Under The Same Blue Sky - Vol. 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic


Riho starred at a photo of her mother and her. She looked at the photo and smile. She placed the photo back on the table and she leaned back on her chair. She was quiet for a while before standing up and stretches her arms.

Riho : I can do this. I can do this.


Aoi was arranging his stuff in his new room. The room is fully furnished with a proper single bed, a wardrobe and a study table. Everything was in white and neutral colors, just like the other furniture in the apartment. He looked around for a while before unpacking his stuffs. He was arranging his books when he saw a photo in between the pages of a book. He took out the photo and he look at the photo for a while. It was a photo of him with his ex-girlfriend, Ohara Yuna. Yuna was his classmate back in college, they were together for 5 years but Yuna was the one who broke it off. Yuna disappeared after breaking it off with Aoi. But to Aoi, Yuna was her everything.

Aoi put the photo on the table before continuing his unpacking. He placed everything properly and most importantly, he placed all his photography tools in one corner. Once he is done, he slumped himself on the bed and stared at the wall.

Aoi : (sigh)


Riho was making her lunch box while listening to her favourite song “Pa” by Nishino Kana. She was totally into her singing-along mood that she actually forgot that Aoi is living with her. She was busy making her tamagoyaki when Aoi went out of his room and head straight to the kitchen. Riho did not realize that Aoi was looking at her from the doorframe. Riho was totally enjoying the song and her cooking that she did not realize Aoi was there.

Aoi : You are so energetic in the morning.

Riho stopped singing and she was too surprised that she accidentally hit the chair behind her when she heard Aoi’s voice

Aoi : Becareful!

Riho turned to Aoi and she cringed when she actually forgot that Aoi is living with her now.

Riho : I am so sorry. Did I wake you up with my song?

Riho quickly stopped her song and she quickly kept her phone in her bag.

Aoi : No No don’t worry. Don’t mind me. I don’t mind.

Aoi went straight to the fridge and took out a bottle of plain water. Aoi turn around to look at Riho. Riho was already in her school uniform and she was packing her bento into her bag.

Aoi : You cook everyday?

Riho : yes.

Aoi : I see. Well then, have fun in school (smiles)

Riho : thank you..

Riho stopped halfway as she realized she was  going to address Aoi as “Mayeda-san”. She paused and she was thinking what to call Aoi.

Aoi : Aoi. Call me Aoi.

Riho : Thank you Aoi-san.

Aoi : You better pack now. You don’t want to be late for school



Haru : Ohayou, miss soon to be madam Riho (laughing)

Riho was putting her shoes in the shoebox when Haru bid her good morning.

Riho : Shhh Haru! What if somebody heard you.

Haru : (laughing)

Riho : Haruuu (glaring)

Haru : Sorry sorry! So, how was it your first morning?

Riho : We are late for class, come lets go!

Riho ignored Haru’s question about Aoi and just kept walking towards their class. Shohei on the other hand just watched as they pass by him. Shohei let out a sigh and shook his head.

Shohei : They are always noisy every morning

Nayuki :Mayeda-kun!

Shohei turned around when he heard his name called from his class.

Shohei :  ?

Nayuki : Your Biology notebook?

Shohei : Eh?

Nayuki : Eh? You forgot about it?

Shohei : ..

Nayuki : You were supposed to hand it to me by now before our class remember? You forgotten about it again? (laughing)

Shohei : I am so sorry Sakurai-san. I have it. It’s in my bag. Wait here, I’ll go and get it.

Nayuki : Hai hai (smiles)


Daisuke : Look who is here!

Aoi : Good morning (smiles)

Daisuke : Couldn’t believe that you finally came back to Tokyo for good. (tapping on his shoulder)

Aoi : I never thought of it too.

