On A Mission

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I have accomplished a mission that i have been striving towards four years. This mission has led me to incredible moments places and people. I focused on the present moment, experienced the
unfoldment of life, lived many dreams, kept my heart and soul on the target and never gave up. Saturday night (15.4.17) i have finished successfully a wind tunnel instructor course! My new windy
home is the new Hurricane Factory 17 feet tunnel in Berlin !!

Submitted: January 05, 2018

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Submitted: January 05, 2018



May 2011.

After debating with myself for a year and a half rather i should finish school or commit to skydiving, where my heart really was, l finally realised that i can live my dream of human flight and left uni.

I committed completely to skydiving and it became my life :)

The best choice i ever did. Changed my life completely. It opened it.

Doubts, uncertainties, questions, “The unknown” of what im going to do in my life without taking the normal route of life, dissipated and the beauty of endless possibilities revealed itself; Endless ideas appeared in my mind and the unknown became a friend that i loved and cherished :)

My heart connected to it’s rhythm, to the passion that ignites it, I connected to my true self.


After a couple of years living the Israeli skydiving scene - working as a tandem videographer, roaming through Israel, connecting to the beach and sea life that my home DZ Paradive held, connecting to the flying  family of Israel,

my dreams evolved.

The wish to express my self through flying kept on whispering to me.

The roar of the wind in tunnels started calling my name.


I was dreaming of feeling the wind as my second skin and started applying  to different tunnels around the world.

My build, my gender, my nationality and the opportunities that it presents bureaucratically weren’t at my favour.

I CAN’T find legal work pretty much any where, tunnels and their chief instructors don’t favour girls, and im 161 cm :) not exactly an amazona :)



Was the answer i received numerous times.

I had nothing to loose, i already had the no, i might as well keep on trying ad go full in.

nailing a tunnel job through emails was loosing it’s charm so i decided to leave the warm nest of my amazing life in Israel, and roam the world human flight scene. I was in great  shape, i was living my dream of swooping, finally getting the feeling of this beautiful art, i was ready to leave the nest with all the skills that i have acquired. I signed up to volunteer in the “Extreme sports veko” 2013, registered for the Vector fest, bought my plane tickets.. and was ready to go.





3 weeks before my flight  on a beautiful Saturday morning, on the 3rd load of that day i met the ground after rolling out form my 270° turn.

The previous day i had my best landing! i was playing around with the thought of starting a more serious training with swooping :)

My family was supposed  to come over and do tandems on that upcoming Saturday, and then i receive a phone call..  oooo a big family fight, nobody is talking to each other.. plans for an amazing family union are cancelled.. My mind completely dis-concentrated.

It crossed my mind that morning not to swoop, i was feeling my focus off, and knew how much focus it requires from me to be sharp with my new 90 sqfeet canopy.


I didn’t listen to myself..

It is a very intense experience to hit the ground. that feeling lying on the ground, out of air, full off pain, wiggling my toes making sure that i am feeling my legs, being grateful for being alive.

I was very lucky, I got out for free, as we say in Israel.. cracked my sacrum and stretched ligaments on my knees, no surgery, no cast, lot’s of time in bed to heal, heaps of osteopathy and physiotherapy and a steady image of myself flying in the tunnel  and in the sky.

i was 6 months off jumping,

My first jump returning to fly, i did a hop and pop on my 90, and received my first cut away :) a tension knot that my partner back then packed for me :) hahaha :) always be ready!

From here to there life returned back to it’s flying path, but my desire to evolve and to be one with the wind didn’t leave :)

so i decided again to go full in.

Fuck it! I’m just gonna go!




19 of June 2014.

I left Israel with a heart full of dreams leading my way.


Europe is the cradle of dynamic flying; It inspired me through out my years of flying with it’s angle flying, tracing, atmonauti, dynamic 2way/4way, Babylon, Skywalkers, The Nordic Meet..

It captured my imagination, and my heart followed.

Europe is where i started my global flying journey.

