Green Fingers

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Submitted: January 08, 2018

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Submitted: January 08, 2018



Green Fingers

By:  Tracey Duquette


Tina twirled her dark auburn hair nervously.  Bed time was fast approaching.  Maybe if she sat in the kitchen away from her parents they would forget she was there; would she have to sleep in the kitchen all night?  No, no, she could sleep on the couch after they went to bed.  The plan was confirmed.  She slowly got up from the couch and started towards the kitchen.

“Don’t be eating any snacks Tina; it’s just about bed time.”  Awe great, plan ruined.  Why were they so good?  How do parents know what kids are up to?  Did they take some sort of detective class?  There was no time to ponder this mystery, it was clear she would be sleeping in her room tonight.  Tina’s room was normal in the daylight, the perfect girl’s space, pink satin sheets, pink curtains, lots of pillows, and the coolest bed around, it sat atop a mini tunnel!  It had two entrances and you could hide under it allowing no one to see you.  One could disappear easily and people would be stumped as to your whereabouts.  The bed was a most clever design to win a child over.

However, when night came and it was time for bed, a great despair fell upon Tina.  An enormous fear of the scary witch showing up again paralyzed her insides.  The witch didn’t come every night, but that was the worst part, her appearances were unknown and utterly terrifying.  Tina never used to be afraid of the dark until the witch came.  Now when all the lights went off and her parents and brother went to bed, panic set in.  She could see shapes forming in the dark and every little sound made her skin crawl while chilling thoughts filled her mind.  Slumber had become a real nuisance to her well being.

Tina’s small hand curled around the banister and she took each step with caution, maybe the slower she went this dreadful feeling would disappear.  The carpet on the stairs was thin and hard under her feet; why couldn’t her parents replace it with plush carpet?  As she climbed the steep, creaky stairs, Tina took solace in the fact that dad was still watching late night news, which meant a little light would fill the hallway, at least for a while longer.  Her mother had gone up just before Tina, shot up the rickety stairs without a care in the world; how lucky. 

She made it the top of the stairs, the pinnacle, the crest; only one destination ahead….the bedroom.  Her sweaty finger clicked on the light and all the pink hues glowed.  Tonight she would pick happy pajamas, they had to help right?  White flannel night gown with purple flowers made the cut.  Who would dare to bother a little girl sleeping in such delight?  Tina finished her regular bedroom routine, teeth brushing, hair brushing and pulled the sheets back.  There was no turning back now, time to face the music, wait, what music, only horror lay ahead.  She clicked her room light off and jumped into bed.  White knuckled, she pulled the blankets up to her chin and waited in debilitating fear of what was to come.  The last thing she saw just as she drifted off to sleep was the sliver of light from dad watching TV.

Tina’s eyes felt glued shut, but something was compelling her to open them.  Maybe it was morning; maybe she had made it another night without her frightful visitor.  As her eyes opened slowly she knew this wasn’t the case.  Rich darkness filled her room and the hallway.  It was the kind of darkness that only existed in dream world; deep and cold.  Tina held the blankets up to her chin still, her position hadn’t changed.  Instead of crawling under the blankets never to surface until daylight, she insisted on staring out into the hallway.  A chill settled in the air and hung above her, she could feel it on her face.  Like other evenings, she blew air out of her mouth and sure enough the cloud formed in front of her.  The witch was close.  Every time right before she showed herself it turned very cold, freezing almost.  Tina couldn’t close her eyes no matter how hard she tried; they were fixated straight ahead.  Why couldn’t she turn away, why accept this menacing feeling?  Then Tina heard it, the creaking of the hallway floors as someone walk towards her room.  Sweat formed all over her body.  She was here. 

The creaking stopped and Tina knew what was coming.  The first yellow finger nail slinked around the edge of the door followed by the first wrinkly green finger, then the next yellow finger and so on.  One by one the witch curled her decrepit hands around the door frame.  Frozen in bloodcurdling fear, Tina still looked on, and then the worst part began, the witch began to pull her head around the frame, always with the black, pointy hat first, then her face, all the while never entering the bedroom.  Her face was also green, forest green actually, and her nose was big and deformed, riddled with warts.  Her eyes were unforgiving and yellow.  Tina stiffened up, but something inside her said don’t back down, so she listened.  She stared at this creepy lady, right in the yellow eyes and held it there.  Where was this strength coming from?  This witch and her green fingers had frightened her for so long, why fight back now?  The staring duel lasted at least 3 minutes, and then it hit Tina, The Wizard of OZ!  It was the witch from the movie!  It was revelation!  As though the witch knew Tina had found her out, her head shrunk away and her decrepit hands and fingernails slowly moved backwards one by one and just like that, she was gone!

The sunlight poked through the crack in her pink curtains and Tina awoke.  She felt renewed, like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.  She felt light on her feet, and as she pulled on her pink slippers, her memory came back to her and she said loud to herself, “the witch is from the movie!”  All this time Tina didn’t know why the witch was coming to see her, and why would she never come in her room?  Maybe she wasn’t all that scary on the inside and just looked it on the outside, maybe her visits were never meant to scare Tina.  It was that morning Tina realized that just because something looks different, rather scary at times, on the outside, doesn’t necessarily mean that is what it looks like on the inside.  She believed this to be true in her soul and happily ran down the stairs not even noticing the thin carpet.

The witch with the green fingers still tries to visit Tina, but it seems she can never awake her from peaceful slumber.


The End

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