Pirates Wanted!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just for fun.

Pirates Wanted!


We’re all of aflutter, waiting a week,

a nautical sailing is what we do seek.

There’s me and my brothers, one, two and three,

searching for pirates – just where can they be?

A ship must be sailing, adventures on waves,

with a crew that is wanting a bird that behaves.

There’s treasure to look for, maps to be found,

islands aplenty where we can be bound.

Seagulls are waiting up high in the sky,

we’ll set them to squawking but don’t ask me why.

Look at our plumage, our feathers so blue,

yellow for sand of the beaches you’re due.

Parrots need pirates for those seagoing trips

but watch out – we’ll repeat the words from your lips.


Submitted: January 09, 2018

© Copyright 2021 hullabaloo22. All rights reserved.

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I love the quirkiness of this poem, Hully. Very well done.

Tue, January 9th, 2018 9:25pm

Jeff Bezaire

Love that last line! Another interesting piece told from an animal's POV. They're always fun reads! Nicely done!

Tue, January 9th, 2018 9:47pm


Sometimes I have to go with....silliness, Jeff, and today was one of those times. I love putting myself in an animal's, or birds, mind.
Thanks for reading!

Tue, January 9th, 2018 1:52pm

Mike S.

Ha--excellent, Hully!

Tue, January 9th, 2018 9:59pm


Thanks, Mike. I've had the pic and the title written for ages but hadn't got any further with it until yesterday. Glad you enjoyed it.

Tue, January 9th, 2018 2:12pm

Sue Harris

Great interpretation of the photo, Hully, and a great poem.

Tue, January 9th, 2018 10:20pm


Thanks, Sue. I started a short story, but somehow I couldn't get it to work out because my head kept coming up with rhymes. Glad you enjoyed the read!

Tue, January 9th, 2018 2:21pm

Tom Allen714

Nice one Hull, it has that Peter Pan feel to it...Tom...

Tue, January 9th, 2018 11:44pm


Just a bit of silliness for a change, Tom. Thanks for reading.

Wed, January 10th, 2018 4:09am

moa rider

Ah me hearty, well done Mama Hullabaloo! Usianguke

Wed, January 10th, 2018 3:59am


Thanks, Moa. Glad you enjoyed it!

Wed, January 10th, 2018 4:09am

Adam L.

Nice little poem, Ms. Hullabaloo. I appreciated the laugh.

Wed, January 10th, 2018 2:07pm


Glad you enjoyed it, Adam. Sometimes it's kind of nice to go silly!

Wed, January 10th, 2018 7:46am


it was a good read, but i probably shouldn't of been listening to Dream Theater while reading it LOL though i enjoyed the animal POV, since that doesn't get used very often in poetry. and from one of the comments below, i see you have more in this style, so i'll have to go check those out as well.
top notch stuff as always Hully :D

Wed, January 10th, 2018 7:51pm


Thanks for that, SurfsUp. Glad you enjoyed it.

Wed, January 10th, 2018 12:00pm

Mr Watson

I remember going on a pirate ship on scarborough mere and digging for doubloon's in the sand on the island, this one brought back fond memories of my childhood being a pirate for a few hours, i think the ship was called the Hispaniola In fact i just googled it and it does trips around the bay.
Nice poem Hully.

Thu, January 11th, 2018 4:00pm


Thanks for reading, Mr Watson. It's nice to know that it brought back good memories!

Thu, January 11th, 2018 9:49am

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