"Sometimes what you want, Isn't what you need."

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I stopped thinking with my mind & let my body take the lead... Flashbacks of her & I together started to run through my head heating up my body even more ... I had tasha against her couch slowly
grinding into her while our lips were doing their on private dance , but I wanted to try something different... I wanted to please her this time , Breaking the kiss I step back to look at the girl
I had called my best friend for damn near my whole life , I started to strip her ... First her shirt , her leggings , then her thong .... Turning her around I unhook her bra , letting it fall to
the floor with everything else, reaching up I trap her nipple between my fingers & twirl it while I started to grind my pussy against her ass ...

Please be Advised , If you are under the age of 17 I do not recommend that you read this story . It contains foul language & explicit sex scenes, I can only recommend it , So consider yourself
warned ... Also no copying of any words from this book, Thank you ?...

Table of Contents

The Beginning

Submitted: January 11, 2018

Tasha & I had been best friends since grade school, if you saw her you saw me & just like any other teenage girl our age, we had our own ... Read Chapter


Submitted: January 11, 2018

It took Tasha and I half a hr to get dressed & we were on our way to treys house for his party ... Tasha & I took a cab because neither o... Read Chapter

The offer

Submitted: January 12, 2018

Chapter 3. Walking back into the party tasha & I noticed that lyric wasn't in the same place that we had left him in, & to be honest ... Read Chapter


Submitted: January 12, 2018

????"This what happen when I think about you I get in my feelings, yeah I start reminiscing, yeah Next time around, f*** I want it to be ... Read Chapter

All or nothing

Submitted: January 12, 2018

*2 yrs later* "Mark stoppppp!" "Nope tell me you love me".... Trying to take in deep breaths while he was tickling me to death I finally ... Read Chapter


Submitted: January 12, 2018

*Tasha's POV* Having an audience never bothered Me ... Sliding Dezi's thong down, my nose is greeted with her sweet scent... Tossing ... Read Chapter


Submitted: January 12, 2018

*Dezis POV* She was punishing me, She kept bringing me so close but wouldn't let me cum ... I was starting to become frustrated, feel... Read Chapter