Kennie's Guide To The Galaxy

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Opposite Gender

Submitted: January 09, 2018

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Submitted: January 09, 2018



It almost seems that with the opposite gender who are called either females (pronounced fe-male) or women (pronounced wo-men) amongst other names that I have heard such as ladies pronounced lay-dies).. It's more of a look and don't touch sort of case with them, many aspects of there bodies will catch your visionary track and your brain will always have this habit of turning your head in there direction, however while most physical features do seem quite common with my gender they do have the two things on there upper chest which at times look like bubbles however I am told that they are used to feed the young, in fact I'm told that I myself once was fed by a set of these.
They definately are a eye catcher as they appear to have many shapes and sizes of them but you can only glance, starring at them or trying to touch them will get you yelled at and possibly slapped.

A slap is a funny thing, some people appear to use it for enjoyment in some sort of ritual called "spanking" however at other times it can also be used as a defense mechnism to ward off people they don't like.
This species certainly has it's complications between the two.

In my years on this planet or so I'm told it can be called decades which means more than ten so I have surved more than three decades on this planet they call earth but apparently many types of females are on this planet and while they may look similar on the outside it is clear to me that the inner workings of there brains are all different. I have not had many chances to get to know the other gender on this planet I personally find it difficult to communicate, it's almost like my brain gets erased when I go to talk to them. Perhaps they have certain mind control powers that I have not developed a defence towards, I have also noticed that the "penis" I have talked about before at times gets rather hard when certain ones are near.
Most of them don't seem to like that and begin displaying what I can only assume as anger or some other form of dislike towards me when they see it. 

But these females are definately an interesting gender and species to say the lease, I will definately have to spend more time investigating things.

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