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Submitted: January 09, 2018

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Submitted: January 09, 2018






In spite of that Leo had million of fans and listeners, there were people who were looking forward to the end of his career and that special day came for them. There were journalists among them, they were doing everything to make the most top rated TV shows. All blogs and channels were spreading gossips and lies about Leo to make the plot more dramatic and horrible. One journalist even was affirming that Leo’s ideal and unnatural appearance was wholly the plastic surgery, which he had made when he was teenager. The journalist was also saying that he even had not his own hair. But there were not only gossips, Leo’s anti fans in social network were writing about his abilities, one of them was commenting that he could not play on the piano or guitar that he even could not sing a song and because of it he simulated about throat ache to no one could guess about his lie. There also were people who was writing that all his songs were sung an unknown singer. People did not stop as if they all got mad. Though this was not everything, Leo’s truly fans were answering all horrible comments, they were calling to channels, its looked like an online war between fans and anti fans.

Leo was sitting at home, he was not answering phone calls, he even did not let Vanda to visit him. He was just sitting in the living room and was looking at turned off TV unemotionally.

Two days later Vanda met a few journalist in her company to give them Leo’s private videos. All that videos included Leo’s personal rehearsals when he was playing the guitar and the piano at home. Vanda ordered them to create a documentary movie the special plot for him. This plot was showed by one of the popular channel at that evening and next day no one was talking about that, as if nothing happened to Leo, but in spite of it Vanda complained all of journalists and bloggers which were using Leos name in a bad way to increase their ratings.

One week was passed after that incident but Leo still was not answering phone calls. Vanda was very angry and was arguing with everyone, there was not any reasons or problems but she anyway was shouting to main choreographer who was making new dances for Leo’s concert. Theo and Max were laughing cynicaly about her reactions, they were very contented with all of it. That day when Vanda backed to her cabinet after arguing, she saw Leo, he was sitting on the windowsil and was reading the magazine, Vanda smiled with her angry face and sat in front of him on the leather armchair. Leo put down the magazine calmly on the windowsil and said.

LEO – A concert,

He stopped for a second and then continued.

LEO – cancel it!

He again stopped for a second.

LEO – I can not anymore. I am feeling that I am dying.

Vanda breathed out deeply and tried to stay calmly. She changed the sit position and sad in a low voice.

VANDA – We both know each other very well and

you must know that I will not let you do it.

I really don not know what are you feeling now,

or how are you but I really know one thing.

She stopped for a minute and then continue with an angry voice.

VANDA – No I will not cancel the concert and I really do

not care for your feelings right now. Do you really

believe that you are successful because of your talent?

No Leo, you are selling because I made you as a perfect

product. Your stupid fans absolutely do not interest you

can sing a song or not, they like your ideal face, they just

want to see your face, they love barbie Leo and just

because of it they buy your albums, they waste money for

your visual.

She again stopped talking for a second and then continued.

VANDA – You can not sing? Who is interested in it? Who cares for this?

You just have to open your mouth and the rest is

my job. The concert will go by ideally and everyone

will be happy.

LEO – You do not listen to me.

He looked at her angrily and went to the exit, Vanda faster stood up and shouted very aggressively.

VANDA – Stop there and listen to me very well.

He stopped in front of the door and did not turn back, his hands were trembling. Vanda came closer to him and started talking cynical.

VANDA – Right, I am not listening to you, I do not understand and

even do not want to understand it, the whole company was

working days and nights to make your name the biggest

star in the world and to give you the highest peak, to make

all your concert number one in the world. Designers,

choreographers, they all work for you to make you a star, now

please tell me, do you still think that you have any choice?

Our future is more important then your throat.

Vanda breathed out angrily.

VANDA – We sold out all the tickets, ninety seven thousand tickets and

there are a lot of people asking more tickets and now

I have to say all of them that the concert is canceled, because

Leo has a depression, this is what you want Leo?