Daisuke : It has been 2 years since you moved right ? It felt so long (laughing)

Airi : Hai hai, I know you guys are two best friends forever that are meant to be together. But, before that, welcome back to the team Aoi (smiles)

Aoi : Thank you (smiles)

Itoh Daisuke is Aoi’s long time best friend. They met at their workplace when they finished their studies of the same course. Daisuke and Aoi became close and they worked together for a few months. After a few months,  Komatsu Airi approached them for a job in her newly built Event Management Company. Both of them end up working with Airi for a few years before Aoi suddenly left for Hakodate after  his break up with his long time girlfriend, Ohara Yuna.

Airi : Alright, so why don’t we go for a drink later once we are done with our work?

Airi tapped on their shoulders before leaving the room to get her papers for their upcoming project. Daisuke was cleaning his camera and he waited for the right moment to ask Aoi about what has made him to come back to Tokyo after all these years.

Daisuke : Something must have happened right?

Aoi whom were arranging his stuff turned to Daisuke when he asked him that. Daisuke didn’t even look at him when he said that.

Aoi : Eh?

Daisuke : You coming back here all of a sudden, I was shocked when you suddenly told me you were moving back here. (laughing)

Aoi : Not really.

Daisuke : Its not about Yuna?

Aoi : (looking at Daisuke)

Daisuke : Or your mother?

Before Aoi could reply to Daisuke’s question, Airi came in and both of them decided to end the conversation and listen to Airi.

Airi : Alright, so this is the upcoming project our company is organizing next week.


Haru was wiping the counter top when Riho was staring blank into space. She didn’t even hear what Haru was babbling about and Haru realized she was actually talking to the wall. Haru creeped behind Riho and poked her at the waist.

Riho : Haru!

Haru : Why are you staring at the riceball as if it has grown moustache or something?

Riho : (sigh)

Haru : You’re thinking about your marriage, don’t you?

Riho : I wonder if I have made the right decision.

Haru : It is about what he said?

Riho : He is right at some point. We are marrying not for the sake of mutual feelings or anything. How can our marriage life work if there is no feelings?

 Izumi : Marriage life is no picnic, my girls. What is marriage without feelings?

Riho and Haru nodded in agreement but suddenly they turned around to where the voice came from.

Haru : Izumi-san!?

Izumi Junko, a beautiful petite 45 years old lady is the owner of the dango shop Haru and Riho are working at.  She is a beautiful widow that seems to never age at all. She is very witty and seldom advising both of the girls about relationship and the importance of having wisdom instead of being rational.

Izumi : Listen girls, marriage is all about thorns and roses. Imagine you wanting a beautiful rose, but you have to go through the thorns first. That is marriage life. SO… who is getting married?

Riho : …nobody is getting married Izumi-san. Its just..

Izumi : Heh… I thought one of you is getting married. It would have been great if one of you finally reach that age and bloom into a very beautiful butterfly

Haru : Izumi-san has started..

Riho : Sou ne (sigh)


Riho was busy making herself some sandwiches when suddenly the door opened and Aoi walked in. Riho startled when she saw Aoi at the door and both of them looked at each other for a while

Aoi : I actually forgot that we live together now.

Riho : …

Aoi’s hands were full of his stuffs, work stuff Riho thought. Aoi placed his stuff on the couch and slump himself right away. He let out a long sigh and look at his watch.

Riho didn’t know what to do to break the awkward silence between both of them. Riho just continued cleaning the dishes and ignored Aoi instead.

Aoi : How was your day?

Riho startled when Aoi asked her that. She turned around to look at Aoi and she just stared at him blankly.

Aoi : Was it tiring?

Riho : It was just..fine

Aoi : good to hear that.

Riho looked at Aoi and he looked so tired she thought. Riho thought of what to do because she cant be stoic with him from the start. Riho then looked at the pantry and she knew exactly what to do.

Aoi still had his eyes closed when suddenly he heard a tap sound on the table in front of him. He opened his eyes and the first thing he saw is a cup of tea and a plate of sandwiches.

Aoi : eh?

Riho was already back ar the kitchen table, she even had her homework on the table to be done while she’s eating.

Aoi looked at Riho with a blank face. Riho didn’t say anything and she was already doing her homework when Aoi was still looking aat her.