Czech was my first stop, a small Israeli boogie for packing, and then the grand destination.. Empuria Brava, “The Land of the Sky..” :) in my mind it held all the things that i love :)  A cool DZ with love of human flight, a tunnel, a beach, mountains, and great weather :)

I cruised in  Empuria on and off for two months, Vector fested, practiced my french (!) met Kathya- a soul sister, learned from Nemo the Babylonian, connected to the flying scene there and tried to infiltrated Windoor- the local wind tunnel. Had a sneaky visit to Belgium for the Flanders boogie, road tripped through France south to north and back, saw big mountains for the first time in my life, and really really wanted for things to work out there.


They didn’t :)


I Found work  as video/ packer in Italy, Molinela, Fly Gang DZ :)


I was warmly accepted by this lovely drop zone and it’s flying community.

Met up with my Israeli flying bros there for a little flying fest with Ippo Fabi and Uli, learned Italian, started drawing sacred Geometry, learned how to edit, enjoyed Italian food, traveled a bit and enjoyed the skydiving life in Italy,  Grazie mile regazzi!

5 months have past, it was time to leave Europe.



Fly 4 Life. My heart loves dynamic flying so it leads the way.

First Flight camp. American road trip with Kat :) - Arizona the skydiving mecca- Sedona, a spiritual centre - California- Lodi, the wild wild flying west, weed farming in the woods living in yurts and then back again to Florida for another Flying camp. Fell in Love with the Floridian skydiving scene, between Sebastian, DeLand and Z-hills :) managed to have a flying week in the notorious Paraclit XP wind tunnel.

Made friendships & fucked up friendships, life was full on as a nomad flyer, with no constant work and high prioritisation for flying.

I quit meat since i arrived to America, was meditating a lot, lost heaps of weight, felt hungry at times, felt stable, felt lost, had no idea how i’m gonna achieve my mission, but, i was happy.

No matter what hardships or challenges im facing, I chose them, It’s my path, so it makes everything(!!!!!) more bearable. :) The happiness beats straight from the depths of the heart.


Something that I learned from previous traveling experience, when feeling stuck, hit the road and let life lead the way :)

So when i was out of money completely, no job, and no idea what to do i embarked on my great American hitch hiking trip from Florida to Los Angels. In Texas- I visited 3 different cities and tunnels,in Houston bumped into the CEO of IFLY, had a ride with him and an interesting chat, in Arizona my hitching was stopped by my family whom insisted to rent me car, so to California I drove :) there i took a break from the Skydiving scene and hung out with my family.


6 months of adventures go by so fast.. unlike Europe where i find the loopholes in the system that allow me to stay longer than i can (3 months), with USA i don’t play and it was time for Europe again.


What im going to do ?!

Who knows?

Step by step focus. That  kept my sanity intact.


Landing in Milano hanging out with friends, heading to Molinela just to realise  i have no work there, squeezing in 3 jumps with the amazing GyX air team and hitting the road once again :)

Always wanted to experience BASE jumping so I decided to introduce my self to the BASE scene :) hitched to  Monte Brento area, found the most amazing couch surfing host there, hung out in that area for 3 weeks. Saw live BASE jumping for the first time in my life, it was a woman in a peaceful sunrise, life is just a tiny bit symbolic :) don’t you think ? Learned how to pack, asked millions of question, and experienced first hand the harsh reality of this pioneering sport, saw death on that first day seeing BASE, so surreal, but definitely real.

Through the amazing connection of the internet found a little work gig in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland in the BASE hotel, stoked about the opportunity to continue my BASE education. I Almost started BASE jumping, went to the bridge with a helmet and a rig, but, something didn’t click :) so i didn’t, as many wise alive BASErs say- the mountain will always be there :) I was satisfied to experience that beautiful surrounding and the energy of these wild people, flying of mountains on a daily basis like they’re just having a nice cup of tea :)

My next stop was Russia to volunteer in the “White Nights” comp in St Petersburg, and my ride to the airport from Switzerland was with no other than the wonder-cool-ful Ms. Roberta Mancino :) Had a pleasure sharing a ride with this epically inspiring woman.

‘White Nights’ comp!! My first international tunnel event! so many incredible flyers, passionate people that drive this wonderful sport forward, has been an honour to take part in that. It ended with an epic party on a boat cruising through the river in the endless white nights.

Next destination was Norway; The land of my dreams!!

