Bunny's Life

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It's a moral story

Submitted: January 12, 2018

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Submitted: January 12, 2018



Once there was a bunny, which was lazy and silly. Its mother said, "You have to change yourself, Bunny."

But it never cared about it. It spent its whole time lonely , but vainly in the meadow. 

If any one questioned his slothful life, it would not reply, instead it would hide its head inside the borrow thinking it hid itself from the whole world. 

One day, a pussy came that way. It insisted the bunny to do its work. The bunny acted in the same way.

"Are you think you are hiding from the whole world?" Yelled the cat, "You cannot escape from your duty."

"I do not have any duty, sir," said the bunny.

"What! None have no duty to do at all," said the pussy cat.

"But I have. Sir, I do not have friends. This world is too lonely to me so I hate my life. How can I do my duty to the world which doesn't love me?" Asked the bunny.

"Leave the people who doesn't care about you. Just forget them. Only focus on the people who cares you, including your mother. Live your life for your satisfaction. And do your duty regularly to make you and those who love you happy," said the pussy cat.

Bunny rushed its home leaping over the stones and pits. Its mother wondered when she returned home. "Oh! dear child, how did you finish all the works so fast!" 

"I am bunny ma, so I am fast," said the bunny. 


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