Aoi : This is?

Riho : Your tea and your dinner.

Riho answered him without lifting her head to look at him. She continued tapping on her phone while doing her homework at the same time.

Riho didn’t know what to say because she was so anxious that Aoi won’t eat the sandwiches she made. Suddenly, she saw Aoi took the plate and the tea, and  headed towards the kitchen. Aoi placed his plate and tea in front of her before taking a seat in front of her.

Riho : (looking at Aoi with a blank face)

Aoi : Arigatou (smiles)

Riho : (nods)

Aoi : So, what did you put in this sandwich?

Riho : egg and mayonnaise.

Aoi : My favourite !

Riho : eh?

Aoi : But I rarely make them myself.

Aoi took a bite and suddenly he look at Riho with a disbelief face.

Riho : Whats wrong? (shocked)

Aoi : This is the best egg mayo sandwich I ever tasted. (smiles)

Riho suddenly felt her heart seem to skip a beat when Aoi smiled at her just now.


Haru : Riho?

Riho was spacing out during their lunch break that she didn’t hear Haru calling her name many times

Haru : Riho !

Riho : eh?

Haru : Why are you spacing out?

RIho : My mother is coming this Friday.

Haru : and..?

RIho : And. We’re registering out marriage the next day.

Haru : eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Riho placed her bento on her table and let out a long sigh

Haru : Are you having doubts,Riho?

Riho : Not that I have doubts but it’s just…

Haru : Wait, wait, wait. I know this look on your face.

Riho : What?

Haru : you are scared that you might like him instead?

Riho : Haru! No. I mean like, how am I supposed to live with him with no feelings?

Haru : Izumi-san once said, feelings can be nurtured. Just like how her dango should be nurtured by our love (laughing)

Riho : (sigh)


Riho was busy doing the laundry when suddenly the door opened, the first person to walk in was her mother.

Riho : Okasan!

Riho quickly went to her mother and gave her a very long hug.

Riho : How was your flight ?

Akiko : It was okay. Don’t worry Riho-chan.

Riho : eh, you came here alone?

Akiko : Aoi fetched me from the train station just now. But he went to the konbini to get some snacks for us.


Riho was on bed after writing her diary entry for the day. She placed her diary on her table and look at the wall. Suddenly there was knock on the door.

Akiko : Riho-chan, may I come in?

Riho : Hai hai, come in oka-san

Akiko entered the room and she went straight to Riho. She took a seat beside Riho and smiled at her.

Riho : Why are you smiling?

Akiko : My beautiful Riho, you’ve grown so beautiful don’t you.

Riho just look at her mother and she took her mother’s hands without saying anything.

Akiko : I am sorry if I have placed you in a difficult position. I never wanted to force you to do something beyond your power. But Riho, if you feel---

Riho : No mother, I am fine. It is okay. You worry too much.

Akiko : I remember the first day I held you in my arms, you were so fair and beautiful I cried when I got to hold you. You are the best gift in my life Riho.

Riho : (smiles)

Akiko : I promise you that no one shall ever make you cry. I promise you that(smiles)


It was a sunny morning on a Monday, Riho was staring at the sky and she was deep in her thoughts when her phone suddenly rang.

Haru : Are you awake ?

Riho : yes yes I am. Its still earlyyy

Haru : I’ll wait for you at the lobby alright?

Riho : Eh?

Haru : Don’t ask anything. Get ready for school Riho!

Riho was putting on her uniform when she saw the paper on her table. She took a glance at it and then she quickly resume getting ready for school. She had been staring at the paper for hours the previous night. Once she was done, she quickly took the paper and placed it inside her drawer.

Riho : First day of a married life isn’t it.

Riho quickly put on her uniform before finally heading to the kitchen to prepare her bento for the day. As she was busy putting rice on her lunch box, Aoi suddenly came out from his room.

Aoi and Riho looked at each other without saying anything. None of them had any idea on what to say or what to do with the fact that they are now legally man and wife.

Aoi : Ohayou..gozaimas

Riho : Ohayou..gozaimas..

