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My first memories of and my healing through ASMR

Submitted: January 05, 2018

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Submitted: January 05, 2018



The first memory I had of experiencing the relaxation through ASMR, was feeling calm about "little things". Little whispers of voices at sleepovers, little gentle touches on my head while playing hairdresser. Those whispers and touches sent such a calm, tingly sensation down my back and my hyper, worried body and mind we're always grateful for those little things. I couldn't ever really identify and narrow these little things, so they were always a surprise and didn't always happen when I needed or wanted them to happen. I was about 7 and playing hair dresser or doctor at daycare with a friend. I breathed deeper and thought a little slower, which I always wanted to do.


Many others use the voice and style of the well known Bob Ross videos to describe the e patience or at least the idea of ASMR. This is mostly because the acronym has some weird connentations.I would expirience this same thing watching Matilda and hearing her gentle whispering voice but especially her crisp annunciation of each consonant was calming and satisfying all at once.


It was very therapeutic to find videos that emphasized these little things like slime, tapping noises, whispering specific words, or trigger words. To have this all at my disposal any time through YouTube, helps my heart rate go down. The tingles start on my head and run down my back bringing goosebumps and a stronger ability to understand what's happening around me. 

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