*Tournament of the Spirits: Universal Combat!!!!!!!* (chapters 9 and 10)

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Chapters 9 and 10 of the collaboration from the Tournament of Spirits house. By Aaron.Austin., Kathrina Csernis, rickybelmont, Reku and AnikanDarkness. Written by Kathrina Csernis.

Submitted: January 11, 2018

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Submitted: January 11, 2018



Chapter Nine – The Introductions


From the fourth wall, the Guardian watchers and the angels that had been sent to retrieve their fighters overlooked the colosseum, crowds of people gathered above to spectate. Sitting in the first throne was the rather regal-looking Watcher Kathrina, a look on her face that made the others think she was deep in thought. Her long, crimson hair floated gracefully in the light breeze as she examined the crowds with her emerald green eyes. In the second throne was the besuited Watcher Erick Smith, none other than Death himself. He, too, had a look of deep thought on his face, tapping his chin as he eyed each competitor carefully. His piercing black eyes stared carefully at each person, his short, neat black hair shuffling slightly in the breeze. The third throne was occupied by Watcher Ma’am Joan. Unlike the other Watchers, she had been unwillingly brought here, kidnapped by the Watcher Zexal after she discovered her students were missing – now, she could see that they were in fact delivered here, just like she was. Beside her, in the fourth throne, was the ‘spick and span’ Zexal, a smug smirk appearing on his face as he watched one of his competitors point and yell at one of Kathrina’s. Sitting in the last throne was Watcher Antonio, a tired look on his face. His short black hair was rather scruffy, like he had just gotten out of bed. His brown eyes were tired and foggy, staring at the floor, almost as if he was daydreaming.

Behind each Watcher were the angels who had been sent to retrieve their contestants. Each angel was a representation of what the creatures looked like from each respective universe. The first, hovering behind Kathrina, and from the universe of Warlock, appeared as a blindingly beautiful golden light, a glittery aura emanating from it. The breeze that was floating around the Watchers was also coming from the angel behind Kathrina, a quiet twinkling sound following it. Standing at Watcher Erick Smith’s side was the angel Eurie, his short black hair brushing gently in the first angel’s breeze, his black eyes deep and serious. His skin was a light brown, and he was dressed in angelic robes, white in color. Ma’am Joan’s angel was named Myriel, dressed in office clothes, her eyes red and her long hair a luscious golden. Ma’am Joan had no idea that it was Myriel who had brought her students here, she was too focused on examining each contestant to ask. Standing beside Watcher Zexal was the angel Kalila, her long pink hair flowing peacefully in the breeze, shaking her head in disapproval as she watched Zexal pull a joint from his pocket, lighting it, and proceeding to smoke it as he glared down at the contestants. Last, but not least, sitting on the floor cross-legged below Watcher Antonio, was the angel Daisey. She was humming quietly to herself, twiddling her thumbs together, her long platinum-gold hair floating gracefully in the breeze that was emanating from Kathrina’s angel.

Watcher Ma’am Joan leaned forward in her seat and stared over at Kathrina, ‘’Ka-chan, who is that arguing with Zexal-kun’s contestant?’’

Kathrina glanced over at Ma’am Joan, but then looked down at the ground below. She watched as one of her preferential contestants yelled some harshly spiteful words at one of Zexel’s rather stubborn-looking contestants who yelled back something just as malignant. She sighed and leaned forward, pointing down at her white-haired contestant as he yelled back at Zexal’s, ‘’that would be Elijah; calling him a jerk would be an understatement, but it’s the word that best describes him’’ she paused and looked over at Zexal as he exhaled in relief, tapping the ash from the end of his joint, ‘’Zexal, isn’t that brat Tyler?’’

Zexal smirked and leaned back, looking over at Kathrina, ‘’yeah, that’s Tyler Marrone – he’s overly enthusiastic’’ he laughed.

‘’Isn’t he overly dramatic as well?’’ Kathrina mumbled, leaning back in her seat.

Looking over at her, Zexal frowned slightly, ‘’yeah, I ‘spose – much like your Elijah, right Senpai?’’

Erick shook his head, ‘’I hope nobody gets seriously hurt’’ he mumbled quietly.

Both Kathrina and Zexal turned their heads and stared at him.

‘’Did Eurie not explain the rules to you?’’ Kathrina asked.

The angel Eurie leaned forward and laughed nervously, ‘’uh, I… forgot – apologies, Kathrina-Sensei’’

She looked up at Eurie and shook her head, ‘’no need to apologize’’ she smiled, but then looked over at Erick, ‘’the first rule is ‘no killing’, so nobody will be fatally wounded- ‘’

Zexal started laughing as he inhaled from his joint, ‘’nah, the rule is no killing, they can still beat the shit outta each other as long as they don’t kill each other’’

Ma’am Joan frowned, ‘’Ka-chan, aren’t your contestants too powerful for ours to fight?’’

Kathrina shook her head, ‘’no, not really. I took them from the past in my universe, when they weren’t as powerful. Not only that, but Zexal and I had a conversation, and we agreed upon a de-buffing. Upon entering the arena, some of my competitors were weakened, certain abilities of theirs being either weakened or banned’’

Nodding in agreement, Zexal relaxed back in his seat, ‘’we made everyone somewhat equal, so let’s chill and enjoy the show’’

Just then, Watcher Antonio leaned forward and eyed everyone, ‘’are we, like, gonna start this thing? Those muffinsacks look like they wanna tear each other’s heads off’’

‘’Patience is a virtue’’ Erick smiled pleasantly, ‘’we should let them get to know each other somewhat first, right?’’

‘’Ani-kun, who is that with the sword?’’ Ma’am Joan asked curiously.

Before Antonio could answer, Kalila jumped up excitedly and looked down at Zexal, ‘’maybe we should introduce every competitor, for our sake and theirs?’’ she suggested, juggling her staff from her left hand to her right over and over again.

Zexal pouted for a moment, thinking, but then nodded, ‘’aight, sounds good. Yo, Antonio, get your angel to introduce your chosen competitors to everyone’’

Antonio sighed, but looked down at Daisey and tapped her shoulder, ‘’hey, Daisey, you okay to introduce everyone?’’

Slightly nervous, she looked up at him and nodded.


Lugging himself from his seat, Zexal moved over to a microphone and tapped it, ‘’testing, ahem: YO, SHUT UP!!!’’ he yelled, his voice bellowing around the entire colosseum.

Almost instantly, the huge crowds of spectators fell silent, looking up at the golden, red and silver colored booth where the Watchers and their angels were sitting. Red and Black drapes hung from it, floating elegantly in the wind. They stared at Zexal as he finished his joint, dropping it to the floor below him and crushing it with his foot.

There were five other royal-looking booths lined around the colosseum, the characters from the respective universes that were not participating in the battle sitting in them. The first booth, which was purple and golden in color, contained those from the Warlock universe. Among them were Logan, Divina, Octavia and Joe, all of them looking down at their friends.

The second booth was black and red in color, containing those from Erick’s universe. Within the booth was Audrey, the Valkyrie version of Kathrina and Katejina. The three of them looked concerned, staring at all of the other contestants. However, Audrey looked rather excited. Sitting beside Kathrina, she clapped her hands, smiling uncontrollably as she looked up at Zexal.

The third was sky-blue and white in color. Sitting inside were those from Watcher Ma’am Joan’s universe, all of them looking rather nervous. Among them were a crowd of what looked like school students, all of them on the edges of their seats, staring down at the fighters below.

In the fourth booth were those from the universe of Generation. Jackie and Tara were staring down at their friends eagerly, looking forward to the fight.

