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Three poems. 1) Silent City 2) Last Night 3) Untitled

Submitted: January 12, 2018

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Submitted: January 12, 2018



1) Silent City


To walk with ignorance is blessed,
For what you do not know,
Will not disturb you.
You’ve seen me around,
Here, there,
I’m almost everywhere.
How I got there before you,
Matters not,
I’m here.

To walk with ignorance is blessed,
I talk to you,
But you choose not to hear.
My screams are deafening,
The city falls silent.
Tonight I will die,
In a deep freeze,
As you read your children,
A bedtime story.

A warm smile will form on one woman’s face,
As tears roll down the cheeks of another.



2) Last Night


Last night I cried as I slept,
I cried for a child that was to die,
The child was mine,
There was nothing I could do to stop it.
The agony of loosing a child slowly,
Is more painful than birthing,
An extension of myself,
Was no longer to exist.
I ask God, “Why?”
Why was my child to die?
Why was I to endure such pain?
Last night I cried as I slept.
In my child’s bedroom I would sit,
Reading stories as she smiled at me,
I took her to a majestic place,
Where anything was possible.
In the morning I served her breakfast,
With a vase that held a daisy,
And when she had finished,
I placed the daisy in her hair.
On the days when it was sunny,
We would sit in the garden,
She would giggle as she served me invisible tea,
And I would smile.
When my child died,
I placed a daisy in her hair,
Kissed her one last time,
Then she was gone.
Last night I cried as I slept,
For I was back in the garden with my child,
She said to me, “Thank you mommy,
For bringing me such joy over the years of my illness”.
She then got up and walked away through the garden,
And I let her go to that majestic place.
I then knew that it was not about the pain in which I endured,
But that it was about the love I have to give.
I awoke in the morning,
With a daisy in my hair,
The time I had with my child here on Earth,
Was a blessing that many parents do not know.
Last night I slept,
With a daisy in my hair.
3) Untitled
Innocent are the eyes of a child,
Polluted by his world around,
Seeking forgiveness for being born,
The pearls of life never found.
Now standing by a swollen creek,
He tries to decide his fate,
Those eyes of that innocent child,
Are quickly washed away.
And this is how I’ve lived my life,
From day to day, today,
For those eyes of that innocent child,
Have long since passed away.

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