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Submitted: January 06, 2018

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Submitted: January 06, 2018



Erica leaned against the recliner, and enjoyed the warmth of her fireplace.

Her husband, Ralph, winked at her.

As she took a sip of hot cocoa, her 11 month old calico, Randall, swatted the mug out of her hand. She sighed as she picked up the pieces of the shattered mug.

Erica dozed off a couple hours later. She screamed as the cat leaped on her head, and clawed her in the face.

"Isn't Randall acting a little strange?" she asked, as her husband rubbed peroxide on her forehead.

Ralph shrugged. "I suppose. He's just ornery."

"Come on, get up," her husband shook her awake. 

Erica looked at the clock, and groaned. "Why is that when we actually get a day off, we have to spend it running errands?"

That morning the cat would not leave her alone. He proceeded to jump on her, and sniff her for about 45 minutes.

They arrived home at 5 that afternoon. Erica checked all of Randall's favorite hiding places. "Honey, have you seen the cat?"

"He's around."

Later that evening, they were awakened by a loud thud. Erica screamed as she noticed that the door was torn off its hinges.

Ralph froze in horror, as the flashlight reflected on an enormous, red-eyed feline, that walked on its hind legs. "Bakeneko!" He sunk to his knees, and cowered in the corner.

"Randall?!" Erica extended her arm. She froze as the gigantic cat hissed.

"You!" the feline growled, "I know who you are. I recognize the scent of your ancestors. They were in a cult that tortured, and ate cats! Now, you must pay your debt!"

Randall devoured her, and then shapeshifted into her form, taking her identity.

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