Leo become very angry and shouted, he suddenly felt the throat ache and stopped for a second, his eyes were full of tears, Leo started talking in a low voice.

LEO – A depression? I lost my voice and for you it’s just depression?

VANDA – Leo! I am begging you go home, rest well and do what you want.

Leo threw out all his awards from the shelf angrilyand left the room. Leo met Max in the hall, he saluted to Leo and tried to hug him but Alex pushed Max he even did not look at him and walked faster.

When Leo came back home, he took out all his clothes from the wardrobe and put them in the suitcase, then entered the living room sat down on the sofa and he was looking at the ceiling. There were stuck his golden discs and his album’s posters on the ceiling. He was looking at it, after a few minutes he closed his eyes and burst into tears.

It was eight o’clock when the alarm clock rung, Bony pricked up it ears and barked to Leo. Leo slowly stood up and looked at the suitcase. He opened all the curtains in the bedroom and asked to Bony.

LEO– Should I tell a lie? Or juts leave everything?

Bony barked for a few times and sat down on the suitcase.

Next day Leo went to the company, when he entered the main hall of the company, all the coworkers started whispering, they were looking at him strangely and saluted him compulsory. Leo saw their falseness very well and because of it he did not salute them. He calmly walked main hall and entered Vanda’s cabinet. Vanda was talking with her assistant and when she saw Leo, smiled and sat down on the table. Leo stopped in front of her and he asked Vanda’s assistant to leave them. The assistant left the room and Leo sat down on the armchair.

LEO – This concert will be my last and the end of my career.

Vanda suddenly started laughing, Leo was looking at her angrily. After a second she stopped and sat down opposite him.

VANDA – Come on, are you dilettante? Almost every singer does not

sing a live, they are using records and it is normal. So please

smile and just do it.

LEO – I am not every and you know it very well. I was born ideal with

amazing voice. I am number one Vanda.

VANDA – Exactly! You are number one, and this is the reason why you

must do it.



Leo stopped relationship with everyone, his dependence to the people changed radically. He was preparing for the concert alone,he even was not connecting with dancers and choreographer. Leo was ignoring everyone, he looked such aggressive that Max and Theo also were looking aside to him. Vanda was checking Leo a lot of times in a day, she was strongly controlling him.

In the concert day Vanda was with producers and the concert director, they were discussing the last details about the main stage, which was only for Leo. When they checked everything on the stage Vanda left them and went to the makeup room to meet with Leo’s stylist. There were back dancers in the room, they were preparing for the general rehearsal. She looked at all, when she did not see Max and Theo, asked the stylist about them.

VANDA – Where are that two problems?

STYLIST – They are on the stage.

Vanda closed the door and went to the stage. Max and Theo were standing in the middle of the stage’s exit, they were laughing very loudly, Vanda did not like their behavior and shouted to them too much sternly.

VANDA – Is there something interesting?

They faster hushed up and charmingly smiled. She looked at them angry and went to the exit. After a few minutes the general rehearsal started, Vanda and the director were on the stage and were checking the concert’s sketches. There were also back dancers on the stage and the technical team, they were checking lights and lasers. Vanda was looking at all the details on the stage and around the stage, she looked very contented because everything was made great. Soon the general rehearsal finished, all dancers were on the stage and talking, Leo did not stay with them and went to the makeup room, there was only his stylist. Leo signed her to leave him, he sat down in front of the mirror and put down the legs on the shelf. After twenty minutes Vanda entered the room with journalists, she was contented and happy. Leo faster stood up, saluted them politely and while the journalist turned on the camera he let the room.