Riho quickly get her bento done and she placed them in her school bag quickly. Aoi on the other hand went straight to the toilet and closed the door.

Aoi : First day of a married life isn’t it.


Haru : No ring!?

Riho : Haru!!

Both of them were at the rooftop having their lunch when Riho was telling about their marriage registration that took place on Sunday.

Haru : Heh heh hehhhhhhhhhhh. Why no ring?

Riho : Come on Haru, what do you expect. We are not even in love. We barely know each other.

Shohei : Shouldn’t you both go out for a date?

Riho And Haru : (nodding)

Haru : EHHH!??

Riho : Shohei!?

Shohei was  standing behind both of them while munching on his melon bread. Both Riho and Haru didn’t realize his presence as they were so into their chatting.

Riho : He knows?

Haru : He knows? Eh I mean what?

Shohei : Hmmm

Riho : SHohei-kun, you know about..

Shohei : I know, I overheard you both talking last week when you came over for dinner.

Haru : Eh!?

Shohei : Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.

Riho : (jaw-dropped)

Shohei : So, what is your plan? You cant be awkward with your husband forever right? I mean, marriage is long term. You cant be strangers when you have tied the knot.

Riho : …

Haru : Riho, I have an idea!

Riho : Eh?


Haru : is he home?

Riho : I don’t know.

Shohei swiftly took off his shoes and walked inside while Riho and Haru were still peeping from the door.

Shohei : Im coming inside.

Suddenly there was a sound from Aoi’s room. It seems that Aoi is home for the day.

Haru : He is home?

Riho : I think so.

While Riho and Haru were taking off their shoes, Aoi came out from his room. He saw Shohei first and then he turned to look at Riho and Haru.

Riho : (worried)

Haru : I am so so sorry for intruding. But actually we plan to cook together for dinner today since its our off day!

Aoi : eh?

Haru : Kaneko Haru-des. I am Riho’s friend. This Is my brother Shohei. Yoroshiku onegaishiamsu (bowing)

Aoi : Mayeda Aoi des. I am—

Aoi stopped halfway and turned to look at Riho.

Shohei : riho’s husband. Yes we know about it.

Aoi : I see. Nice to meet you (bowing)

Shohei : (bows)

Aoi : So, you guys are planning to cook dinner here?

Haru : Anddd, we plan to invite you (grinning)

Shohei : We are out of ingredients. Time to go to the mart.

All eyes turned to Shohei whom are already in the kitchen rummaging through the fridge He opened every drawer and cupboard and then he turned to all of them

Shohei : To the mart?

Shohei and Haru walk ahead of Riho And Aoi. They purposely do that so that both of them would have the chance to talk about each other more

Riho : I am sorry if we have disturbed you.

Aoi : eh? No no, I’d love to join all of you. I feel honoured.

Riho : Eh?

Aoi : Thank you for inviting me (smiles)

Riho : No problem.

Aoi : Kaneko-san said today is your off day? Are you both working somewhere?

Riho :Aaa yes, we are working at the dango shop near the train station.

Aoi : You both are so hard-working (laughing)

Riho : I was the one who got bored because they were nobody at home so I kind of forced Haru into my plan

Aoi : How long have you know Haru?

Riho : 2 years. We were in the same class during our sophomore year. We coincidently sat side by side, that’s how I got to know her.

Aoi : iii naa, high school days. You have the chance to create good memories with your loved ones.

Riho : That’s is true.

Aoi : How I miss my high school days.

Riho : What about you?

Aoi : Me?

Riho : How was your day..?

Aoi : well well, since I just moved here and got into my previous company, I still need to get used to the new environment but I have my friends there. It wasn’t that bad for a start. I will travel a lot starting next week. A lot of events and a lot of editings to do.

Riho : You edit videos too? (shocked)

Aoi : Part of my job. We take photos, sometimes video. We edit them to suit our client’s design and qualities. I have to ensure everything is top-notch.

Riho : It must be great, doing something you love (smiles)

Aoi : It can be tiring on some days but..

