strength: a journey to loneliness

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Submitted: January 10, 2018

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Submitted: January 10, 2018




The quality or state of being strong

Being able to stay afloat when everyone else say you should sink

When the whispers around you ask why you keep holding on so long

Simply staying still when the world seem to be spinning  full speed  into a cyclone of chaos

When realistically you should have given up so long ago and you just keep hoping something or someone saves you.

When that fantasy person is the only thing that is keeping your head barely above the water

When you watch your life around you slowly and painfully crumble around you till your hope is the size of a seed

Watching the people who are supposed to be your saviors  become the bystanders watching the spectacle that is your life slowly spiral down into the depths of despair

When your body is aching after  hitting  the cold dark bottom of the dark hole you fell into so many years ago

When you drop that seed of hope finally letting it fall into the crack of the walls that seem to be trapping you in an endless depression

Holding on until the moment your last prayer reaches the heavens

Looking for any hint of a brighter day

Seeing a small window of light from the world above you

Millimeter by millimeter that tiny seed that is your hope is slowly cultivated by faith and love

And inch by inch it grows and looks more and more like you may have a way out.

Day after day month after month it grows and the taller it grows the more hopeful you become

You look up to the heavens that you sent that last prayer to so long ago and revel in the encouragement that indwells your heart

Slowly and surely you attach to your hope and rise out of the hole you lived in all those dark years

You build protections for your heart making impenetrable walls for the dark day when you get attacked again knowing this time you might not completely break.

The walls are up your are back with on the surface

Wondering why your heart feels so lonely surrounded by all these people

The walls are up and you are protected by at what cost


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