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Simple religious, no Christianity thank you, poem that some might find worthy of reading twice !

Submitted: January 07, 2018

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Submitted: January 07, 2018




In silence we become whole
We re-gather and re-energize ourselves
In  solitude we re-unite with the universe
In the spirit of peace, piety, and tranquility
We pledge our devotion to Thee
- The Lunar Buddha

That we may draw both energy and serenity from the incomprehensible beauty of creation all about us, renewing out dedication to the celestial
and the ethical via our fascination and connection to and with the inner galaxy, the divinity within, the grand potentate.

Under the spell of the night sky
Inspired by the magic of real music
Behooved by an understanding of the universal
Surrounded by the miraculous and the magnificent
Awakened to the reality of a higher power
Regal and resplendent, beneficent and bountiful
Jubilant in the gleam and glee of a new awareness
The blessings are too many uncountable.
Priase be Given

In Silence, there is coherence, excellence, exuberance
In Solitude, there is virtue, veneration, elevation

That we may know and dream of the true intricacies and complexitie of your vast dominion, leading us to a greater understanding and appreciation
of the vast and infinite cosmic wherewithall.

Immersed in the wonder and mystery
Awakened to the glorious reality of almighty power
Reminding us of our spiritual center
Leading us to a new awareness of the grandeur and majesty of nature
Bestowing us with an enhanced sense of the omniscient, ever present Deity
Abundant and flowing, magnificent and shining
All our passions give to thee. Halleluiah...

That we, the curious, the thoughtful, resolve to reach out and into theunattainable, reveling in the unfathomable, while individualizing and personalizing the excellence of pure transcendental knowledge.

  In Solitude there is veneration, vitality, and sanity
In Silence there is synchronicity, serenity, spirituality
  In solitude there is beauty, beatitude, benevolence
In Silence there is purity, perfection, purpose


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