Lastly, the fifth booth harbored those from Antonio’s universe. It was filled with many people dressed in hoodies and cargo pants, staring down at all of the competitors.

Upon hearing Zexal’s voice, the contestants below gradually fell silent, turning to face the booth above, waiting. They stood side-by-side, a fair distance away from the other groups to avoid any premature fights.


Slowly, angel Daisey approached the microphone, her fluffy wings flapping gracefully as she hovered through the air. As she reached it, she stared around at the thousands of silent spectators, then eyeing each booth before grabbing the microphone. Slowly, she looked down at the lined-up contestants, gasping slightly as she set her eyes upon those from Antonio’s universe.

‘’Um…’’ she squeaked nervously, ‘’hi… I… I’m angel Daisey’’

Quiet murmurs came from the crowd as Daisey looked around nervously.

‘’Daisey’’ Antonio called.

She gasped slightly and looked back at him.

He smiled, ‘’it’s okay, don’t be nervous’’

Staring at his encouraging face, Daisey perked up and turned back to face the crowds, ‘’I am angel Daisey, I am here to introduce the competitors from Watcher Antonio’s universe of The Omega Event’’ she called gracefully.

The crowds cheered upon hearing her call-out, clapping as Antonio’s group of competitors below looked around strangely.

Angel Daisey smiled, her left turquoise and right golden eye twinkling beautifully, ‘’first, we have the respective leader, Anikan Sestral, nickname: the wolf’’ she called, pointing to the very first person. He was dressed in a black stealth jacket as well as black cargo pants. There was a short sword sheathed at his left side, a golden scoped colt python holstered on his right. He also possessed a hatchet which looked rather old and worn. His hair was black, his eyes green, and his skin slightly pale. He looked rather stern, eyeing the other competitors closely. Daisey smiled brightly, ‘’he is nineteen years old, and both loyal and stubborn, a fearless leader!’’

The crowds roared in excitement and approval as Anikan nodded slowly.

Then, Daisey pointed to the guy beside him, ‘’also nineteen, next is Andrew Blythe, also called Fire Starter! He’s hot-headed, but both tough and clever, so watch your back!’’ she called, pointing to Andrew. He was tall and broad, wearing a black hoodie and ripped jeans. His hair was long, brown and messy, and he was rather thin, his skin quite light. He had a black dagger at his side, as well as a KSG and a silver deagle.

Once again, the crowd roared as Andrew held up his arms, grinning.

Sighing, Daisey pointed to the girl beside Andrew, ‘’next in line is Jaxi Blair, Pwincess! She is eighteen years old and extremely brave!’’ she called pointing to her. Jaxi was wearing a black hoodie too, as well as black tights. She had two swords sheathed at each side; there was a rose katana at her left side and a golden katana at her right side. There was also a rose pistol holstered at her right side. Her hair was long and blonde, her eyes blue and her skin pale.

Cheering, the crowd clapped viciously as Jaxi smiled.

‘’So, is she a Samurai, Antonio?’’ Kathrina asked, leaning forward.

Looking back at the Watchers, Daisey waited to continue.

Antonio shrugged and looked over at the other four curious Watchers, ‘’no, its just her weapon of choice’’

Kathrina smirked, ‘’that’s a shame, having another Samurai would have been interesting’’

‘’Ka-chan has Samurai’s?’’

Zexal looked over at Ma’am Joan, ‘’Kathrina-Senpai has many different competitors, including a Samurai Master’’ he smiled.

‘’Somebody that my son is rather eager to test his skills against’’ Erick added, slumping back in his seat.

As the Watchers fell silent again, Daisey faced the crowds and called, ‘’next is Maddison Allen, aka, Space! She’s a nineteen-year-old stubborn genius with frightening determination!’’ she smiled, pointing to the rather flustered looking Maddison. She was wearing a pink shirt and jeans beneath black riot gear, twin silenced pistols at each of her sides as well as a police baton on her left. She had brown eyes and her hair was short and blonde with a pink streak through it.

The crowds cheered for Maddison as she looked around, smiling nervously.

Clearing her throat, Daisey pointed to the next contestant, ‘’Axel Desnos is next! He’s just fifteen, but he’s just as smart and caring as any other! With the nickname Hope, he strives to protect his friends!’’ she explained, pointing to a small boy wearing a checkered red and white shirt, his eyes green and his shoulder-length hair a hazel brown. He was holding an M4-A1 in both of his hands, a military knife holstered at his side.

After Daisey’s introduction, the crowd cheered.

‘’Lydia Serrano, the Author as nicknamed by her friends!’’ Daisey called happily, pointing to a girl with short pink hair that covered her barely visible blue eyes, ‘’a nineteen-year-old stubborn but loveable Tsundere!’’ she laughed. Lydia was dressed in a black hoodie with a panda on it as well as black tights and a watch on her left wrist. She had a silver revolver in her right hand, a set of throwing knives attached around her belt, twin butterfly knives also attached to the belt.

The spectators cheered as Lydia grinned, nodding her head victoriously.

‘’And lastly, Ryan Maroony!’’ Daisey called, ‘’nicknamed Remington, the twenty-year-old hot-headed guy dons a prosthetic leg, so don’t let him get close, or you’ll get a nasty kick!’’ Daisey cheered, pointing to a tall guy wearing a white sleeveless hoodie and camo pants, his eyes brown and his hair short and brown, ‘’and that’s all from Antonio’s universe!’’

As Daisey walked back to Antonio and out of sight, the group of recently introduced competitors looked around at the cheering crowds above, grinning with excitement.


‘’Nicely done’’ Antonio smiled, patting Daisey’s head as she sat back down on the floor in front of him.

Zexal nodded in agreement, ‘’yeah, seems you got the crowd all fired up. I wonder, Kalila, did any of them place bets?’’

Kalila smiled brightly, ‘’no, Lord Zexal, should I announce that we will be taking bets?’’

Dragging his hand over his face in frustration, Zexal sighed and shook his head, ‘’nah, too late now, anyways, I guess you should go ‘n show off my fighters’’

Smiling brightly, Kalila made her way over to the microphone.

Watching her leave, Zexal leaned forward, ‘’yo, Senpai, what did you bring for the winners?’’

Kathrina leaned forward and looked at Zexal, ‘’that’s a secret’’ she smirked.

He nodded slowly, ‘’hey, you lot wanna place bets?’’

Erick frowned slightly as he looked over at Zexal, ‘’are you suggesting that we gamble?’’

‘’Well, duh’’ Zexal spat rather rudely.

Eurie shuffled forward, ‘’my bet’s on Kathrina-Sensei!’’

Erick looked up at Eurie and scowled slightly, ‘’you’re a little enthusiastic, aren’t you?’’ he smirked, ‘’I have all my faith in my students, and I wish us all good luck’’


Reaching the microphone, Kalila smiled gracefully, her pink hair floating in the light breeze, ‘’welcome, spectators and competitors alike! I am angel Kalila, here to introduce those from the world of Generation, their Watcher the mighty Lord Zexal!’’

As the competitors from Zexal’s world donned confused looks, the crowd cheered eagerly.

Kalila pointed to the first, a boy of black heritage, his eyes black and brown. He was dressed in all black, several swords on his back, ‘’welcome, Pharaoh Lyons, owner of the Excalibur blades and the leader of the Generation group! At fourteen years old, he’s a young but promising Abilitist!’’

The crowd cheered as Pharaoh sneered, folding his arms in front on him.

‘’Next, Tyler Marrone!’’ Kalila called, pointing to another boy, his skin white, ‘’he prefers to use his fists when fighting, but he sure packs a punch with his knives, his weapons of choice! He’s thirteen years old, and a bit of an immature hot-head, but hey, what does that matter?’’