Riho : But I think that’s a good form of exhaustion.

Aoi : eh?

Riho : You get tired of doing something of your passion, that tiredness is a good form of tiredness isn’t it? You’ll be really satisfied once you got your work done.  That burning passion can make others feel happy too.

Aoi looked at Riho and he just smiled as he listens to Riho talking.

Haru  : Oiii~ walk faster! We need to get the ingredients for out hot pot tonight!


Riho was busy wiping the counter top of the kitchen as insisted that Haru and Shohei go home early. She was busy washing her hands when Aoi came and sat at the kitchen table.

Aoi : You have good friends.

Riho : eh?

Aoi : Haru and Shohei seems like good people to me (smiles)

Riho : Hmmm, Haru and Shohei are like my backbone. I have nobody else besides them. Shohei is one year younger but he always acts as the elder brother to both of us.

Aoi : (nodding in acknowledgment)

Riho : Haru can be a bit eccentric and extroverted but she is definitely very kind hearted girl. Same goes to Shohei, he is so cold at times but when it comes to Haru, he’ll be there.

Aoi :…

Riho : They are the type of people that put others ahead of them. It’s almost impossible to find that kind of people who will stay despite how hard the situation is.

Aoi just listened as Riho talks about Shohei and Haru. He seems to enjoy Riho talking to him and without realizing, he realized the feeling of being very close to someone.

Riho : eh! I am so so sorry I am being talkative again ( grins)

Aoi : its okay, its fun you know. To have someone talking to you about anything.

Riho took a box of Pocky and sat in front of Aoi.

Riho : Here, have some.

Aoi : Is Strawberry your favorite flavor.

Riho : How did you know?

Aoi : I found a pile of them in that cupboard that day. (laughing)

Riho : It is Haru’s fav at first, It has become my fav recently (laughing)

Aoi : You love reading don’t you?

Riho : Eh?

Aoi : (pointing at the bookshelf)

The bookshelf is filled with so many novels that it cannot contain any more books than the amount it has now.

Riho : When I moved in here last year, I got really bored easily when im done with my homework. So  I read, one book each day. It was lonely, but it was fulfilling. To read and to explore new things just by reading through other people’s words and feelings.

Aoi : … what is your ambition Riho?

Riho : hmmmm..

Aoi : Do you believe that when I was small, I dreamed of being a news anchor.

Riho :  A news anchor? (surprised)

Aoi : I know it sounds funny but I remember every time I saw the news on the tv, I’d jump around and tell everyone I want to be on the tv one day.(laughing)

Riho : (laughing)

Aoi : What about you?

Riho : hmmm.. I once dreamed of becoming a chef. Since I spent most of my time alone at home, I find myself browsing through many recipes and end up trying them myself. But I guess, it was just a dream. I don’t think I still have the passion to be a chef. I love to cook but to be a chef, maybe not.

Aoi : eh? Why not?

Riho : I don’t know. Perhaps I just need a little push. But I just don’t know. We’ll see if I might follow mother’s footstep

Aoi : Becoming a fashion designer you meant?

Riho : Looking at her sometimes made my heart flutters. I love she is so hardworking and being so passionate about her job.

Aoi :Mother loves drawing and designing doesn’t she. She’ll be commenting on every cloth she saw and start thinking how it will be better in different colors and stuff.

Riso : Deshou! She’ll be like “ Riho, do you know that this looks better with this kind of shoes and so on”(Laughing)

Aoi : mother is just being mother doesn’t she.

Riho : Aoi-san.

Aoi : Hai?

Riho : Why mother never mention about you to me before this?

Aoi : …

Riho :I never knew she has a son until she called me that day.

Aoi : Are you hurt that she kept it a secret?

Riho : I am not, its just that I cant stop thinking the reason she hid about you. Did she tell you about me?

Aoi : She did. She told me last year when I was still in Hakodate. I was shocked when she told me that. But I know she has her reasons for not telling us both about our existence.

Submitted: January 25, 2018

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