"The field trip"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: January 09, 2018

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Submitted: January 09, 2018




"A couple of months back my High school had one of there Surprise field trips for everyone in the Honor roll. I was apart of it. It was to a water park that was like Pioneer water land but a lot bigger and was like a mix of pioneer water land along with the six indoor amusement park. 

"At the high school waiting to take off"
My Connie sat next to me on the bus,we were all excited to be getting out of school during the day because it was 9:15 in the morning and we would be in math class right know. We had three teachers serving as chaperones on the field trip."

"Narrator"  We arrive at the waterpark"

"After everyone gets of the bus and gets organized,me and Connie for whatever dumb reason think it was a good idea to take off."

:Connie "Lets go down some water slides and go down the lazy river"

:matt "ok" so we did.

:narrator" We were content until a creepy old man confronted us.

:Creepy old man" "you should be in school"

"Connie "were honor roll students we get this field trip."

"Creepy old man "whatever" and he walked away.

:matt "freak." 

:creepy old man " oh so that's what parents are paying for nowadays you kids going to a water park while I buy my butt to give you taxes? Your Not welcome." Now he walks away. 

"Narrator" we decided it was best to leave that man alone and go eat some lunch since we were hungry and there was a nice continent food court near bye." 

"Narrator" after we got our hotdogs we found a seat."

:Connie " look behind you that creepy old man is there."

:matt" I look behind me sure enough it was him. I waived to him. He ignored us. 

:Connie "is he following us?"

:matt "I don't know." 

"Narrator" for whatever reason I decided to get up and confront the man."

:Matt "why are you following us? it's creepy!"

:creepy old man" "I'm not following you now leave me alone."

"Narrator" we decided to go back to our teachers now."

"Narrator" we told the teachers about the man they said not to leave there sight again."

"A few hours later we were on the buses ready to head back to the school."

"Narrator"  "I was sitting in the bus looking out the window as we were leaving, I saw the creepy man watching me from an ice cream stand. I ignored him."

"We got back to the school about a half hour later." 

"Narrator" me and Connie had to go to our lockers, before going home for the day."

"Matt " I want to say hi to one of my teachers real quick." I tell Connie. 

"Narrator" I walked down the darken hallways. To the class room" 

"Narrator" to my horror the same creepy man was sitting at a desk."

"Creepy old man" Laughing Ha-Ha-Ha I am your new teacher!" He said.

"Narrator" I ran out of the classroom as fast as I could and went to the principle."

"Narrator" I told the principal about the man and asked if he really hired him?"

:Principle" I never hired any new teachers."

:narrator" the principle immediately called the police."

:Narrator" the police arrived to the school and searched the building they found nobody."

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