Cheering as Tyler laughed and grinned, looking around with a smug look on his face, the crowd clapped.

Pointing at the next contestant, a smaller white girl, Kalila smiled, ‘’next is Sabrina Ann, the fourteen-year-old Abilitist with extraordinary handgun skills, which also so happens to be her weapon of choice!’’

Sabrina smiled as the crowd cheered for her.

‘’Nina Smith, the fourteen-year-old Zenski!’’ Kalila announced, pointing to another girl, ‘’she favors knives, grenades and smoke bombs, so watch out!’’

Again, the crowd cheered as Nina nervously looked around.

Clapping her hands against her staff, Kalila nodded, ‘’Alexis Sicario is next!’’ she announced, pointing to another small white girl, ‘’another Zenski, but this time, only thirteen years of age! Owner of the Gladius blade, this girl sure is a formidable foe, her killing instinct something formidable!’’

Alexis smiled and waved as the crowd cheered.

‘’Salada, the Legendary witch!’’ Kalila called more sternly, pointing to a strangely dressed woman that looked to be in her early thirties, towering over the other Generation contestants, ‘’leader of a rogue witch coven, this lady probably shouldn’t even be here, her evil nature most likely going to get her suspended… well, maybe – anyway, her weapon of choice are iron snake blades – ooh, scary!’’

Salada frowned irritably as the crowd laughed and cheered.

‘’Last but not least, Lindsey Valdivia!’’ Kalila called, pointing to the last girl standing with the Generation team, ‘’or you can call her Kitty McMittens. A fourteen-year-old rogue witch and another formidable opponent, her weapon of choice being knives, magic balls… ‘’ she paused and giggled for a moment, ‘’and a magical beam!’’

Once again, the crowd laughed and cheered as Kalila bowed, turning around and disappeared, standing back at Zexal’s side as he shook his head slowly.


‘’Nicely done… ‘’ Antonio grinned.

‘’Bah, whatever’’ Zexal mumbled, folding his arms, a stubborn look appearing on his face, ‘’why’d you have to make it weird?’’ he asked, looking up at Kalila.

‘’Would you have rather done it yourself?’’ she sneered.

Zexal rolled his eyes irritably and reached behind his throne, pulling a bag of popcorn to his lap. He placed it down and pulled it open, greedily chewing on it as Kalila donned a smug look.

‘’Um, Zexal-kun, do we get snacks?’’ Ma’am Joan asked nervously.

Just then, Kathrina smiled, ‘’oh yeah, you just reminded me… ‘’ she reached down behind her throne and dragged a huge box from behind it, placing it in front of her, ‘’I brought snacks’’ she smiled, pointing down at the box.

All of the other Watchers’ faces lit up as they stared down at the box.

‘’You’re always prepared, Senpai’’ Zexal grinned.

‘’Ka-chan!’’ Ma’am Joan exclaimed happily, ‘’you’re the best!’’

Opening the box, Kathrina smiled, ‘’who says any of this was for you guys?’’

They all frowned in disappointment.

As Kathrina opened the box, many different kinds of snacks and treats were revealed, everyone eyeing them eagerly. Kathrina smirked as she noticed their disappointed faces, ‘’ahm just kidding, help yourselves’’ she grinned.

On her word, everyone reached over like savage animals and started foraging through the box of food, grabbing and snatching impatiently.

‘’Ma’am Joan, you’re next’’ Kathrina called, unwrapping a small cake, ‘’time to introduce your students’’

However, Ma’am Joan was confused, she had no idea why she was here; her students had mysteriously disappeared, only to later appear here, in this strange arena where she had been taken to by Lord Zexal against her will. He had told her that she was what they called a Guardian Watcher, a being that lives outside the laws of the universe, ensuring stability within their appointed universe. She didn’t quite understand, but was far too nervous to ask.


Angel Myriel nodded gracefully and approached the microphone as the crowds’ cheering died down, looking expectantly up at her.

‘’Greetings, all. I am the angel Myriel. I shall introduce to you the contestants from Ma’am Joan’s universe, Sekaimotte!’’ she paused and pointed to the first from the Sekaimotte universe’s group, ‘’the first is Ren’’ she said, and as Ren waved nervously, the crowd cheered.

As Ren backed into the huddled group, Myriel nodded, ‘’the next is Aoi!’’ she called. Slowly, Aoi stepped out from the crowd and bowed respectively, smiling.

Again, the crowd cheered. Aoi backed away and the third student stepped out, ‘’this is Rin!’’ she stated as Rin smiled happily, waving.

Rin then stepped back into the small group, ‘’next is Karen!’’ she called as another girl stepped out, looking around rather nervously, overwhelmed by the huge crowds.

Then, as Karen rushed back behind her classmates, another walked out, ‘’this is Iza!’’ Myriel introduced as Iza waved proudly.

Iza backed away, and another boy stepped out, ‘’this is James! And behind him is Kai!’’ she called, pointing to two boys.

The crowd cheered loudly.

Myriel bowed gracefully, ‘’forgive my vagueness, but I believe that it is best that Ma’am Joan’s competitors are kept as secret as possible, after all, surprise is an effective way of attack’’ she called, waving.

‘’Don’t you want to at least say something about them?’’ Kathrina called, frowning at Myriel as she looked back at her over her shoulder.

The angel shook her head, ‘’no, I like to keep things… mysterious’’

All of the Watchers frowned.

‘’Well, it’s your choice’’ Zexal mumbled, chewing on a candy bar.

Myriel turned to face the crowd, bowed, and then returned to Ma’am Joan’s side.


Erick then smiled, ‘’well, I guess it’s my turn’’

As he went to stand up, Kathrina grabbed his arm, ‘’before you go’’ she said, staring sceptically at him, ‘’if my Kathrina’s dragon form is banned, is your Freya’s dragon form banned?’’

He smirked, ‘’you’ll see’’

But as he tried to walk forward again, she tugged on his arm, ‘’what about your Demons? I had to take a former version of my Demon contestant because his future state would make him kill everyone here – including the audience’’ she mumbled, a stroppy look on her face.

‘’My Demons are nothing like yours’’ he assured her.

Kathrina frowned, but let go of Ericks arm and he sat down, ‘’meh’’ she mumbled, slumping back in her seat as she tossed her empty cake wrapper onto the floor.

Ma’am Joan then leaned forward, ‘’Ka-chan, you seem upset’’

‘’Yeah, you do’’ Antonio called, also looking at her.

‘’’Sup Senpai?’’ Zexal asked.

Sighing, Kathrina looked at all of their concerned faces and shrugged, ‘’I just feel kind of out of place, like my contestants are unfairly matched against yours’’

‘’Kathrina-Sensei?’’ Eurie asked, frowning in concern.

She looked up at him and sighed again, shuffling back in her seat, ‘’I feel like I shouldn’t really be taking part, my contestants are… well…’’

‘’Overpowered, I believe is the word you are looking for, Miss’’ the glowing angel from behind Kathrina suddenly hummed.

‘’No!’’ she spat in a stroppy tone, looking back at the light, ‘’they’re just… different. Maybe I should remove one or two of them?’’ she suggested, looking at the other Watchers.

Zexal leaned forward and smirked, ‘’yo, we already had this convo Senpai, we applied filters, some of your contestant’s abilities are weakened and even banned to make it fair, remember?’’

Slowly, she looked over at Zexal, ‘’I guess so’’

‘’Cheer up, Ka-chan’’ Ma’am Joan smiled, ‘’we’re all glad you’re here!’’

She smiled and grabbed another cake from the snack box, ‘’I’m glad to be here too!’’

