a glance was enough

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just my begning so , dont know childhood love is true or its just a fantacy world...

Submitted: January 07, 2018

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A glance was enough…

Today, on the 3rd of Jan 2018, till date the vision of the “day” is as fresh as the newly sprung rose in a garden of a  happening kingdom where florist itself is the king and the kingdom is just full of florist’.

As everyone wish they can live their childhood once again in their entire life, similarly I also do but, with some-what different reason, like neither i want to jump and hoop in the middle of the ground,nore I want to study hard and score great marks or like that, I want to come back from the school, just the same way, with my big blue bag..carrying lots of books in it, bottle in my hand, dirty uniform {which use to look great just for the first two periods only}, full on messy hairs like a nest of bird, my tie hanging like a monkey’s tail, my off-white shirt gone almost brown, and maroon shorts were far away different from the morning one.

The talk was about the day which I/everybody would wish to live once again in their entire life...“childhood” But one which i want to live isa bit stupid one, which is…“Childhood”(Love)

One glance which could make the day like it was never before. That! Refreshment, that! Energy, the ability that I can do any damn work at the instinct of time, is just unpredictable, fully, completely, totally which every synonyms used are not enough…to describe the feel of glance.I Literally felt the blow of wind,which splashed my face with a juice of fresh pulpy fruits. If somebody would offer me strawberry at that span, I will eat it in just single gulp forgetting that I don’t like them…the most ravishing evening of my life when a single unknown glance would make go ardour for love…

When the last batch of children were about to leave the class, I was standing in a que in the same manner, the humpy bag, with the bottle in hand and the messy look. A  girl, came out of the adjacent class managing her bag with the bottle on her neck with so care, though she was handling herself with such a cuteness, that her two pony were waving in the air at me, in the whole dark empty lobby she was the only one left out but, thank god that she was only left out, a pink big bag with a pretty bottle in her neck, two cute pony tail, and just the gesture on which any person would die after…The “Smile”.

I was standing in a que of my class and by the time she was coming toward me, simultaneously my heart was on its top speed, at the moment she crossed me her essence made me go back in dilemma that what is so mesmerizing about her? The cute style or the pretty smile, Mean while she vanished out my sight, but as soon as I closed my eyes, she again appeared with the same gracious SMILE, and stupid me..stood their and kept turning red...My first love, or I should say love at first sight,…

The vision is crystal clear, just by shutting my eye, the first glance…

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