The Cove

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Submitted: January 08, 2018

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Submitted: January 08, 2018



Swooping in genially amidst our heartiness
reminding us the bearing of our soul’s place
A detour from the norm and our sensitiveness
the cove avails for our ablution from the race
Where humanity seems caught-up in, unwilling
where all the happening in our lives culminates
In reluctance we are drawn into this tidal pulling
forcing us through a channel that incriminates
Where we could withdraw to and take shelter
away from the currents of insensible motion
Seeking a lull and reprieve that can help alter
our oblivion of keeping abreast in possession
The rat race is a human race of mimicry astray
detesting yet partaking; conceivably enigmatic
Nevertheless it’s necessitated; and it portrays
man’s dilemma of living; oft times aptly robotic
The voraciousness of sharks has no equation
they will mindlessly consume you full and whole
Still coming back seeking more juicy portions
till you cringe in their bellies seeking alms, dole
Retreat to the sanctuary, the cove of your mind
to seek refuge in a place of sheer emancipation
From the crutches of greed, the possession kind
to reach a sane province of soulful absolution
Sidestep, evict yourself from the herd mentality
the stampede of deception and dispossession
And from the predatory dog eat dog sensitivity
lest cunningly becoming a lifelong obsession
Free yourself from the penitentiary of existence
and walk the road of decency, taking a breather
in the cove from time to time, without penitence
and ultimately into the fold of our loving creator

© Copyright 2018 J. Sam Barr. All rights reserved.

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