Michael's Friend

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a story about a helpful kid that only wants to share his happiness with his friend Luna

It was a cold day in winter when Michael was five years old he and his mother Rose went to Church where Michael met Luna Lyne a girl that was a nice person but never spoke to anyone and would avoid people she looked sad so Michael sat next to her and asked "why are you sad?" she looked at him and saddly asked "could you leave me alone?" Michael "you don't seem happy i want to help be happy because i wouldn't want to be sad".

She was suprised at his words she said "i-i got hurt so that's why i'm sad" he walked to his mom and asked for some juice Rose reached into her bag and pulled out a juice box and handed it to him she walked back to Luna and gave her the juice box.

As the service continued they would talk about what they liked and what they wanted to be in the future "I want to be a doctor so i could help people" Michael said proudly Luna smiled and said "maybe i could help you as a nurse" they were happy the Luna looked to see her mother she stopped smiling and left with her.

As Rose and Michael went home Michael told his mother about making Luna happy again "sounds like some one wants to help people one person at a time" Rose says with a smile as they make it home Michael trys to think about what made Luna look so sad then he remembers that look she had on her face when her mother came to pick her up "maybe she doesn't like her home" he says to himself.

Rose overhears him and says "you sure care alot about someone you just met" Michael blushes and says "i wouldn't want to be sad neither so i want others to be happy that's what dad would want" Rose smiles and says "your just as nice as he was he gave his life to save a family like ours" she hugs him and begins to cry Michael says saddly "he was nice his entire life he is in heaven right" he breaks down in tears they walk the rest of the way home not saying a word.

The next day at school during recess Michael sees Luna again on the playground and approached her she was sad again she was he asked her "Why are you sad again" she asked him "do you have a dad" he say "not anymore" she looks to him and asks "what kind of man was he" Michael closes his eyes and speaks loudly and proudly "he was the nicest guy i know he would go stop crime and put bad guys away he was very tough and laughed at being hurt because no pain stopped his sense of justice".

When Michael opens his eyes he sees some kids were sitting down listening to him talk about his father one kid asks for another story Michael turns to see Luna she is smiling again asks him "could you tell us how he passed away".

Michael says sadly "sure my dad was going to stop a killer that had a family hostage he tried to get the gun away from the killer but he had knife too my dad got stabbed in the gut and shot the killer saving the family he gave his life for them to live i see him as a hero".

The other kids clapped and cheered Michael smiles as his teacher came by and saw the group of students he asks that Michael to stop with the stories they were not appropriate for school with the death and all.

So Michael only talked to Luna about his dad she was smiling again then she asked him "do you have friends" he say "no" she asks "can i be your friend?" he smiles and says "yeah i don't have anyfriends so your also my bestfriend" she looked happy as the school bell rang it was lunchtime.

During lunch Michael walked up to Luna and shared his lunch they talked about their families then Michael realised that Luna's home life was tough and asked her if ahe wanted to come play after school she agreed then he told more stories to Luna about his dad she seems happy.

After school they were hanging out on the playground when Michael's stomach growled and he said "man i'm hungry" Luna says "maybe that's all for the day" then michael says "time to go home then" Michael and Luna walk in the same direction they live a block away from each other he walks her home after she goes inside as he turns he hears shouting coming form inside and wants to help so he walks up to the door and knocks then a huge mean looking man opens the door smelling of alcohol and cigarettes he looks at Michael and yells "what the hell do you want" then Michael shouts "quit yelling at your daughter it isn't nice".

He laughs and yells "get the hell out of here" then Luna comes out and tells Michael "you should leave" in very concerned tone then Luna's dad hits her across the face he punches Luna's dad he hits back bruising Michael's cheek he hits back by kicking Luna's dad's knee throwing him off balance then Michael gets up and shoulder tackles him to the ground gets passed him and grabs Luna by the hand and runs out the backdoor.

Michael takes Luna to his house after they get their Michael's mom sees the bruise on his face and trys to tell him not to get into fights she sees Luna has a bruise too then she helps them.

Michael tells his mom about Luna's dad and how they were hurt trying to get away she gets sad and says "Michael that's a brave thing you did there you two get some rest i'll call one of your dad's friends in the police get some sleep then as Luna sleeps Michael gets things ready to leave he thinks that not alot will change with this call.

After Kevin a cop who was Michael's dad's best friend comes by he sees Luna and Michael sleeping and talks to Rose about the abuse cause by Luna's dad "Rose are you sure that you want to report this? It may cause her to go to a foster home or orphanage you know how bad those could be" Rose responds with "yes she might be beaten worse than she was now" a car pulls up then Kevin looks out the window to see Luna's dad walk out.

Luna's dad drunk knocks loudly on the door and shouts "come out here or else" Luna and Michael are woken up Michael yells "get out of here!" he starts kicking the door and shouting louder.

After awhile a police car pulls up probably called by one of the neighbors he walks up to Luna's dad and shouts "calm down sir" he turns and yell at the officer "they took my kid" the officer knocks on the door and after Rose answers it the officer asks to look in inside then Kevin goes to the door and tells the officer about Luna's dad Luna walks up with Michael and they show their injuries before the officer does anything Luna's dad trys to grab Luna Michael gets in the way and is grabbed.

Luna's dad punches Michael in the face so hard that he gets knocked out Kevin and the officer subdue Luna's dad and Rose helps Michael "he's bleeding Luna get the first aid kit under the sink" Luna gets it and Rose treats Michael's wounds as Kevin and the officer get Luna's dad to the back of the police car and call an ambulance.

A few hours later Michael wakes up in the hospital with a concussion Rose, Luna and Kevin are waiting their Rose was the only one awake at the time she says that Luna's dad has been arrested Rose asks "why did you help Luna you even got hurt?" Michael says sadly "because that's what dad would do he lost his life helping people he barely knew maybe this could make him proud" she trys to console him as he tears up.

Rose says "stay here i'm going to get you something to drink" she leaves the room and Kevin wakes up and says "i heard most of that" Michael looks at him and smiles then says "yeah i'm trying to make people happy to make myself happy i like being happy i want to make others happy too" Kevin says "your definitely Greg's kid you think of others before yourself that's what he did everytime we helped someone he would help regardless of his own well-being".

Kevin stands up and says "i need to use washroom i'll be right back" Kevin leaves the room then Michael says to Luna "i know your awake your figeting around when i was talking with Kevin" she looks at him with tears in her eyes says "thank you for all your help" and hugs him he says "what are friends for right".

Submitted: January 08, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Mackenzie Ryder. All rights reserved.

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