My Idea of Home

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Lots of people have different definitions of what home is to them. This is what I think home is to me. This doesn't dictate what home should mean to you. Enjoy!

Submitted: January 09, 2018

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Submitted: January 09, 2018



Home can mean a variety of different things to people. How a person chooses to define home is often based off of their opinion, which can be influenced by personal experience and preference. For me, my idea of home is an important place to me because I know when I get there I can just relax and be worry- free. Home is where my mom can be found and where I feel safe. Home is a peaceful place that you can visit in your mind, a place where everything is okay, a place where you can be true, a place where you can hide from reality for as long as you want.

Home is a place where I can just plop myself down on the couch. The comfy cushions underneath providing a place of relaxation. Laying on the couch, flipping the tv on, a show ablazing. Laying there, on that comfortable couch, I feel as if I am separate from the world. I feel as if I am free from stress, able to relax and go into my own little world.

Home is a place of giggles and laughter. Playing games in the company of your family and friends, a joke uttered, laughter spread from person to person. Continuous, never-ending, wonderful smiles fixed on everyone's faces. Cheeks flushed, laughter dying down, then another comical joke is told. Laughter all around, some rolling on the ground with tears in their eyes, and without doubt everyone is having a good old-fashioned time.

Even the appearance of home makes me feel safe and stress-free. Flowers surround the porch and a white picket fence envelopes the large yard. A wooden bench, placed in the middle of the yard, in front of a pond. Fish swimming around and around, through that pond, without a care in the world. Basking in the sun, with my feet in the water and watching the fish swim around, relaxation falls over me like a fluffy blanket.

Home brings a feeling of safety, happiness, relaxation. It is a feeling of safety, like when a little girl curls up beside her mom, at night, in the darkness, safe from all of the fears that she might have. A mother comes home to her children, all at the door, smiles plastered on their faces, jumping up and down waiting in anticipation for mom to walk through the door. Kisses and hugs are spread throughout the family, excited to see each other, happiness felt all around. The feeling of relaxation, like lying in a beach chair, beside the ocean, the warm sun shining down on you. The ocean waves beat against the beach, the cool breeze flows around you, and a smile begins as relaxation overcomes you. That is how home is supposed to feel.

Although home is an ordinary word, it’s meaning is unique because safety and happiness are exceptionally tough to find, nowadays. Too often children are found in a very unsafe environment at home. They might live near a place that is full of crime. Bullets flying all over the place, windows shattering, everyone goes down, hiding from the war that is outside. This bitter reality makes me realize how special it is for me to have such a sweet place to call home.

Home can mean a lot of things to countless different people. It makes you feel safe and sound, happy, and relaxed. You always know when you get home that you can just throw off your shoes, flip on that ole tv, and park yourself on the cushions of the welcoming couch; covered in a fluffy blanket, eating popcorn out of the bag, drinking some soda, and surrounded by your loved ones; relaxed and free from worries and stress. Home is a special place that only you consider memorable and unique.


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