I Found an amazing  ride from Milano, Italy to Kjerag, Norway driving with a friend, Troy,  Alexnder’s Poli’s car with a stop in Amsterdam ! :) So grateful for  life presenting me with  epic rides!  Having no money  can be fucking hard but it defiantly invites life to create solutions and help.

I Arrived by a fairy to Kjerag, witnessing BASE jumpers jumping from a cliff, landed on the shores in the mids of the annual Helli boogie, said hellos and continued hitching to Voss, to make it on time for the Extreme Sports Veko. Made it in  3 rides / 6 hours arriving straight to the first party night of the Extreme sports week.


I have been sending work applications to Voss since 2009 (!) Finally i was there and I got lucky as hell with an open spot in the kitchen, I grabbed it and joined this legendary Drop Zone for it’s summer season. Almost every krona that earned in Voss went to Voss Vind, the local tunnel which is just 5 min from the DZ by car peaking through the woods.

If you haven’t been to Voss ! Go. it is truly a land of dreams. Experiencing the mind blowing ‘Voss FreeFly’ festival, doing off landings to random beautiful locations in the area so many amazing people to learn flying from. I was deeply touched by a flying experience with Ty Baird. I was suppose to Fly with Inka but she injured her shoulder so Ty took her place :) I had an hour with him!

It was one of the best learning to fly experiences of my life. I couldn’t stop crying after that hour session with him. the amount of fly love this dude poured was just overwhelming, this is how i imagined learning to fly.

Visited the notorious Angle week in Sweden and soaked in the Swedish summer sun progressing my flying, having a blissful moment of meeting my dear friends from Israel there!! Nothing can describe the feeling of home that i have when i’m with them :)

I finished the flying season in Voss  with a tunnel camp with Inka and a week of flying solo just to realise at the end, that i didn’t make enough money to cover it all.


My bliss and Joy turned into a mega fuck up, stress and panic.. things went even wronger when i some how managed for the first time in my life to fuck up a car, a friends one!!!! well that final edition to my already messy situation was like a slap on the face so i took a deep  breath pulled my self together and started sorting shit out :) I worked my ass off in the DZ painting it up side down, managed to pay my tunnel debt, half of the car repair, jump to Prague to volunteer in the first world cup in indoor skydiving, come back to Voss witness a trippy red moon and experience the come of the Norwegian fall; Once again, it was time to leave Europe.


When i cross the border with the amount of risk i take (the chance of to be banned from Europe for 3 years or so for over staying) I think of Jonny Depp in the movie “Blow” and his smuggling drugs advices :)

Think happy thoughts :) Breath and just be cool as fuck :)

I over stayed Europe successfully once again :) these crazy risks pay off. Sometimes i just got to do what i got to do.


‘Merica time.

Fly 4 Life Flight camp number 3.

just enough money for the jumps, and that’s about it, had no idea how things will work out, was hoping for the best. and so it worked out.. :)

I found work in Deland as a manifester ! Wiiiiiiiii I could breath, relax and enjoy the awesome life of that vivid, full of love for human flight  DZ.

All the dollars that i earned went to flying and some for food :)  These are pretty much the only things that i could spend money on. All the other stuff is luxury.

I flew as much as i can , invested in quality 1 on 1 coaching, did 2 more flight camps, enjoyed the sun, was gifted a Ukulele, aaaaaa!!! best gift ever! connected even stronger to my weirdness and found lots of light and peace for my body and soul in the “Yoga shed” right over the corner from the DZ.




In all this time, in all these places, all these new beginnings and  different cultures, I needed to discover myself again and again, how i interact socially, what is interesting to me in social contact, what are my new likes and dislikes, what and whom i connect to; Childhood memories of being a foreigner, a stranger,  floated up to the surface after being well forgotten in the safe and loved years in Israel.

So many times i felt disconnected, not knowing how to connect, which friendships are real, who to trust, where i feel safe to be myself, even the amazing open minded skydiving community can be confusing at times :) specially when i was confused with myself.

Thankfully i found my island of peace and understood myself, at least each chapter at a time :)

I was me now (then)

Hahahahahaha it’s a funny line,

It wasn’t the ‘me’ that i got to know and Love in my life in Israel.

