The Body's Blade

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Ambiguity full ,

I start to taper .

The level of will

thin like paper .

Infertility cornered this creation

of skeptical feelings

and uncertain persuasions.

Body's damaged

from emotional stress .

Longing for acception

is a heart unaddressed.

A hero teeming with blood

on my saddle.

Yet ,you couldn't sell your love

in fear that I'd haggle.

Dispute and bargain

like a waste of nothing .

For it was I

that wound up hurting .

Swimming in a pool of karma

fatality for an amara .

Get out alive

in this stage fright .

Why be afraid ,

when there's nothing to hide ?

The body is weak.

The body is brave.

Dull as a marble

and sharp as a blade.

Uncover you ,

I steal .

My heart is your's ,


Submitted: January 11, 2018

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