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Watch your back James I’m always around just not in sight. Good luck

Submitted: January 07, 2018

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Submitted: January 07, 2018



Unknown “hello”

james “who is this?”

unknown “a girl from a far away place”

james “why are you texting me?”

unknown “I found your number online. I’m sorry. I was really bored and wanted to talk to someone”

james “how old are you?”

unknow “16. You?”

james “18” 

unknown “cool”

james “yea, don’t you have any friends to talk to”

unknown  “no I move too much to have friends. People don’t like me.”

james “ why don’t people like you?”

unknown “because of the rumors people start when I move to a new school.”

james “why do you move to different schools and how long do you stay in one place?”

unknown “it’s because I don’t have parents so I move into different foster homes. And it depends on the family sometimes a year and others a few months.”

james “that sucks”

unknown “it’s life”

james “sometimes”

unknown “yea”

james “what’s your name mystery girl?”

unknown “may”

james “where do you live now?”

may “New York” 

james “same. What part”

may “close to Times Square”

james “cool I live up state”

may “okay”

may “we will never meet if that was what you were hoping I’m moving to Maine in a few days” 

james “that sucks”

may “okay”

may signed off 

james “hey, did you move yet? I’m in your part of the city. Want to meet up?

...1hour later

james “you there?”

...5 hours later 

James “may what’s going on why are you not answering my messages?”

...5 days later 

may “sorry she can’t come to the phone at the moment

james “why? What’s going on? Is she okay?”

may “she’ll be fine she tried to kill herself again”

james “again? Where is she?”

may “at the hospital”

james “the one outsider of Times Square?”

may “yes why?”

james “can I come by and see her?”

may signed off

james “??”

may “you can’t”

james “why not”

May “because your the reason that made her want to kill herself again”

james “how am I the reason? I never did anything to her 

may “she don’t need you”

james signed off 

To be continued 


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