Different circumstances invite different sides of my personality to come out, i matured, my tastes differed, every few months i needed to rediscover my self and to find the balance with my surrounding.

Mega mission. :)



Euro time again.

Voss second edition!

Ahhhh this round i arrived in style! As staff! after spending a night in Bergen on a boat I arrived to the staff first meeting in the rafting centre dipping in hot tubs next to a river overlooking beautiful snowy Norwegian mountains!! I was stoked to my bone! :)

Well things weren’t as smooth as i wanted financially and my grand plans with events this summer, but all settled down, and I found my heart and place :)

This round, wind tunnel was mainly out of the equation, but inhopps- insane land-offs into magical places, and skydiving were in ! :)

I haven’t gone into specific moments in this story out-line, brave are the people that are still with me and reading, but really, in-hopps in Norway are just what skydiving fairy tails are made of!

Landing in a high valley, and heading to a party right next to a waterfall and a fast flowing river with a hot tub right next to it, a local brewery right on spot, and a vintage Norwegian atmosphere,  or jumping in Gudvangen- which is translated to ‘Valley of the Gods’- the snowy  tops of the mountain ridge end at around 5000 feet so we jump out around 9’, the valley is pretty narrow and it just takes the breath away to fly my canopy in these surroundings.

I was working as AFF video, manifest, and editing :) I loved re-igniting the awesome tradition of weekly fun-jumping videos, some one has to document all the epic-ness that’s happening in this remote piece of land :)

I was truly living a dream being part of the flying/ground/creative staff in Voss :)

I managed as well to take part in the first Fusion Flow retreat in Slovakia combining yoga, plant based diet, and sharp tunnel flying- this should be the standard of tunnel camps :)

I build my first ever camp, in the woods, not a tent, i even hosted friends there with a minor/ major leaking fuck up that presented itself just as my guests came, prior to that it was a blissful shelter from the rain :) well my approach to that was - welcome to my  humble Japanese Zen waterfall inspired camp :) I switched my sleeping place so many times that summer :) even when stationary the nomad in me kicks in :)

Almost started BASE jumping again with an epic road trip to Romsdalen  with super ginger Mario and Tree diamond; Lots of amazing people left the living that summer, so it was all very weird circumstances to learn BASE jumping :) As the great saying goes, it’s all about the journey and not the destination :) so all is well with this unfulfilled dream :) it’s time will come :) gained an inspiring mushroom trip instead :)

The ending to my Norwegian adventure that summer that i share only a glimpse on here was randomly cool  :) as i was coming out of the corner of the kitchen I bump into Even, the in-hopp - Guru , and he casually invites me to join him on a free(?!) Heli in-hopp journey!!! hahahahahaha amazing ! :) i was the documenter of this trip! eventually did only one jump cause of weather, but it was my first Heli jump!!! and it was for free!! who says that people don’t appreciate things when they come for free!!!??? i appreciate it millions times more!! hahahaha :) I can fit pages of this Norwegian summer season :) I guess i’ll have to write a book, for now I’ll keep on sharing the flow of events of my-story :) just cause i’m feeling retrospective with this tunnel achievement! :)



USA round 3.

It’s DeLand time again, but all different cause this time i was doing my yoga teacher training with the remarkable Emma Tranter at the Yoga shed.

It was a different kind of heaven, and took me to a whole new step in my being :)

Yoga truly gives power to my own health :) it’s a key, a map, to the mind, to the heart, to the body :) there are many keys in life, this is one of them :)

I was blessed to share life with Kat ( this is a different Kat, there’s a german Kat and a French Kat in my life :) I guess I’m a Kat lady :) )  in a magical house, courtesy of the amazing Melissa :) in DeLand centre close to the best coffee and juices in town; Cooking amazing plant based food, reading yoga philosophy, riding the bicycle and doing lot’s of lot’s of Yoga :)

Some time during this time i finally nailed a tunnel job!! aaaaaaaaaaa! couldn’t believe it ! i will be finally working in a tunnel! well i couldn’t really celebrate this achievement until i finish the instructor course :) till’ then it’s all talk, still needed to walk the walk :)

Had some open time till the tunnel  chapter begins, so i searched for a meanwhile destination, and destiny led me to Chile :) After a funny beginning of hitch hiking all the way down there, i was rushed to come fast and ended up taking a flight to my Chilean heaven experience :)



It feels a bit like Israel, but way way more relaxed :)

Sometimes i pinched myself, and made sure that im in Chile and not in Israel, at least the region where Santiago is in the summer months.