The stadium was wholly crowded, the technical team was checking everything on the stage for the last time. Vanda was standing with Leo in the backstage, she wanted to say him something encouraging but she did not dare to say something. Soon all the lights turned off in the stadium and people started shouting Leo’s name, the stadium was buzzing, because of their shout. Leo had one habit, he used to close eyes and was counting till eleven before entering the stage. When he finished counting the music turned on with all lights on the stage, his fans were shouting more and more loudly. The concert’s first part started perfectly and when Leo was singing the third song, suddenly everything turned off on the stage, there was very dark and after a few seconds only monitors were turned on at the stage, there was silence, everyone was waiting for something and unexpectedly someone turned on the video, which was filmed secretly in Vanda’s cabinet, this video was including a few little moments when Vanda and Leo were talking about his voice problems, the fake concert and about Leo’s fans. That part where Vanda mentioned people as stupids was montaged a lot of times. People became uncontrolled, they were shouting and throwing bottles, they were breaking the chairs and throwing pieces of chairs. There was horrible chaos, people became as animals, everyone wanted to climb up on the stage to catch Leo. Bodyguards were hardly trying not to let them climb up. Technical team was trying to find a way to turn it off everything, but no one could understand what kind of problem was it, Vanda was shouting to them as crazy, she was hitting to some buttons but that video did not stop, the coworkers were looking at Vanda frightenedly. All the dancers left the stage faster, but Leo was still standing in the middle of the stage, he was looking at the monitors and suddenly someone hit him mineral water bottle at the head. He did not notice that his forehead was bleeding. He was very dismayed and lost. Leo’s driver and a few bodyguards ran in the stage, they helped him to leave the stage safely. They came back to the company very soon, Vanda was not with them. Leo was sitting in Vanda’s cabinet, his costume was wholly bloody. The driver was cleaning his face with the wet towel. Leo was not talking he was sitting as a stone, he even did not feel the pain. Soon a lot of people gathered in front of Vanda’s company, there were also journalists and photographers. Leo’s fans were burning his posters, albums and t-shirts. They were asking company to back them all money which they spent for Leo’s albums, for accessories and for all his concert tickets. There was horrible chaos outside of the company. They were shouting together, they were abusing Vanda and Leo. The journalist were trying to enter the company but bodyguards were not letting them to come in. After half minutes Vanda entered the cabinet with her assistant. Vanda’s jacket was half torn and very dirty. Leo looked at her and cynical smiled. Vanda took off her jacket and threw to the sofa. She came to the windows and was looking at the people. After a second she whispered.

VANDA – Everything is well. Everything will be great.

She breathed out deeply and came closer to Leo, she looked at his forehead and asked him.

VANDA – Don’t you have a dizzying?

Leo faster stood up angrily and looked at her.

LEO – No! I don’t have it. Everything is ok, no even great Vanda.

Everything is great.

He threw the towel on the floor and went to the door, Vanda whispered his driver to stop Leo but Leo heard that and turned back very angry.

LEO – It’s really enough Vanda. I am full.

He closed the door such a strong that, everything shook. Leo faster passed the hall and entered the company’s main foyer, there were only glasses doors and Leo stopped in front of that doors, he was looking at people and listening to their shouting, they were very aggressive and full of scornfully. They were throwing different colors of the dye to the company’s walls. Half of them were burning all things where Leo’s face was. All that people made Leo the world star but now they wanted his death. Suddenly one journalist saw Leo and shouted his name, Leo faster left that place and went out at the parking. When he was getting in the car, the bodyguard stopped him, Leo looked at him such aggressively and scornfully that the bodyguard apologized and let him go. Leo angrily got in the car and went.

His forehead still was bleeding, he lost all feelings what he had before, he was such angry that could not control him self and was hitting to the wheel time to time. Leo came to the stadium, He went to thestadium’s playground and stopped in the middle, he was looking at the empty stage. He was trying not to cry and was biting his lips. Leo’s hands were cold and they were trembling. He was hearing out people voices, their terrible shouting, Leo suddenly started hitting his ears very strongly, he was destroyed, his heart was full of pain.


The end of the first season

Author Ana Gagani







© Copyright 2019 Ana Gagani. All rights reserved.

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