Perfect Reason, The

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We as people have faced many troubles, but that does not mean we are broken. We just need to learn to love again as we once did when life was at our highest point for us.

Submitted: January 06, 2018

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Submitted: January 06, 2018



We can recall the times we've cried for drastic events caused by others we once gave our love to without conditions. Great griefs strike the innocent trying to make a happy living by simply taking those people and events as lessons. In my current time, I can sit only once in a while to really observe the past I've lived through which has me feeling very grateful to be here today. I can recall not having a bed to sleep in for two years, and working day and night just to keep what seemed like a decent meal in my stomach. I've met many people that have told me the same thing about seeing something special in me which is my ability to smile despite the obstacles. I could type up pages of the many obstacles I was constantly dishing out, but what is the point of focusing so much on the negative when the few positives that have occurred feel like the world to me.

People believe they do not need others in order to succeed and grow much more than they have up to this point. I discredit that a great deal as I can point out one individual who has changed my life in ways i would have never imagined. Last summer she came to me in a dream showing me that every bit of the rest of my future was surely an enjoyable one. Though the image of the woman was not clear in the dream, she told me with a soft tone "do not overthink because i will recognize her when I see her again outside of this vision". Once i awoke i carried out my daily routines for the next few months, but from time to time her words would play back in my mind as a reminder. By early October I awoke one morning to a beautiful sight when she finally appeared in person. She stood tall as if i were to look up to her as a goddess. Her voice filled the room with a bit of clarity as to what a peaceful tone should actually sound like anywhere I should choose to travel. Her skin like fine brass of an Egyptian queen stepping forth to take her throne. My thoughts and feelings for her were very much clear as only those short glimpses of her beauty. Just in that first moment of looking at her I felt like she deserved the world, and I should be the one to give it to her. I want to give her my all, but my all has yet to come as there are obstacles in front of us both.

I want to hold her in my arms, and tell her about my deepest thoughts and feelings for her. I felt a force of wind coming from her blow me onto a much better path where I not only see a brighter future for myself, but she saw one in me as well. Could we have just been two lonely ships passing through the night? I never saw our relationship from that point of view as I could only see this as what was actually meant to be. A hundred things i admire and appreciate about her go unsaid until the right moment, but i can give out a few reasons as to why i feel she deserves my love. I've acquired a sixth sense of seeing her at her highest, and I want help her reach that point by sticking by her side no matter what obstacles she or I may face in the future. I try my best to workout every small issue before it gets to be too much for our future because our relationship means much of the world to me. I would not bear to see her cry long before I do whatever it is I can possibly do to see her smile again. I've opened up my mind to see that what i have in front of me is a precious emblem that i would wear proudly as my favourite charm should she choose to share a life of two lovers with me. I never hesitate when making a decision of how to spend my free time after work and school by choosing to spend much of my life with her.

Though we remain just friends my perception of our connection is that we are the best of friends. There are moments i look at her and can only smile because the words i want to tell her in those moments are not appropriate for this time in our life. I would not mind coming home from our long days of tending to our duties and giving her the pleasure of a soothing massage along with sushi in bed to accompany her scary movies. I want to show her the many poems and beautiful untold stories of our relationship from my view, but I choose to show her all my appreciation of her as my best friend. She is indeed a remarkable and amazing person in this life period. Though my life is already lovely, I feel that she brings the best out of me. My last dreamed was of our voices exchanges such beautiful words which ended in the best massage yet. We synchronized saying, "we both have felt hurt by our pasts, but that does not mean we are broken. Crossing paths with one another happened to be just the bit of reason we needed to learn to love again. I'm truly happy to be her best friend.


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