Mistakenly Beautiful

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Submitted: January 11, 2018

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Submitted: January 11, 2018



Two hearts eloping.

Throughout our physical crisis .

Later, maybe sleep again .

Allow the glares I'm giving

to cross the boundaries

of your eyes.

Being bashful is the only logical reason

for you to hide your beauty in disguise.

Mistakenly beautiful

is this life , a miracle .

A little rough around the edges

and a miniscule of scars .

Thankful that the damage

didn't break into my heart ,

and steal the love that I was storing for you.

Mistakenly beautiful

is this mess , a smile.

Seeing the glass half full

to ease the worries

that are dedicated to killing me.

So later ,

let's do us both a favor.

Sleep again with our arms locked tight

around each other

until the sunlight.

Use desire to build a fire ,

and torch the words

sworn by a liar.

Who told me she'd forever be the one.

Well that line really seemed to be famous

because it slipped off a million tongues

gentle and gracious .

I found out that using my head

could be such a chore.

I never was the sharpest knife

found in the drawer .

Mistakenly beautiful

pink fingernails

and glittered cuticles .

So many things

to make my eyes and heart

not so miserable.

If I told you that you had a beautiful body

would you hold it against me ?

Later,maybe sleep again

in a room so hazy?

Mistakenly beautiful

mistakenly beautiful

is this life a miracle ?

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