Erick looked up at Eurie, ‘’go, then’’


Then, Eurie smiled and walked over to the microphone. Instantly, as soon as they saw him, the students of 3-f, both competing and spectating, called his name, waving enthusiastically. Eurie smirked and waved back, ‘’hello! My name is Eurie, and I’m here to introduce the students of class 3-f, the contestants from Watcher Erick Smith’s universe, called My Teacher, Death! Let’s just call it MTD!’’

The crowd cheered as well, watching as Eurie pulled the microphone from the stand and paced from left to right.

He pointed to the first, ‘’Freya, the group’s beloved Valkyrie! An easily aggravated girl, yet strong and often composed! One of her abilities has been banned to make the tournament fair!’’ he called as Freya stepped out, waving happily, ‘’her weapons of choice are a sword and spear, so watch out!’’

The crowd cheered as Freya walked back into the crowd of her friends.

Eurie smiled and pointed to the next student that stepped out, ‘’Ben Stone, a low class, but highly formidable Demon! Don’t make him angry, or you’ll end up with a nasty set of injuries!’’

As Ben waved, a forced grin on his face, the crowd cheered.

Then, as Ben walked back to join his team, another student stepped out, ‘’this is Lydia Turf, a Nephalem!’’ he called as a rather nervous-looking girl waved at the cheering crowd, ‘’she certainly has some formidable healing abilities, a great asset to her team, and can summon any kind of fire-arm at will, so be cautious around this girl!’’

From Erick’s universes’ booth, a very enthusiastic black-haired girl was leaning over the side, waving and cheering crazily – ‘Audrey is so dramatic’ Eurie thought.

Taking his eyes off Audrey, Eurie looked down at the next student who stepped out from the crowd, ‘’Catherine and Keith, Angels!’’ he called as a male and female student stepped out from the crowd. Keith looked rather stubborn, like he didn’t want to be there, and Catherine looked curious, looking around at the waving crowds, ‘’Angels are mysterious yet dangerous, so be extra careful!’’ he warned.

As the pair moved back into the crowd of students, the spectators cheered loudly.

‘’This is Luke Shadows!’’ Eurie called as a boy with short black scruffy hair walked out from the crowd, his eyes a hazel color, ‘’he has a liking for punching people in the face, and will strike down anyone who tries to attack his classmates, so be careful who you decide to fight!’’

Luke waved, but quickly hid himself back with his classmates, unsettled by all of the spectators.

‘’And lastly’’ Eurie called, pointing to a boy who stepped out from the crowd, his hair half black and half white, one blue eye and one black, ‘’this is Richard Grim, half reaper, half angel. He’s by far this team’s most formidable, dangerous opponent, so be wary of him – he’ll prove quite a challenge!’’

Richard rolled his eyes irritably and walked back into the crowd of his classmates.

‘’So, there you have it!’’ Eurie called, ‘’one more introduction, and then the battle will begin!’’


The crowd cheered even louder, eager for the fight to begin. Eurie turned around and walked back to Erick, standing behind him.

‘’Ka-chan, it’s your turn’’ Ma’am Joan called, looking expectantly at Kathrina.

Kathrina gulped nervously, looking over at her.

‘’What’s up, Senpai?’’ Zexal asked, ‘’need me to hold your hand?’’ he grinned.

She frowned irritably, ‘’don’t be so gross’’

All of the Watchers laughed in amusement.

‘’Maybe if Kasumi here wasn’t so incompetent, I wouldn’t be so nervous’’ she mumbled, pointing up at the glowing golden light behind her.

The light hummed quietly, ‘’I apologize, Miss, but I am truly incompetent’’

‘’That’s what I just said’’ she mumbled, ‘’dumbass’’

Zexal leaned forward and smirked, ‘’offer’s still on the table, Senpai’’

Kathrina tutted irritably and heaved herself out of her throne, storming over to the microphone as her long crimson hair floated gracefully behind her.

Watcher Antonio snickered quietly and leaned over to Zexal, ‘’dude, she is waaaaay outta your league’’

Angered, Zexal scowled at Antonio, ‘’no!’’ he insisted, ‘’she just plays hard-to-get’’

‘’Are you talking about Ka-chan?’’ Ma’am Joan asked, looking at Zexal, ‘’Zexal-kun?’’

Sighing as he finished his popcorn, Zexal looked over at Ma’am Joan, ‘’hmph’’ he mumbled, ‘’anyway, you never told me why you never received my call’’

Ma’am Joan looked away nervously, ‘’I don’t know’’ she mumbled.


Approaching the microphone, Kathrina sighed and picked it up, staring out at the crowds nervously, unsure of how to start.

From Erick’s universe’s booth, Valkyrie-Kathrina gasped and stood up, staring at Watcher Kathrina as she grabbed the microphone. She looked just like she did, except her hair was red in color.

Watcher Kathrina breathed deeply and stared out at the crowds, ‘’kon’nichiwa, greetings, whatever. I’m Kathrina, Watcher of the Warlock Universe, otherwise known as the Realm of Alvenguard. My angel, Kasumi, is an incompetent baka, so I’m going to have to introduce my contestants myself’’

The crowd laughed and cheered, looking up at her.

‘’Alright, ‘’ she called, pointing to the first contestant from her universe. She was a small girl, and looked exactly like she did, but her hair was dark brown, her eyes a shimmering emerald, ‘’my first contestant is Kathrina Miariku Csernis; she is what is known as a Shadow Teshika, possessing a visual power that enhances her strength. She, like Freya of Eurie’s selected universe, possesses an ability that has been banned to make the competition fairer. She might not look dangerous, but she is formidable with her sword and power alike. Not only that, but she has a rather possessive Demon dedicated to protecting her, so, if you’re thinking of fighting her, be prepared to have both her and the next contestant I am about to introduce humiliating you’’ she called, a vacant look on her face.

Below, the Teshika Kathrina looked around nervously, clinging onto the arm of the man beside her.

‘’Next is Elijah Kutaki, a prodigy and a Master Samurai, also the Demon I just mentioned’’ she explained, pointing down to a rather tall man, his hair white and tousled, falling just past his ears. His eyes were a light green and had cat-like pupils, glowing slightly as he stared up at her, a confused look on his pale face. Kathrina sighed, ‘’he is half Spirit-Teshika, half Fire-Teshika, meaning he is a Demon, so I’d advise keeping your distance. However, distance won’t help when it comes to his visual power: nicknamed ‘The Illusionist’, he’ll have you questioning whether your very existence is real or not’’ she explained, ‘’oh, and if you so much as look at Miss Csernis, he’ll tear your eyes out’’ she smirked.

As Elijah looked around evilly at the other contestants, they frowned, unsettled. The crowd, however, cheered hysterically, clapping.

Sighing again, Kathrina crossed her arms, holding the microphone, ‘’next is Tsunami Tadotoka, a powerful Seer skilled with water magic. He lives up to his name, so be wary’’ she warned, pointing down to another tall man, his hair white with turquoise highlights, his eyes black and soulless. He scowled as he looked around, eyeing the crowds. Kathrina smirked, ‘’like most of my contestants, he has anger issues, so avoid making him mad, or he’ll become something formidable’’

The crowd cheered as Tsunami smirked.

‘’Beside him is his brother, Alpha Tadotoka. Much like him, he has a mean streak, but unlike him, he is a Demon – an Ares Demon. For reasons of fairness, his rapid healing abilities have been disabled, and he would usually gain almost unbreakable armor in his Demon form, but that has also been disabled’’ she explained, pointing to a man that looked much like Tsunami, but his hair was black, ‘’he prefers to use his claws and teeth, so make sure you get yourself checked for tetanus after this is over’’

The crowd laughed and cheered as Alpha folded his arms in front of him, unsure of how to feel about his introduction.

