A strange meeting on a plane

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A woman travelling back home to the United States of America makes a strange acquaintance.

The anouncement board lit up.Flight 1022 London-Los Angeles boarding.Jessica took a breath of relief.At last after two frustrating hours of waiting, she was on her way home.Jessica picked up her hand luggage and started walking.Within a minute she reached the boarding gate, but to her dismay a long line of people was before her.She took the last turn and stood patiently, gazing at the people in front of her.

Although a tall, muscled man in a black suit blocked her view,she could make out the fat,bald,bearded man in a gray jacket standing just in front of the tall,black suit man, reading a newspaper.Where does he think he is?, Jessica wondered.In a bus stop?How long is this going to take?The line moved a bit as a pair finished boarding check,but Jessica didn't move.The bald man didn't seem to be aware of the going on.He was absorbed in his reading,The line moved again.Still the bald man did not move."Hmm-hmm".The man in the black suit cleared his throat."What?",the bald man asked."Can you move on?",responded the black suit man."Why? Are you in a rush?",asked again in a cocky manner the bald man."You know once Superman told Spiderman, you are ugly!",said the black suit man."And what did Spiderman said?",asked the bald man not seemingly aware of the indirect insult."That Superman is Clark Kent!Can you move on,please?",said the man in the black suit irritated.Jessica laughed.At least it isn't boring, she thought."Ok!",said the bald man.The line had been exhausted.The bald man was next and the ground attendance quickly validated his boarding pass.Jessica looked at her watch.17:15.I will sleep home tonight,she thought.Turning her head up,she realized she was next.She gave the ground attendance her boarding pass, who quickly validated it and gave it back.

Jessica proceeded to the board entry and started walking down the board corridor.She reached after a minute the plane entry."Hellow.May I see your boarding pass?",the flight attendant asked."Yes.",Jessica said giving the pass."32B.Next to the jentleman in black,please",said the flight attendant politely."Thank you",Jessica said.

Jessica walked down the plane corridor watching the number seats.Twenty-seven,twenty-eight,...The man in black,Jessica thought as soon as her eye fell on the tall man adjusting his position on the seat.Jessica reached the seat and started attempting to put her hand bag on the top shelf above her seat, oblivious to the fact, the tall,black suit man was watching her through his light blue sunglasses.Jessica pushed with all her strength the plastic compartment to open, but just couldn't open it."Let me help you", said the tall, curly-haired man in a slow,rough voice.Jessica felt shooked by the sudden. male audio intrusion.She looked straight to see the black haired man in his light blue sunglasses appproaching slowly.Oh, he is handsome, Jessica thought,pausing for a brief.Why is he wearing sunglasses  on the plane?He looks like a tourist but that isn't the outfit of a tourist, Jessica thought.

"I can't open it.It must be stuck.", Jessica said.The tall man with a swift move, put his hand above Jessica's and putting what Jessica felt like immense strength, opened immidiately the compartment.Oh my God, Jessica thought.His hands are like steel."Oh,...thank you." Jessica said somewhat bewildered."Nothing.I just wanted to touch your hand.", the man said in a humorous smile.Jessica was taken back by the sudden aggressive intimacy.She smiled awkward."you could have just said it.I thought you would squash it.", said Jessica putting the hand bag inside the compartment and securing it."Yes, but that wouldn't be rock 'n' roll.", said the tall man playing a bit the cool type,as he sat back in his seat."So you like rock 'n' roll music?", Jessica asked as she took her seat."I like your rock 'n' roll hair.", the mysterious man said commenting on Jessica's long black cascading hair."I'm in music for the money.", the man contined.Jessica almost blushed by the stranger's sudden flirting, feeling her haert beating faster.She immidiately pulled herself together asking,"Are you a musician?".

"James Snow, singer of Blue Tigers.",the man said extending his hand."Oh, jessica...", Jessica mumbled."Jessica Parker, professor of painting art in Berkeley, California.", Jessica continued finding her voice.

"And what kind of painting art do you teach, Jessica?Classic,contemporary?", James asked fastening his seat belt."Contemporary.I suppose you sing rock 'n' roll music?", Jessica responded not being aware that the fasten the seat belt sign had lit."Yes, David Bowie influenced.See these tears so blue, an ageless heart that can never mend, these tears can never dry, a judgment made can never bend, James sang slow voice.

Jessica was hypnotized."From putting out fire with gasoline of Bowie.", James continued."Do you like Bowie, Jessica?", James asked in a taunting voice.Jessica woke up.How can he run over me like that, she thought.It's frustrating!"Yes, I like him very much.But tell me one your songs.", Jessica said taking to the attack."No, I won't.But I'll tell you that the songs are like your contemporary painting teaching.", James stated obviously avoiding Jessica's attack."Can you fasten your seat belt, please?The plane is taking off.", the fight attendant interrrupted addresing Jessica."Yes.I forgot.", Jessica replied as she felt the plane beginning to move."What do you mean your songs are like my contemporary painting teaching?How do you know what I teach?", Jessica asked obviously nervous, also to the fact the plane was increasing speed.

"Are you afraid of planes?You seem anxious.", James said once again avoiding to answer Jessica's question."Only at the start and the end of the journey.", Jessica replied giving up on her attempt to get answers.The plane had entered the take off highway and it was obvious the final run had begun."My music is based on freedom.", James said as Jessica felt the pull of the plane accelaration."How is that?", Jessica asked again having mixed feelings of relief at getting answers and fear, as she felt the pulling up of taking off."I give the stimulus but what you understand is your own issue.Just like your contemporary painting art.", James finished."Oh, you do know about painting art.", Jessica realized."Oh, you do talk too much, Jessica.Have to sleep and dream brunettes.Sleep tight.", James said obvously cutting conversation as he turned to the side taking his sunglasses out,to take a sleping stance.What a rude answer!Jessica thought.He started the conversation!He drives me nuts!And how does he know about painting art?Who is this man and what did he mean about dreaming brunettes?,Jessica thought, her mind starting to lose itself in sex thoughts.


Submitted: January 07, 2018

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