A Year of Memories

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It's been a long time that you know a person in your life then suddenly they will disappear, what will you do?

It's been almost a year

Building a one big happy family

Your smiles or even our laughter

Your jokes and your believers


For all the history of our life

Our theme song "Kapit-Kamay" or "holding together", let's do it! Fight!

MAke memories of our very own friend

The best among the rest of Asia


We, your classmates all together

We'll pray and miss you ever

Still, we are bounding to each other

Remember, you are still our brother


A year was done with the help of you

A year that we truly know you

We, your co-classmate loves you

No matter what, all those scenes are not a CHOREO.



Submitted: January 10, 2018

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