Smirking, Kathrina pointed to the next contestant from her universe: this man looked rather old, his hair grey and falling down his back. The left half of his face was covered in scars, as well as his left arm. His eyes were a shimmering purple, one of them with a slit cat-like pupil, the other pupil-less. His right arm was covered in strange black tattoos and he held a staff in his right hand. Kathrina frowned slightly as she looked down at his perplexed face, ‘’the next is Kedeko Opus, or as his companions like to call him, old-man Opus. Not much of a fighter, he may look like an easy target, but he is a formidable healer and works to defend his team. Once again, for fairness reasons, his self-healing abilities as a Warlock have been disabled. Warlocks possess telekinesis, so be wary of that’’ she called as Opus held up his hand, waving slightly.

Staring at Opus, the crowd cheered loudly.

Then, Kathrina pointed to the next contestant that she had chosen. He was also quite tall, his hair short, black, dark blue and brown in color. His eyes were a bright red and he had chains wrapped around his wrists and waist, ‘’this is Regis Dracarno’’ she called, pointing to him, ‘’another Teshika, but his race is not to be revealed. Again, his ability, like Kathrina’s and Freya’s, has been banned for reasons of fairness. He uses whip-like chains, so watch your backs. He’s rather sneaky too’’ she smirked as Regis waved nervously.

‘’Last, but not least, is Nightly Rukarin’’ Kathrina called, pointing to a tall girl who was pouncing around excitedly, waving at everyone. Her eyes were bright red, her hair two different shades of blue. Kathrina smiled at her enthusiastic contestant, ‘’she is a Vampire, and is able to use both her sword and fists to do considerable damage’’

Looking at the pouncing Nightly, the crowd cheered.

Kathrina then placed the microphone back into the stand and rejoined the other Watchers.


Chapter Ten – It Begins!


‘’Yo, someone’s gotta explain the rules’’ Zexal said, now devouring a bag of chips.

‘’I’ll do it!’’ Eurie called.

‘’Nah’’ Zexal disagreed, ‘’I’ll do it, this was my idea, after all’’

Ma’am Joan looked up at him as he stood up, ‘’Zexal-kun’’ she called quietly.

He looked back at her, ‘’yeah?’’

She looked away nervously, remaining silent.

Zexal shrugged and continued strolling towards the microphone. Reaching it, he removed it from the stand and glared down at all of the competitors. He opened his mouth to speak, but frowned and closed it again, looking back at the others, a rather irritated look on his face.


He nodded, and then looked ahead again, ‘’wassup, my… ‘’ he stopped again and looked back, ‘’yo, man, Kalila, the music!’’ he whispered, holding the microphone away from his face.

All of the other Watchers looked at each other strangely.

‘’Music?’’ Antonio asked, frowning.

Erick nodded as he looked at Zexal, ‘’what are you talking about?’’

Just then, Kalila nodded and pulled a small box from her pocket. She opened it, revealing a big red button, and then, giggling, she slammed her other hand down on it.

Immediately, colosseum music began playing, directed at Zexal’s appearance, almost as if he was some kind of royalty. The spectators fell silent, staring respectfully at Zexal.

‘’Wassup, wassup’’ he called, ‘’here I am, Lord Zexal, Watcher of the Generation universe, and the amazing creative mind behind this whole tournament’’ he boasted, a smirk on his face, ‘’now that we’ve all introduced our chosen competitors, I will state the rules!’’

The music suddenly ceased from ceremonial to serious, slowing as Zexal gained a serious face, ‘’ the first rule, of course, NO KILLING!!!’’

Most of the crowd booed, making the Watchers snicker.

Zexal cleared his throat loudly, silencing them, ‘’rule two: competitors will be eliminated by the five Watcher’s choice for different reasons. These reasons can be: if a competitor is knocked unconscious and remains that way for more than two minutes, they will be eliminated. If a competitor is subdued and incapacitated and cannot recover before two minutes, they will be eliminated. If a competitor is knocked out of the colosseum, or passes out of the boundaries, they will be eliminated. Area Of Effect moves are only to be used as often as every ten minutes; any competitor using an AOE attack any earlier than ten minutes after they have just used one will be eliminated’’

All of the competitors looked at one another strangely, most with hostile frowns, waiting for the match to begin.

Twisting his index finger in his ear irritably then flicking it, Zexal sighed, ‘’aight, rule three: the match will last an hour. Those left standing after the hour will move onto the next stage’’

The crowd clapped.

‘’Yeah, yeah’’ he mumbled, waving his hand, ‘’rule four: one can yield if he or she feels they cannot continue, and this will result in his or her elimination. If one says they yield, they are to instantly be released and will proceed to the area designated for those who have been eliminated’’ he called, pointing to a small door at the far right of the grounds.

All of the competitors looked over at the door and frowned, looking back up at him.

Zexal clapped his hands as he placed the microphone back into the stand, ‘’the winners will receive the items we Watchers have offered up. From myself, comes the egg from Universe 444! From Watcher Kathrina-Senpai comes a sword containing a crystal from each of her Realms, all embedded into a sword: A Void Crystal from the Realm of Alvenguard, an Atlantean Crystal from the Realm of Atlantis, a Time Stone from the Realm of Tengetso, a God Stone from the Realm of Letholdus, a Shadow Crystal from the Realm of Celitrianas, an Elemental Crystal from the Realm of Yilmana and a Sky Gem from the Realm of Glaciaqua, creating a weapon of great power! From Watcher Ma’am Joan comes the paper that will grant you one wish! From Watcher Erick Smith comes the key to the fifth wall, an item that allows the user to access powers and abilities from other universes! From Watcher Antonio comes the scroll of life, a scroll that will bring anyone back to life, no matter what! The winners will receive all of these items!’’

Again, the crowd cheered, clapping loudly.

Grinning, Zexal looked down at the competitors, ‘’when the gong strikes, the battle will commence! You have ten minutes to converse with your team mates!’’


Then, as the music ceased, Zexal turned around and walked back to the other Watchers, slumping down in his seat.

‘’You’re always so dramatic’’ Antonio sneered.

‘’Somebody’s gotta be’’ Zexal mumbled, pulling another joint from his pocket.

Kathrina leaned forward and looked at him, ‘’what does the egg from the universe 444 do exactly?’’

Looking over at her as he placed the joint in his mouth, he winked, ‘’that’s a secret, Kathrina-Senpai’’

She frowned, gaining a stubborn look as she slouched back in her seat.

‘’What does your sword do, Ka-chan?’’ Ma’am Joan asked curiously.

‘’Hmm?’’ she asked looking over at her, ‘’oh, well, it contains the rarest, most powerful gem from each of my Realms. Each gem holds a different power, and it can be used in any of the Realms too’’

‘’Oh, you must tell us, Kathrina-Sensei!’’ Eurie pleaded.

Looking up at him, she smirked, ‘’alright: The Void Crystal grants immortality, making the weapon indestructible. The Atlantean Crystal grants water magic, so the sword can manipulate water. The Time Stone can manipulate time to a certain extent; the sword wielder will be able to slow time for a short while. The God Stone grants summoning powers, so the wielder can summon familiars with the sword, such as Demons or Spirits. The Shadow Crystal grants Shadow abilities, meaning the wielder will be able to take on a mist form. The Elemental Crystal grants Elemental power, so the wielder can control air, water, earth and fire with the weapon. Lastly, the Sky Gem grants flight, so the wielder can manifest wings while using the sword. Pretty neat, huh?’’

All of them looked at her in awe.

