Night Light Tales: Blind Date

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Blind Dates are the worst.

int. bedroom - night

STACEY, an attractive 20-something woman, runs around her bedroom hastfully getting ready for a date.

Trying to slip on heels while maintaining her pace around the room, Stacey's phone rings. It's her friend Jessica. She ignores it because she's in a hurry.

INt. living-room - continuous

Stacey runs into the living-room to gather her purse and last little belongings.

She checks her appearance in the mirror. Fluffs up her hair to make sure it's on point. She smells her armpit, it's obvious she doesn't like the smell.

A car pulls up in front of her house.

Stacey peaks out and see's the car park.



INt. kitchen - continuous

She bolts into the kitchen, scrambling for something to use to cover up her armpit funk.

She glances over and see's a bottle of "Febreze" and sprays herself all over.

The doorbell rings.



INT. Living-room/front door - continuous

Stacey OPENS the door so fast a swoosh of air brushes her air back. 

TODD, handsome, fall men's wear catalog looking guy stands on her front porch, face completely pale as he looks Stacey up and down, arm positioned as he was just about to knock.

Todd and Stacey look each other over for a second.


(BEAT) Wow. You're--wow.


(BLUSHING) Awe thank you. You're quite the wow yourself. Jessica didn't describe you nearly as well as she should have.

Both exchange smiles.


Shall we? (gesturing to leave)


Yes yes let's.

Stacey grabs her house keys, locks the front door as they head to Todd's car.

INt. car - night

Stacey is sitting in the passenger seat.

Todd gets in and starts the car.

Stacey's cell rings.


Oh sorry. It's Jessica. (ANSWERS THE PHONE)

Todd nods with approval, reaches into the back seat, but we can't see what he's grabbing.


(ON THE PHONE) Hey-we're just about to leave. (UNDER HER BREATHE) he's hot. (BEAT) Yeah he's right here--What do you mean he's not coming?-then who's..

Todd clocks her int he back of the head with a metal object before she can answer.


Submitted: January 05, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Griff D. Con. All rights reserved.

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