen again.

-I hope so! If I hear that you have this kind of behavior again, you will be FIRED, yells Mr. Saunders before closing the door loudly.

 The day already started and our browned-hair fellow is being yelled at. Poor Ezekiel! But there’s more! A dark-skinned woman opens the door. Ezekiel looks at her, smiling, making it seems like he knows her.

-Hey Isaiyah, exclaims Ezekiel a little too loud

-Hi Zek Zek, says Isaiyah, laughing. But her smile disappears, she must be thinking about something…

-Did you finish the news due to today?

Ezekiel opens his eyes wide

-Will you take no as an answer?

Isaiyah would sigh loudly.

-I had enough of you, screams Isaiyah, You don’t do a thing!

-Keep calm, Izzy…

-Don’t call me that. I’m your trainee, not your housewife, says Isaiyah before standing next to the door.

-I quit!

She then slams the door, like Mr. Saunders.  Ezekiel lost his trainee, his love, Isaiyah and is in the verge of being fired. Poor Ezekiel… Lunch time has arrived; Ezekiel goes to the café next street. Even before he opens the door, he can smell the caffeine.  It seems he encounter an old friend: “What’s up Zek? “A small voice says. Ezekiel looks around to find his best friend.

-Hi James

-What’s poppin’ bro?

-Nothing much, just gonna lost my job and my trainee?

-That bad chick Isoyah?

-Isaiyah… She wasn’t like the others.

-Man move on! She’s just a hoe like the others.

A pretty call can be heard from the door

-James! We gotta go!, shouts a good looking woman

-Go inside the car Daquisha!

-Who’s that?

-My girl. And yes, I’m smashing unlike you, exclaims James, laughing

Ezekiel is pretty offended, but he laughs it off.

-James hurry the freak up, goes the lady again

-You should go with her

-Nah… She’ll wait

-I mean, if you want to win her heart.

-If you insist. See ya’ Ezekiel, says James before leaving with his chick

Ezekiel gets back to work, get yelled at and finally goes home.

He was the habit to order Chinese food. When he finishes his meal, he goes through his phone and sleep. And this is his everyday schedule: Wake up, work, eat, work, go home, eat, go to phone and sleep. But, something happened… He starts his day like the others: His alarm goes off, he wakes up, go to work… At lunch, Ezekiel witnesses a group of friend targeting a young boy. They seem to talk about the apartment. What is the apartment? In 1980, a scientist with his partner lives in the abandoned building next to the coffee shop.  Elders who lived here say they heard a lot of weird noises, when light occurred. The police came to found, nothing…but an odd-looking machine. Whoever steps in this room, disappear with a loud noise. People claim that the machine is relied with alternate universes. 

But Ezekiel doesn’t believe it…

-Stop bullying me, says the boy.

-Come on, just come with us, answer a bully, everything will be fine…if you corporate.

-If you don’t, you know what will happen, exclaims another one.

They all grabbed him, leading him to the apartment. The little boy seemed triggered so, adults tends to ask him if he’s alright. But the bullies will interrupt the boy before he even talked to say “Everything is fine”. Like it wasn’t creepy at all… Ezekiel, has the curious man he is, followed them to the strange building. At his surprise, they were already here. The apartment number was 13, the unlucky number. The young bullies opened the door and pushed the kid in it. Ezekiel had a brief moment to see the room. He saw a huge machine that looked like a ring. The apartment was dirty and there were 2 doors. They quickly closing, hearing the screams of the young man. “Help me! Open the door! I beg you” he cried. We then heard a loud noise, following with a flashing light we could see because of the little gap under the door. At this moment, the bullies all looked at themselves, opened the door, to see a tall silhouette in front of the machine. They knew it wasn’t their victim. They’ve run shouting “We’re going to die! This room is haunted!”  Ezekiel was shocked, terrified. The apartment wasn’t a myth. There is something odd in there. The horrified adult walks fast to his house. He tries to get it off of his mind but, the image of the young man being trapped takes over his head. Even during the night, he can’t sleep. The next day, Ezekiel confesses to James about it. They seem to not notice that Ezekiel’s trainee has already found a new job. With a disgusted looks in her face, Isaiyah eardrops the best friends’ conversation. When it’s time to order, they were extremely surprised:

-Isaiyah?, says Ezekiel a little too loud again, What are you doing here?