‘’Wow… teach me your ways, Sensei… ‘’ Eurie called, his face bright and bewildered.

Slowly, Erick looked over at Zexal, leaning closer to Kathrina so that only she could hear him, ‘’if that egg does not hatch something, then by God, I’ll scramble that damn egg so that our fighters can eat something – or would they prefer it sunny side up?’’

Kathrina laughed quietly, but then calmed down and looked up at Eurie, ‘’maybe one day, Eurie. Anyway, we should let this thing start, I’m sure all of our contestants are growing as impatient as the spectators’’

‘’You’re right, Ka-chan!’’ Ma’am Joan agreed.

‘’You always know best, Senpai’’ Zexal grinned, lighting his joint.

Folding her arms, a smug look appearing on her face, Kathrina looked up at the star-filled sky, ‘’that I do’’


Below, in the colosseum, all of the selected fighters were standing in their groups, waiting.

The Generation group all stood separately and had done so since arriving, not bothering to converse at all. Tyler had been eyeing the Warlock universe’s Elijah since arriving, eager to fight him. Pharaoh was standing alone, staring down at the gravel-covered ground, occasionally mumbling ‘‘I could really use a joint right now’’. Sabrina and Nina stuck close to one another, looking around at the other teams nervously, unsure of what to expect from them. Salada laughed as she looked at each of the other contestants, confident that she could beat all of them. If only the fight would start soon…

The Omega Event group were huddled closely together, muttering to one another as they eyed the other contestants. After the brief introductions from their Watchers, they had a pretty good idea of what their foes were capable of. Now, the Demons sounded difficult for people of their stature to defeat, so they planned on leaving the more dangerous foes to the other teams. They would allow them to grind each other down, and that was when they would attack. This was Space’s idea, and they all trusted her to make it work. All they had to do was keep their distance from the more deadlier foes.

The group from Erick’s universe were also conversing. Richard being their strongest team member, they suggested that he worked with Freya to deal with the more powerful opponents while everyone else took on the other opponents, but they started arguing whether they should do it that way, or if all of them should stick together to take down as many opponents as possible. They needed to decide quickly as the fight was impending…

The Sekaimotte group were also conversing quietly, still keeping their abilities a secret. They were rather worried about the people with visual abilities, and the Demons. Most of the other people looked serious and dangerous, and it frightened them slightly. However, they trusted each other, and knew that if they stuck together, they would be alright!

The Warlock group were somewhat conversing. Tsunami was trying to come up with a plan, but no one seemed to be following very well. They fell silent for a moment, looking at each other, and then eyeing the other contestants. The battle was going to start soon, and it didn’t look like any of the other groups had a solid plan.

From the other booths, the spectators from the respective universes were on edge, knowing that the fight was about to begin. Had their friends managed to come up with a plan? How was this going to begin? How was it going to end?


Leaning over the edge of their booth, Katejina, the Valkyrie-Kathrina and Audrey stared down at their classmates, waiting eagerly.

Valkyrie-Kathrina frowned as she looked over at Audrey, ‘’why are there three of me?’’ she asked, a perplexed look on her face.

Audrey gradually stopped cheering and looked over at Valkyrie-Kathrina, ‘’I don’t know! Maybe we should ask Erick!’’

Valkyrie-Kathrina shook her head slowly, ‘’this is so confusing…’’

‘’I just hope our group come up with a plan… ‘’ Katejina said slowly, ‘’we all know how much Luke can overreact’’

‘’I just hope Richard doesn’t hurt himself like what happened back when we fought Lucifer’’ Valkyrie-Kathrina said quietly, looking down at the groups.

Audrey then smiled, ‘’I wonder if that other Kathrina is as cool as you!’’

Looking over at Audrey, Valkyrie-Kathrina smiled.


From the other booth, the Warlock universe’s spectators looked just as eager.

Divina, gripping her staff, sighed quietly, ‘’I don’t like this’’

Octavia twitched her cat ears and frowned, ‘’me neither – what if someone gets hurt?’’

‘’Of course they’re going to get hurt’’ Logan laughed, ‘’it’s a battle royale!’’

‘’Yeah!’’ Joe called, jumping in excitement.

Looking at the enthusiastic brothers, Octavia shook her head, ‘’I don’t like the look of that Richard guy, or that Anikan. Pharaoh and Tyler look like trouble too, and Aoi… ooooh why did we have to come here?’’ she complained, looking around nervously.

‘’That Tyler guy is eyeing Elijah pretty sternly, I can’t wait to see him get his ass handed to him’’ Logan smirked.

‘’A lot of them are eyeing Elijah and Pharaoh’’ Joe confirmed, ‘’I wanna see them two go at it’’

‘’And Kathrina seems to be eyeing that Jaxi girl’’ Logan said slowly, tapping his chin, ‘’I wonder who will win’’


Meanwhile, the Warlock group were preparing – finally.

Elijah stopped eyeing the other contestants and looked at everyone, ‘’I have a plan’’ he said sternly.

‘’Oh, about damn time!’’ Tsunami spat.

‘’Shut up and listen!’’ Elijah snapped, pointing harshly at him.

Everyone fell silent, looking at him expectantly.

‘’Using my Jikato, I managed to get a rough idea of what these other people are planning. As much as I want to abandon this ridiculous place, I am rather interested in the rewards they mentioned, so I decided to come up with this plan to ensure our victory’’ Elijah explained quietly.

‘’Alright, what did you come up with?’’ Regis asked, his eagle cawing loudly.

‘’The boy, Richard: he is a formidable opponent, but I believe that you will be a fair match for him’’ Elijah said, pointing to Tsunami, ‘’so, make it your priority to deal with him. Your brother may need to come to your assistance, so Alpha, keep an eye on Tsunami while you fight who I have selected for you’’

Alpha folded his arms in front of him and frowned, ‘’yeah, and who have I gotta fuck up?’’

Slowly, Elijah glanced back at Catherine and Keith from Erick’s universe, ‘’the angels; you are an Ares Demon, so you should be able to counter their attacks. Nightly, stick with Alpha. If he leaves to assist Tsunami, run to assist Regis’’

They all nodded slowly, listening to his plan.

 Regis frowned, ‘’who am I to fight?’’

‘’You see that group there?’’ Elijah asked, pointing to the Sekaimotte group, ‘’I want you and the old man to focus on them’’

He nodded and looked back at Opus who also nodded.

‘’What about us?’’ Kathrina asked, looking up at Elijah.

He looked down at her and smiled, ‘’the Generation group’’ he smirked, ‘’we will deal with them. That Tyler brat has been eyeing me since we arrived, so I want to wipe the smug look off his face’’

‘’What about the Pharaoh kid?’’ Kathrina asked, ‘’he’s been looking at you as well’’

‘’I’ll take them both is I have too’’ he frowned, glancing back at the Generation group, ‘’I have Lutakarinku at my side, as well as you and my Psyche-Jikato. I have seen all of these people’s magic levels, and none are enough to beat either of us alone. If a few of them were to team up, then they would surely prove a challenge, but I am confident that we will succeed’’

‘’What’s a reaper?’’ Nightly asked, ‘’he said that one kid with the half white hair was half reaper’’

Glancing back at Richard Grim, Elijah frowned, ‘’I believe he means a bringer of death’’

‘’Like… the actual Death?’’ Tsunami frowned.

Elijah nodded, ‘’I believe so. Now, do we all know what we are doing?’’

They all nodded, looking sternly at him.

‘’Right’’ he said, looking back at the other groups, ‘’yield if you must’’ he started, ‘’but if you need assistance, simply call for it and one of us will respond. I will communicate with you all through my Psyche-Jikato during the battle, so we will have constant communication no matter how far apart we are. I will coordinate everyone and everything through telepathy. Understand?’’

