the thought part 2

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Submitted: January 11, 2018

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Submitted: January 11, 2018



Rose new that once she was inside there was no going back to her parents she new that if she did they would hate her even more than they already did. After the tour of the house...

Wow princess that was great i mean wow you really do have a nice house even though weve been in 22 rooms, so wich one is mine by the way i forgot to ask and when do we get to see the magic room. " Well first off our room is down that hall wall second door on the right and second off we will go to the magic room once we are done settleing you in to your new room" the word new room made Roses stomach ach she still misses her family and is wondering if she should head back but it would be risky because under all the aching in her stomach she knows that the longer she keeps up with staying with Princess the more she is going to feel guilty about leaving her parents.

"Come on" said Princess lets go to the magic room i am dying to show you whats inside that makes it so magical". Rose never knew she had such a fairy princess of a friend until now even though her name is princess. Ok im coming wait up, So a bunch o fbooks is what you wanted to show me. No  says princess this is what i wanted to show you, she grabs a book and she sets it on the ground and jumps inside the book. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT R-R-R-REAL MAGIC I THOUGHT IT DIDNT EXIST well says Princess it does and now we are both part of the world of magic and remember when i told you i couldnt tell you my  parents job because it was a seceret..

Yeah says Rose, well this is why my parents are the king and queen of Zardania, Well says Rose that explains alot why you have a big house and 22 rooms your an actual princess for gods sake my mind id spinning i have to sit a minute to understand eactly what is going on. So your a princess named princess right? Well says princess my actual name is summer but in the real world your world its princess because some people in your world know about this place and want to destroy it so i have to keep my real name a seceret. OK OK OK so my best freinds name is actual summer she s a princess in a magical realm and she cant say her real name because want to destaoy this place but why?

Because the rule is whoever destroys a realm they take control over that realm and everybody in it. So thats why you have to keep it a seceret ok now i  get it so i have to hold a sceret but not really because i live here. Exactly and for now on while your here Rose they while be calling you princess Rose of Zardania everybody thinks that your my long lost twin sister that i lost a long time ago but we arent for sure if she is alive so you will have to keep that a seceret to and you will have a butler to help you with anything you need and a royal designer to desighn your clothes for you everyday. IM GOING TO FLIP A TOP  so i get to live in a place with you and be called princess Rose as i live here and have a butler and royal desighner IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

Calm down you have to be quiet nobody knows that we found you yet they havent anouced that you arrived yet so be quet till we get there.

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