Kennie's Guide To The Galaxy

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Welcome

Submitted: January 09, 2018

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Submitted: January 09, 2018



Welcome to my guide to the galaxy, I have been stuck on this planet for the last thirty plus years and have been waiting to be taken off so I can go back to my home planet.
But while I've been on this planet I have learned various things that I intend to share with you in this guide.

The first thing I should note is when I was given this human body things were different than what I was use to, I have these things that are known as hair that grow out of various spots on my body, no matter how much I shave it it always tends to grow back, some of these humans do other things with there hair from changing it's colors to wearing it in strange and interesting ways.

I also noticed that this human body has what many politely call it as a penis, I have heard many terms for this part and it has taken time for me to figure out what it's main purpose for it is for, so far I have learned that it gets used quite often to extract what is known as urine from the body, I have also noticed that certain things make it hard which can be very hard to deal with depending on what your doing that day, although the final thing I have noticed about this penis is that if you play with it enough it shoots out white liquid and it gives you a different feeling when it does just that. It almost seems like your brain sparkles when it happens, which the way ones brain sparkles on this planet is very different than how it sparkles from my planet, but I'm not here to speak about my planet and where I am from.

From here on out I shall guide you through this planet that is called earth and what I have discovered through my thirty plus years of being on here.

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