-Working, what about you jerk?

-Salty, exclaims James quietly.

-Heard that you dumbass

-Okay I’ll shut up…

-Anyways, what’s your order?

-I’ll get a coffee, answers Ezekiel.

-And I will get a pumpkin spice latte, responds James

-That’s what a girl take, notices Isaiyah, laughing. Enough of the chit-chat. I actually don’t care about this, just wanted to know how shitty your tastes are.

This remark leaves James and Ezekiel speechless.

-Like I said, begins James, just like the others.

-I’ve heard you guys talk about the apartment, at least we got one thing in common.

-Privacy invader, James slips out of his mouth, making Isaiyah looked annoyed.

- So I have a deal. Every drink you’ll take here from now one will be free i-

-WE’LL TAKE TH-, interrupt James before Ezekiel puts his hands over his mouth.

Isaiyah rolls her eyes.

-If we go to the apartment.

The best friends look at each other’s, wondering if they should. The moment after they found themselves in front of the apartment. Ezekiel looks at James, unpleased. James responds to this gaze by raising his shoulders. Unlike the other time, the door is locked, it’s strange. Isaiyah turns to them and says “Well, the deal is off…” James horrified of this, grab Isaiyah’s hands.

-Wait, he shouts, I think we might open this door.

-How, demand Isaiyah and Ezekiel

-You know your boy is criminal!

The office man and his ex-trainee look at James with an unimpressed expression.

-Ugh, Isaiyah do you have a bobby pine?

-I think so…

Isaiyah reaches her hand in her bag and hand James what he asked for. James then does his tricks and things to open the locked door, which worked. The normal citizens wondered how he did it, amazed. Ezekiel realized his best friend isn’t a great influence. But he laughs it off…

They slowly open the door to find the apartment clean. Ezekiel was surprised. They all inspect the room. They only saw few papers with math formulas and sketches of the ring. The friends’ talks about it for a short time when they talking were interrupts because of a loud sound. They all shivered, scared. The air was heavy, terrifying and scary. All the adjectives you could use to describe a haunted house. One of the doors then opened, letting our little friends to see a shadow. It had funky hair, making it look dangerous. They all hugged each others, hoping to not die. Footsteps were then heard, coming closer, closer and close…to finally see a weird looking old man. He had big googles on his forehead, a messed up afro, a white coat with black spots on it, brown pants and a brown shirt that looked old, black scratched shoes and a black tie with holes. Ezekiel, James and Isaiyah realized they were cuddling and all backed off, embarrassed. They then looked at the odd man, he looked like a scientist.

Before they could talk, the old man spoke:

-Hello young lady, he says before approaching Isaiyah

-Um, hi, she answers, uncomfortable

-You look like you’ve seen a ghost, but that’s the reaction you’ll have when you will see it, he exclaim with a smirk one his face

Isaiyah looks at him unexplainably disgusted. Ezekiel gets in front of his love like a knight. But Isaiyah has the independent woman she is, respond to his action with “I have a black belt in karate, what do you have?” leaving Ezekiel, again, speechless… She then answers to the scientist provocation: “And of course I’ll have the same face since I never saw a wiener small like a TIC TAC…” The two sad men are now on the verge of crying. We shall say that Isaiyah is a mean independent woman. The scientist opens his eyes wide and dust off his coat. He opens his mouth as well:
-I shall present myself, he says with a better attitude, Excuse me for me perverted behaviors. My name is Hoffman, Willy Hoffman. I was a scientist, so people call me Dr. Hoffman. I created the machine besides you, don’t get near it thought. It might kill you, he says with a creepy voice and a scary smile.

With this trick, he easily scare James, making him say “Oh hell nah!” has he back off.

-But I will call the police, you just invade my privacy, Dr. Hoffman exclaims, making the partners in crime panic

-This isn’t her first time, James slip out of his mouth.

Isaiyah would give him a deadly stare.

-We are sorry, begs Ezekiel, we thought no one was here.