Once again, they all nodded.

‘’That group there’’ Elijah said, pointing to the Omega Event group, ‘’they are planning to keep their distance until everyone else is weak, and that is when they plan to attack. They are not as dangerous as the others, however, I have never seen some of those weapons before, so be cautious’’

Just then, Opus stepped forward, ‘’they are firearms, yes? Guns, they call them. They are long range weapons that shoot rather deadly projectiles called bullets. I believe that they may actually be just as dangerous as those of us that wield magic, yes?’’

‘’Guns?’’ Kathrina frowned, ‘’what the heck?’’

‘’You must be on guard, and constantly move unless you want to be shot’’ Opus explained.

Elijah nodded, ‘’well, now we know what to expect from them. Keep moving’’ he confirmed.

Tsunami frowned, ‘’’what about Area Of Effect moves? I could create a flurry of ice-rain, that’ll help’’

Looking over at him, Elijah nodded, ‘’use it only when absolutely necessary as we can only use such moves every ten minutes. I will keep a mental count for everyone’’

‘’Aren’t you over-burdening yourself, Elijah?’’ Kathrina asked, concerned.

Looking down at her worried face, he smiled, ‘’no, mai rabu, with my Jikato, I can remember everything’’

‘’I hope so’’ she mumbled, ‘’well, I guess we’re ready’’

‘’That we are’’ Tsunami confirmed.

All of the Warlock group ready, they stood waiting, side-by-side, awaiting the sounds of the gong.


The ten minutes seemed to drag on forever, all of the groups waiting, staring intensely at the huge gong which hung below the Watchers’ booth. The sky above was lit with thousands of stars, the crowds chattering loudly, desperately awaiting the sound that would begin the battle.

To everyone’s relief, it was just about to start…


Zexal leaped towards the microphone – ‘’LET IT BEGIN!!!’’


Immediately, all of the groups sprang into action!

The Warlock group separated into small teams, rushing to the edges of the stadium, setting their eyes upon their designated targets.

The Generation group also separated, scurrying off in complete disorder, clearly having not discussed a plan at all.

The Sekaimotte group stayed huddled together, falling into defensive stances, waiting for any foes that decided to attack.

The Omega Event group backed off, remaining close to one another, pulling their weapons to their hands and aiming down-sights, prepared.

The MTD group sprung into action as well, rushing towards selected targets. They stayed quite close together, going with the plan to work together.

However, they weren’t going to be able to stay together for very long…


With Kathrina running on his right side, Elijah pulled Lutakarinku from his sheath, noticing that the targets he had selected for Alpha and Tsunami were sticking too closely to their teammates. He frowned, twisting the blade around in sequence, and as flames erupted from within, a huge fire-covered dragon exploded from the blade, roaring ferociously as it sped over to the MTD group, fire spewing everywhere.

’That’s my AOE used’’ Elijah told everyone in the Warlock group through his Psyche-Jikato’s telepathy.

’Alright, my brother and I won’t waste this chance!’’ Tsunami replied to Elijah mentally.

Still running, Elijah watched as the summoned fire dragon, Lutakarinku, raced over to the MTD group, making them all panic. Seeing the incoming mass of fire, the group separated. Catherine and Keith remained together, while Richard raced off with Lydia. Luke escaped from the fire with Freya, watching as Ben was consumed by the fire, too slow to escape. However, after the fire dispersed and covered the ground, Ben arose, running out of the fire unscathed.

‘’Demon’’ Elijah mumbled, ‘’old man, do you have any holy objects on you? That particular universe’s Demons are affected by such things’’ he asked Opus through his telepathy.

Opus was racing towards the prepared Sekaimotte group with Regis, and replied mentally to Elijah: ‘’I am carrying a single blessed cross. What do you want me to do?’’

’Keep it handy, you may have to deal with the Demon’’

‘’Affirmative’’ Opus replied, getting closer to the Sekaimotte group.

Elijah sheathed his sword, looking down at Kathrina as they continued racing ahead-

‘’HA-CHA!!!’’ came an enthusiastic voice.

Reacting immediately, Elijah grabbed Kathrina and backed off, skidding to a halt as the crazy-looking Tyler pounced out of nowhere, holding his leg out in an attempt to kick Elijah, but he had reacted quickly enough to dodge the attack.

Tyler landed on the ground and skidded to a halt, a few meters away from the defensive Elijah, Kathrina at his right side, clinging onto his arm.

‘’Face me!’’ Tyler demanded, holding out his fists, ready to fight, ‘’alone!’’

Scowling, Elijah glanced around, taking a mental note of where everyone else was. The three of them were quite far away from everyone else, so no one would come and interfere. He smirked, ‘’are you sure about that?’’

Looking up at Elijah’s evil face, Tyler frowned angrily, ‘’bring it, scum bag! I’d beat your granny ass easy!’’

‘’Granny?’’ Elijah frowned, confused.

‘’He called you old’’ Kathrina translated, looking up at Elijah.

Offended, Elijah scowled back down at the kid, ‘’nani?!’’ he exclaimed, ‘’I’m not old at all!’’

‘’Fight me!’’ Tyler growled again, pouncing up and down, his fists ready, ‘’c’mon!’’

‘’Fucking little shit’’ Elijah growled, glaring down at him.


Meanwhile, Tsunami was closing in on Richard and Lydia who were racing towards two of the Generation kids, Nina and Sabrina. The two girls were standing ready, slightly intimidated by their incoming challengers.

’Assholes, picking on two helpless girls’’ Tsunami thought as he raced towards Richard and Lydia, catching up to them, gripping the hilt of his sword.

Getting closer and closer, he prepared himself, ready to collide with the MTD pair – just a meter from them, Tsunami wielded his sword and leaped into the air, aiming for Richard’s shoulder-


Before Tsunami could try to react, Richard spun around, wielding a double-ended scythe, an angered look on his face as Tsunami’s glowing blue sword collided with his scythe.

‘’Go, Lydia!’’ Richard commanded as he pushed harshly forward, sending Tsunami skidding along the ground.

Lydia nodded, continuing to run towards the two Generation girls.

Swinging his scythe around warningly, Richard stood ready, glaring at Tsunami as he straightened himself, holding his sword defensively.

‘’You look like a formidable opponent’’ Richard smirked, ‘’let’s fight!’’

‘’Gladly!’’ Tsunami replied, gritting his teeth angrily.


The Sekaimotte group watched as Opus and Regis approached from the south, Ben from the MTD group approaching from the west, Alexis from the Generation group incoming from the north. Aoi, Ren and Rin eyed the three groups closely, waiting. They were ready and would attack and defend as a group. That way, they would be stronger than the incoming foes who had decided to separate from their teams, making themselves more vulnerable.

Rin looked back at Karen, ‘’we will fight the incoming Demon!’’

‘’Okay!’’ she replied.

Aoi looked back at James, ‘’we will fight the Generation witch!’’

‘’Yes!’’ he replied.

‘’The rest of us will deal with the Warlock guys!’’ Ren instructed, looking back at the others.

‘’Yes!’’ Iza replied.

‘’Of course!’’ Kai agreed.

‘’Be ready!’’ Rin instructed, watching at their selected opponents got closer.


Approaching the Sekaimotte group, Opus noticed that the Demon Ben was also heading for the same group, and had an idea – ‘’Elijah, I will attempt to incapacitate the Demon’’ he called mentally, awaiting Elijah’s reply.

But there was no immediate reply. The old man frowned, assuming that Elijah was preoccupied, and so he continued his approach, gripping his staff in his right hand.

