Secret Pathway

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This book called Secret Pathway, there is this girl named Minnie has a horrific time worrying about all her siblings, (sometimes her parents too.) Her and her sister Maylee finds a "Secret Pathway"
and takes a adventure, they discover something scary, they escaped it once, will they again?

Submitted: January 09, 2018

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Submitted: January 09, 2018



Hey guys  I'm gonna tell you a little story about when I found a secret pathway…….Ahhhhhhhhh Minnie there's a growling… I don’t know what it is!!!!!!!

 Hi my name is Minnie ok, ok I know what you're thinking Minnie from Mickey mouse well that's wrong!... sorry I get teased  lot’s. Well I’m gonna tell you a story about what happened to me my sister Maylee my brother Carlos my mom Kathy and my dad Mason. Well it was a fine day……. Beep beep (my alarm) “ ahhh time to wake up.” “ Maylee wake up!!!!!!!!” (my 5 year old sister) “no Minnie I have…” beep beep “okay now it’s time to wake up!” “ughhhh little sister’s!” “Carlos it's time to wake up!” ( my 9 year old brother.) “ no Minnie i’m tired and I…” beep beep “only wake up when my alarm goes off.” “mom da-”  “honey  we know the drill, but thnxs for your concern.” “ MOM stop doing that it’s embarrassing, but anyway you know I like to be up early!” (mom is 28) “hunny let mommy say that,besides its what you say.” “DAD I don’t call her mommy and no I don’t say it.. As much as she does!” “Minnie!” “ what Maylee?” “i’m all dressed and ready are you proud?” “yes, considering Carlos just got out of bed.” “Thank’s sissy you're the best!!!!!!”  “Carlos get crackin!” “ughhh Minnie mind your own beeswax!” “Carlos, little kids say that,your a big boy you're nine years old!” “JSYK I’m getting dressed!” “little boy to big boy to little boy…” “I heard that Minnie, MOM MINNIE IS BEING RUDE!!!!” “Carlos just please brush your teeth.” “ NEVER MIND MOM MINNIE TURNED NICE.” “ there you go Minnie I will do as I’m told, now that you are nice.” “ oh,ok Carlos thank you.” ( dad is 34 years old) well that leaves it to me I’m 16 years old. “Carlos are you almost done?” “why Minnie?” “cause me, Maylee, mommy and daddy are ready.” “ok yes I’m done just playing a video game.” “please come down.” “why?” “cause we are taking our early walk,don't you remember?, our 5min walk by the park on Tuesdays at 9:30 in the morning?” “oh yeah thanks for the huge reminder.” “you're welcome!” “I did not mean it like that.” “what?” “never mind…” “ok i’m down now what?” “are we ready family?” “oh

wait not me I need to get my video game.” “it’s too late Carlos, well are we ready?” “yes Minnie.” “yes honey.” “ yes honey “yes sissy!” “ok lets go!”

**************************************************************************”ok, we are here!.” “wow look at this Minnie!” “ what…” “lets see it!” “k let's go in!” “Maylee where are you? Maylee!?” “ahhhhh Minnie there’s a growling...I don’t know what it is!!!!! Oooommmmggg “what Minnie?” “Is that what I think it is?” “it depends, what do you think it is?” “I think it is a giant wild  boar!!!!!!” “oohhhh, then it is what you think it is!”


 “Ahhh Carlos isn't this nice?” “Well-” “I know it is right?” “MOM!” “sorry hunny what were you gonna say?” “ummm, oh yeah I mean being at the beach is nice and all but…” “but what??!” “DAD!” “sorry, continue.” “But, but where's Minnie and Maylee?” “oh, relax Minnie and Maylee are fine, besides I trust Minnie.” “But mom you don’t understand, they have been out for an hour and a half. To tell you the truth I really do care for them, MOM open your eyes! Don’t you care for them too?” “of course I do they're my babies!” “Then come on we need to find them!” “DAD WAKE UP!” “huh,huh oh yeah let’s  go save… the world!” “you mean Minnie and Maylee?” “oh yeah them too.” “well come on!”


  1. “Look a secret pathway!” “I mean come on they're never gonna miss that!” “okay let’s go in and see.” “yeah I mean they are two very smart/dumb kids to go in there!” “MINNIE!,MAYLEE!!” “Carlos,mom,dad!” “be very quiet there is a boar!” “A BOAR?” “Carlos shhh you don’t want to wake him up!” “ughhhh.” “It’s right

  2. behind me isn’t it?” “uhh yeah?” “EVERYONE KEEP VERY STILL!” “RUUUUUNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!” “Carlos what do you not understand about keep very still?” “ROARRRR!” “now run Minnie?” “RUN!” “I think we lost him.” (Pant pant) “Yeah- nope look behind you!” “Carlos this is not a time for jokes!” “No! Really LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!!!!!!” “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”


    **********************************************************“I think we lost him, what do you say?” “I say, ugh.” “seriously? Again.” “ha ha ha ha ha, I got you ughhh Carlos our lives are in danger and you are joking around? Ughhh.” “Sissy look behind you.” “Maylee I’m not falling for it.” “no it’s so pretty.” “woah, let’s go!” “WAIT sis what if it will put our lives in more danger?” “Ummm but it’s  but it's sooo worth it.”   What we saw was a mythical island if you seen “Croods” yeah that’s what.”

    “Woah!,” “it’s so So SO-” I started. “So color full?” Maylee asked. “You took the words right out my mouth.” I confessed

    If you want more find book ONE of The Secret Pathway

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