-There were actually no one, you seem familiar to me, spoke Dr. Hoffman, leaving the partners confused, You see, the machine next to me is called the Spectrum –I’ve named it like this, funky huh?- Like I said, I’ve build it. But I wasn’t alone. I had an old friend of mine by my side. The spectrum is a portal, the connecter, the communication device between the main world and the alternate universe.  But the only problem? We don’t know where we will land. My friend went to another alternate universe then me. It’s been 38 years since I’ve been looking for him. And luckily, I found myself back to the main world, he says, looking at Ezekiel, Isaiyah and James, confused…

-In short, you’ve created a machine which you didn’t know had a problem that lead to other universes that you got inside with your friend thinking you will be tighter but, you found out he’s not with you and you never saw him again, even in the main world, says James rapidly.


-Then my nigga, you are one of a kind…

-But I’ve heard that the Hoffman’s were descendant of Albert Einstein, says Ezekiel

-That would explain a lot, answers Isaiyah

-Enough of the chit-chat, shouts Dr. Hoffman, What is the matter?

-We just wanted to check the apartment, says James

-We should go, says Ezekiel

The three strangers walk away from Dr. Hoffman, but he got an idea:


They all turned, with question marks on their eyes.

-I may need your help… I think I can fix the Spectrum. Would you mind helping me?

-What is the deal?, ask Ezekiel

-You see, begins the doctor, I’m rich

-Of course my dude!, James said.

-Why were we about to go out anyway, ask Isaiyah

Ezekiel stands there, looking at his two greedy partners…

-I need you people to lend me your phones.


-I think that in order to get back in the main world, you need a source. Something connected to this world. And, for our phones, it’s the memory. The memory has every action we did on our phone but in this world. If we have a big amount of memory, the percentages that we get back are bigger, explains the crazy scientist.

Once again, our three adults stare Dr. Hoffman, confused. Without thinking, they lend their phones to the expert. He gets in a door and waves his hand to Ezekiel, Isaiyah and James, trying to say I’ll be back. After a long time, Dr. Hoffman returns to the living room with a weird engine. It was in metal, a small gap could let us see circular boards. The device was rolled in wires. It had a light bulb in top of it. In the middle, we could see two arrows, one upward and the other downward. On top of them, the instrument had a small black rectangle. There was also to the side two buttons, a red one and a green one. The doctor smiled at the trio and asked a question:

-Amazing, isn’t it?

-I guess, said Isaiyah

The scientist looked offended and spoke again:

-Is that so? I’ve expected a better reaction, since you guys like to talk a lot… especially you James.

Ezekiel and Isaiyah start giggling, humiliating James who got his mouth shut.

-Anyways, what’s this thing?, asked Ezekiel

-It is a remote that will lead us to the every universe. With that much of memory, there are some assets that are in the other universes. So we basically connected them.

-I see a lot of button, notices Isaiyah

-What’s the black thing there, says Ezekiel

-How do it work, exclaims James

-Keep calm, shouts Dr. Hoffman, First of all, the light bulb will store new universe. When it will light up, a new universe will be on the device. That’s where the arrow buttons are handy! We can select a universe by pressing them. The universe name will show up on the black rectangle. When the universe is selected, we need to press the green button. Like you can see there’s not even a single world, not even the main one. That’s because the red button lead us to the main world. Everybody got it?, finishes the doctor.

The young adults nods, but actually didn’t get a thing.

-Now that I have this, we need to find my partner.

-I see, says Ezekiel, what was his name?

The doctor stays silent, he don’t want to talk about it. Instead, he looks at Ezekiel with a sad gaze.

-I-I’m sorry if it made you sad

-It’s nothing… Anyways, he says like nothing just happen, come back tomorrow! Let a note for you entourage and pack few things up.

-Like what, asked James

-A bottle and a pack of food.

James stays silent for a bit, he then reacts confused:

-We are about to enter a 4D portal where one of your friend disappeared and we only need a bottle and a pack of food? You tryna’ kill us? , he shouts

-I’ll explain it tomorrow… Get out of my house now, I am sleepy, Dr. Hoffman says. And goodbye, hottie. He also says, winking at Isaiyah.

Isaiyah obviously flip him, breaking the heart of the old man.

The trio gets home, tired. Even though they seemed normal, they knew something big was about to happen. And that’s the beginning of a long adventure…

Submitted: January 05, 2018

© Copyright 2021 The Bookworm. All rights reserved.


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