the trust feather

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a girl, dreaming, a world, a feather...a hunt

Submitted: January 07, 2018

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Submitted: January 07, 2018



Chapter one

A girl and her cat were walking down a forbidden road, it was dark, empty, yet loud. The girl stopped leaving the cat to run down the street and attack a bird, it was a blue jay, covered in dirt. "Slow down pacito!" Yelled the girl. Pacito was the name she had given to her stuborn cat. The cat was a stray when she found it. He was beaten up, skinny as heck. He had  a big scratch down his belly. There is still a scar. The cat was supposed to be a tuxedo cat, but he looked nothing like a tuxedo cat. Pacito turned the corner without the girl. Running, screaming, the girl lost her cat. Seperated. Gone. They were together since the girl was six, now shes twelve. The girl sorta resembled her kitten. She had long, dirty black hair, and a ripped shirt. She had long thick black pants and one sock. No shoes. Just a sock. You see, they had ran away due to her parents dieing. She missed her parents, but she did not want to have to go to the orphanage. The orphanage sat on a mountin, safe from flods, scared of storms. By going to that orphanage the girl wouldve risked her life. But not going just risked her life more. Anyway, the girl turned the corner and stopped. Another girl, in much better shape, picked up pacito and brought him into her home. Scarlet, thats the girls name, realized that pacito looked terrible, and the othef girl must of thought he was a stray. She wanted to go and yell at the girl for taking pacito, but then she would risk having to go to the orphanage. Scarlet then realized that this is a better life for pacito. A chance for pacito to live longer, and anyway, she cant just steal him back without getting caught. Pacito was the only friend scarlet had, and now he is gone. Scarlet was soaking wet from tears. Drenched in rain as well. Scarlet started running back. Closing her eyes she had hit a pole.

When she woke up, she wasnt outside, she missed the rain, she was still wearing her cloth, but this time she was dry. She realized she was inside! Scarlet, without thinking, started screaming. A tall, skinny lady ran, tired looking, she ran out of a room and towards Scarlet.


-The names Ivery-

The strange looking women had her hand over Scarlett's mouth, stopping her fear from slipping out into anger. Scarlet got up and tried to break the door down. The women, realizing what she had done, opened the door. When scarlet realized the women would let scarlet run out she stood still. Shocked. ", Go." Her low quivering voice scared scarlet. The women looked pretty if you tilted your head and squinted. She wasn't a pear, but more of a lemon. Small head, big body, small legs and smaller feet. She had tons of spots scars and rashes. She had on slippers and a robe. Scarlet looked around the house, but she was afraid to move her feet. ",I said go." There was the women's voice again. Scarlet studied her face. Her hair looked like it WAS blonde but got all matted and dirty.  ", Why." Scarlet had a small voice, though she sounded less scared than she was. ", alright. You had a concussion. I saw you and helped. Your good now. Go" The women scared scarlet more than what she did to scarlet.

ten minutes later they were sitting down. The couch was old. Dusty and orange. Scarlet wondered how this women lived like this. The women had a red bandana in her hair now. The women started to smile more than she was before. ", who are you?" Scarlet finally asked. This broke the women. She started tearing up and just repeatedly whispered ", My name is ivery". Eventually Scarlet answered ", Oh, hi Ivery, I'm Scarlet." Ivery looked startled. ", I saw that girl take your cat." Ivery stated. This made Scarlet nervous. ", had she been watching me?" She thought to herself.

 A couple minutes later Pacino was back in Scarlets arms. " How did you know about Pacino?" Scarlet asked her. ", I didn't. It just I was walking by and I saw you chasing him and I saw the Lucy, my daughter, take Pacino and I felt bad. When I turned the corner to return Pacino you were laying in the middle of the road." Ivery had spoken truthfully and answered a little weak which made Scarlet nervous.

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