Correlated and Content

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Heartbreak fusion

is memory loss .

It is your smile

that triggered this response.

Burn out I were

living on abuse.

Ingesting verbal violence

profanity in overuse.

Just a house dog

living on scraps.

Everything I was given

were the spoils of relapse .

I awaited for a miracle

you were the answer to my prayers.

That life had me hysterical.

Afraid and unaware.

We talked and correlated

agreed that pain

was overrated.

I escaped the assaulting words

from the condescending.

It was the perfect time

for a happy ending.

Dancing off together

into a sunset waltz .

Clear from debris from disastrous weather

and the free radicals of polluted thoughts.

No more time for irrelevance.

No more time for useless regrets .

No more time to resent ,

the burial of a pain

that never could repent.

Living on love forever

correlated and content.

Getting better

at forgetting what I lost.

As we dance off together

into a sunset waltz .

Submitted: January 09, 2018

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