Listen To Reason

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Submitted: January 11, 2018

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Submitted: January 11, 2018



I kept my life turned upside down

for a million seasons.

Drowning in a sea of anguish

because I never listened to reason.

All the rusted nails that were driven

into the hands of a holy man

were the pain that bore forgiveness

and a chance for the promised land.

Repeating the same abuse

because I used these prayers

for the list entitled excuse.

Fellow men and women warned me

of right and wrong.

Escaped my youth

so my decisions weren't accused.

Leaving all the chances

to be in love.

Because I had been to selfish

to give enough .

Now they all walk on by

like I am invisible.

When I found the one

it was a miracle.

I've changed a lot since my teenage years

studied up on honesty

and thanked my peers.

I started thinking

that I wouldn't have been senseless

if I would have just

let down my fences.

I never would

listen to reason

or share with another

my locked up feelings.

Overly selfish .

wild and wreckless .

Sewing my oats

where the mustang grazes.

Not afraid , Never ashamed.

Too stupid to realize

that it was the one that

my actions would blame .

Life is a lesson

that I came

to learn in time.

I use my knowledge

to prosper

this tame heart of mine . .

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