Chile literally stands on Avocado and bread, after comes cheese, scrambled eggs, wine, music, lots of fires, millions of street dogs, happy loving people, making out couples every where, and lot’s of good vibes. For some reason every chilean that i met on the road i bonded with easily, and so it happened in the drop zone! I felt so at home, so relaxed, so happy.

SD Andes is just an hour away from Santiago in the midst of a rural area, little turns lead to a tree tunnel, as the canopy of trees clears out, the landing area opens up to the left, a dirt road leads to the main buildings of Skydive Andes :)

Every day, the same winds from the same direction, the landing area is big with a great soft grass, there’s a slack line, a pool, and the DZ daddy, Julio is a passionate flyer. He calls it La Fabrica De Felicidad. - the factory of happiness, spot on :) THIS IS  what we do !  Only a few Drop zones today have the gift of a passionate flyer as an owner. It’s possible to find Julito jumping on every load on the week ends; This gives an awesome vibe to the DZ, when ever you can squeeze a fun jump as an employee, please do! there’s a lot of thirst and love to flying.

In all these places that i visited, i haven’t traveled a whole lot, just a little bit, the main reason for that is that i want to get better in flying, and to get better, i got to choose it, prioritise it, and so i do, and thats how i get to fly :) i’m saving my site seeing for old age, or for when i have a little bit more resources :)

To my utter disbelief i met my soul mate, and fell in love completely :)

Had no plans or warnings for that, but as we hugged to congratulate each other on new year’s eve we couldn’t stop hugging, and our soul connection revealed itself :)

Since then we were together, every day (?!), and i loved it ! Truly better than i even imagined in my dreams, this is how amazing it is to connect to Joaquín :) We can share all our passions, interests  games, thoughts, ideas, strange ideas  :)  :) Truly one of the best experiences of my life to experience this connection.

He became my flying partner and every day we started with a fun jump together :) if possible, another one, and another one :) He took me high lining, and old dream of mine, that has only been tickled and will be explored further on, started to juggle :) funny work in progress :) I shared with him my flying skills, my cooking, we balanced, danced, played music on the Ukulele, on the didge, tried to sing, each at a time, hahah  ate veggie food together, laughed endlessly , simply were happy.

I felt like Chile rapped me in a bubble of Love, from the people, from the land, from the sky, and from my man :)

And.. I finally learned Spanish!


I Visited 3 continents, (Europe + North America) × 3 ,  South America × 1

Hitched hiked safely between numerous places, far or close :)

Visited all these countries Czech, Spain , France, Belgium, Italy; USA - (Florida, Arizona, California, Texas)

Italy- Switzerland - St Petersburg,  Amsterdam- Copenhagen- Norway- Sweden, Slovakia, Warsaw. Chile, Berlin.

Made new homes in DeLand, Voss and Chile.

Jumped in 16 different Drop zones, flew in 10 different wind tunnels.

did 6 flight camps over all took part in many events

jumped just under 1000 jumps, reached my 3000 jump

Learned many new things- to edit videos, to play on the Ukulele, to play on the didgeridoo, found out that i can actually sing (it’s  a long work in progress, never thought i can do it ) :) started a little bit of  graphic design, writing stories and poetry, trimmed weed, quit eating meat since 2.5 years ago,  done a Yoga teacher training,  learned from the best flyers of the world and progressed in my flying.

Learned languages - Improved my  French, learned Italian, Leaned Spanish that pushed my Italian away, little bit of Norwegian, beginning my German.

Made so many new friends, lost friends, met distant family members and felt their warm hug. Met so many people that i admired, experienced so much kindness, love and help form the world, connected to life and it’s rhythm.

connected to my spirituality and met my soul mate.

© Copyright 2019 Anna G. All rights reserved.

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