Biography Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco

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Biography Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco

Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco

Birth: Mar. 4, 1904 Santona Provincia de Cantabria Cantabria, Spain

Death: Dec. 20, 1973 Salamanca Provincia de Madrid Madrid, Spain

Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco, First Duke of Carrero Blanco.

Spanish patriot, anti-Communist, devout Catholic, President of the Spanish government (Prime Minister), 38th Capitán General de la Real Armada, designated successor to Francisco Franco Bahamonde (1892-1975), residence Calle de los Hermanos Bécquer, 6, 28006, Madrid.  Victim of assassination by ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna).

Born 4 March 1904 in Santoña, Cantabria, Spain. Assassinated 20 December 1973 9:28am by a subterranean explosion on Calle de Claudio Coello behind the Iglesia de San Francisco de Borja (church: Calle de Serrano, 104, 28006 Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain; monastery: Calle de Maldonado, 1, 28006 Madrid, Communidad de Madrid, Spain).

Plan A was to kidnap the Admiral, then Vice President, and trade him for ETA prisoners. But on 8 June 1973 Carrero was named President and his security detail was increased, forcing a strategic change.

ETA members spent months planning Operación Ogro (Operation Ogre) and preparing the assassination. They rented an unnumbered basement apartment at Calle de Claudio Coello, 104, 28006 Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain, along the street that the prime minister used after attending Mass. For five months, they dug a tunnel from the apartment towards the street, until they reached the middle of the street. They told the landlord that they were "student sculptors". Below the street, they packed the tunnel with approx. 50kg of explosives.

Just as the Prime Minister’s car was moving down the street, ETA members detonated the explosives. The Prime Minister’s car was so strongly hit by the explosion that it was sent flying up about 20 meters into the air, flew over the roof of the Borja Church and landed in the inner courtyard. It is almost unbelievable that the prime minister actually survived the blast, and was able to receive Extreme Unction from Father Jiménez Berzal SJ, though he was declared DoA at the Ciudad Sanitaria “Francisco Franco” (now the Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón, Calle del Dr. Esquerdo, 46, 28007 Madrid, Spain).

Dirección General de Seguridad (DGS) bodyguard Inspector Juan Antonio Bueno Fernández (1921-1973) was likewise DoA. His driver Luis Pérez Mogena (1940-1973) was taken to the same Hospital, but died shortly after admittance.

The ETA squad consisted of:

José Ignacio Abaitúa Gómez aka José Ignacio Abaitua Gomeza alias "Markin" or "Marquín" (1950-), built the tunnel.

Pedro Ignacio Pérez Beotegui alias "Wilson" (1948-), planner. Abetted by Mari Paz Ballesteros, a movie actress.

José María Larreategui Cuadra alias "Atxulo" (1946-), rented the basement apartment.

José Miguel Beñarán Ordeñana alias "Argala" (1949-), made the detonator. Abetted by Genoveva Forest Tarrat aka Genoveva Forest aka Eva Forest alias "La Rubia" and “Vitia” and “Tupamara” (1928-2007). Forest was married 1955-2007 to the Communist writer Alfonso Sastre Salvado (1926-).

José Antonio Urriticoechea Bengoechea aka Josu Urrutikoetxea alias "Josu Temera" and "Josu Calf" (1950-), laborer and surveillant.

Juan Bautista Eizaguirre Santiesteban alias "Zigor" (1945-), laborer and surveillant.

Wife: Duquesa María del Carmen Pichot y Villa aka Carmen Pichot Villa (1909–1984). Married 1934.


Luis Carrero Pichot aka Luis Carrero-Blanco Pichot, 2o Duque de Carrero Blanco (1930-),

Guillermo Carrero Pichot aka Guillermo Carrero-Blanco Pichot,

José Enrique Carrero Pichot aka José Enrique Carrero-Blanco Pichot aka José Enrique Carrero-Blanco Martínez,

María de los Ángeles Carrero Pichot aka María de los Ángeles Carrero-Blanco Picho aka Angelines Carrero Pichot,

María del Carmen Carrero Pichot aka María del Carmen Carrero-Blanco Pichot.

The Admiral's office: Paseo de la Castellana, 3, 28071 Madrid, Spain.

Both the Admiral and his wife are buried in the Cementerio de El Pardo aka Cementerio del Pardo, Carretera Mingorrubio, s/n, 28048, Madrid, Spain or Carretera El Pardo a Colmenar Viejo, 13, 28048, Madrid, Spain.

The driver and bodyguard are buried in Cementerio de Nuestra Señora de La Almudena.


Submitted: January 11, 2018

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