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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

have you ever wondered what happened when you died? the bugs you crushed, the food you eat. imagine the struggle after your struggles are over. grimm passwaters, 14. he goes on a quest through life
and death.

Table of Contents


Sometimes, the smallest details make the biggest difference. The beautifully fluttering monarchs on this crisp, autumn evening, the cat... Read Chapter

Bugs and butterflies

The pitter patter of the squeaky, shiny, yellow boots against the puddles made Grimm’s ears tingle as he starts to go a bit faster. H... Read Chapter

Rain boots

Grimm was tangled in his scarf, trying desperately to get it on correctly. His ginger curls hit his eyes, leaving a bit of a sting. He ... Read Chapter

Lilac Trees

The shimmer of the sea after a gentle rainfall cured all that ails you. The stretch of rain mixed with copper radiated the foggy air. T... Read Chapter

Pinked Oranges

This made the captor share a chuckle, bending down to the boy’s height. His crooked teeth almost as misaligned as his morals. He was ... Read Chapter

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