‘’Opus, how are we going to go about this?’’ Regis called.

Suddenly – ‘’do it, getting rid of him now should be your main concern’’ came Elijah’s voice.

Waving his hand over the right side of his waist, Opus suddenly vanished! Regis was left alone, his eagle flapping its wings vigorously as it followed him.

’Where’s the old man?!’’ Regis growled mentally.

’He will take out the Demon’’ Elijah replied telepathically, ‘’distract the Sekaimotte group while he attempts to do so’’

‘’Right’’ Regis agreed, still sprinting towards them.


Off on the far-left side of the colosseum, Catherine and Keith were already fighting Pharaoh, both of them constantly switching places to attack as he effortlessly blocked each of their attacks with his Excalibur blades, an excited look on his face. As he blocked Keith’s sword, he grunted, shoving him back as Catherine came in to attack with a sword, but he blocked her too, grinning.

‘’Angels?’’ he questioned, ‘’weak!’’

Sensing an incoming danger, both Keith and Catherine quickly backed off before they could retaliate-


‘’Fuck!’’ Pharaoh yelled, grunting as he struggled to hold his sword defensively in front of himself, a furious-looking Demon gripping the blade with his claws.

‘’Fuck indeed, kid’’ Alpha grinned, holding onto the blade of Pharaoh’s sword as he struggled.

Staring into Alpha’s black, soulless eyes, Pharaoh frowned. This guy had sprouted four black horns and a pair of dragon-like wings, an evil grin on his face as his blood trickled down the blade. He quickly turned his attention to Keith and Catherine, watching as the Warlock universe’s Vampire, Nightly, battled them both, clearly struggling as their blades collided with hers.

Pharaoh grinned, ‘’not gonna help your girlfriend?’’

Alpha smirked, ‘’the only girl I need to deal with right now is you’’

Offended, Pharaoh frowned angrily and yanked his sword free from Alpha’s grip, ‘’bring it, asshole!’’

Clapping his hands together, Alpha bared his sharp talons, ready to tear through this kid’s flesh.


At the very back of the colosseum, the Omega Event group were crouched down, watching everyone closely, waiting for the right moment to attack.

Anikan leaned over to Andrew who was holding his Deagle closely, ‘’you see that guy over there?’’ he asked, pointing to the area where Elijah and Kathrina of the Warlock universe were standing with Tyler of the Generation universe.

Andrew looked over at them and nodded, ‘’yeah, what about them?’’

‘’That one’’ Anikan said, pointing, ‘’you think you can hit him?’’

Glancing back at Anikan, Andrew smirked, ‘’heck yeah I can’’

‘’Then get ready, if we pick him off while he’s distracted, we won’t have to deal with him later’’

Jaxi then grabbed Anikan’s arm, ‘’is that really a good idea? What happens if he misses? That guy will be on us like a horde of Zions!’’

‘’He won’t miss, will you, Andrew?’’

Smirking, Andrew nodded, ‘’I won’t miss’’


Back over at the edge of the arena, Elijah and Tyler eyed each other evilly.

‘’Fight me!’’ Tyler growled again.

Elijah looked down at Kathrina, ‘’go and assist Tsunami, I will fight this moron, and once I’m done, I’ll come to you’’ he instructed.

Without any hesitation, Kathrina raced off, heading over to where Tsunami and Richard were fighting.

‘’Yeah, get rid of your weak girlfriend!’’ Tyler grinned, ‘’fight m-‘’


Tyler yelled hysterically as he flew through the air, crashing back down onto the ground and grunting painfully, taking a few moments to recollect what had just happened.

Scowling angrily, Elijah stood straight, having just raced over to him in the blink of an eye and crane-kicked the arrogant kid through the air, shutting him up.

Grunting, Tyler pounced up to his feet and glared over at Elijah, ‘’I wasn’t ready!’’

‘’The fight began when the gong tolled, you shit’’ Elijah growled.

‘’Yeah? Well, bring it!’’

Without any further hindrance, Elijah of the Warlock universe and Tyler of the Generation universe initiated a one-on-one, glaring evilly at one another as they raced forward-

Yelling, Tyler threw his fist forward – SMACK!!! – Elijah blocked with the palm of his left hand, bringing his right hand forward, his index and middle fingers pointed outwards – reacting quickly, Tyler dodged to the left, escaping the attack by mere inches.

Determined, Tyler spun around, holding out his right fist to attack again – SMACK!!! – again, Elijah blocked with his left palm – Growling, Tyler swung his left fist towards Elijah’s face – reacting quickly, Elijah grabbed Tyler’s left wrist with his right hand, growled angrily and lifted him up into the air, smashing him down onto the ground.

As his back hit the ground, Tyler coughed painfully, pain surging through his entire body. But he wasn’t done yet! Scrambling to his feet, he twisted around to face Elijah again and threw his right fist forward. However, again, Elijah effortlessly blocked, stepping to his right this time. Stumbling, Tyler threw his fist forward again, but like before, Elijah dodged, an almost bored look on his face.

Elijah didn’t want to go all-out on this guy, he was just a kid, after all. Most of these competitors were kids, and he didn’t feel right throwing even a single punch. But this wasn’t going to end until four of the teams had been completely defeated. So, he was going to have to end this little brawl quickly so that he could get back to Kathrina. The best thing to do would be to use Jiujutsu, knocking the kid out before he even realized what had happened.

Slightly hesitant, Elijah prepared for Tyler’s next flurry of punches – however, Tyler suddenly pulled two blades from his belt, holding one in each hand –

‘’Yeah! What now?!’’ he mocked, rushing towards Elijah.

Quickly, Elijah reached behind him and pulled his wakizashi from the back of his belt – CLING!!!

Both of Tyler’s blades collided with Elijah’s wakizashi, both of them grunting angrily – but Tyler had wanted exactly this to happen – grinning, he pulled his two blades back at lightning speed, instantly swiping them forward –


At lightning speed, Elijah blocked every attack with his single blade, sparks flying off their blades as they collided.

Furious, Tyler yelled angrily – ‘’fight me!’’ he demanded, tired of all Elijah’s blocking moves.

It didn’t take long for Elijah to comply – frowning, he sheathed his wakizashi and grabbed both of Tyler’s wrists, squeezing them harshly - CRACK!!! - Tyler yelled in agony, dropping his blades as Elijah let go of his wrists, watching him as he dropped to his knees.

‘’You- ‘’


Reacting quickly, Elijah grabbed Tyler in his left arm, turned around and pulled his sword from its scabbard, swiping it through the air aggressively-


A bullet fired by one of the Omega Event group members split in two as Elijah sliced his unbreakable blade through the air, keeping it from hitting himself and Tyler who was bawling, both his wrists broken. The split bullet exploded into the walls behind them, stone and dust flying everywhere.

‘’Get off me!’’ Tyler demanded, trying to escape from Elijah who was glaring at the Omega Event group who were at the other end of the arena.

Looking down at the struggling Tyler, Elijah sighed irritably, but instead of letting him go, he pulled him into a headlock, tightly holding his left arm around his neck, holding it firmly in place with his right, growling quietly as Tyler grunted, trying to escape.

Tyler struggled, choking, and eventually, he passed out, falling limp. Elijah grunted angrily, throwing the kids unconscious body to the ground. Then, he turned his attention to the group that had fired at him; it looked like they had realized their mistake, clearly preparing for him to run at them, but he had no intention of doing so. Instead, he turned his attention to the other battles happening off in the distance…


From above, Zexal called with great pain: ''Tyler, from the universe of Generation, has been eliminated by Elijah from the universe of Warlock!''

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