My Despicable Life Story 2

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Submitted: January 12, 2018

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Submitted: January 12, 2018



Part 1

Benison – Rise and shine master;


Rudi – What time is it?


Benison – its 7:30;


Rudi – 7:30!


Rudi jumps up and gets out of bed he goes into the bathroom;


Rudi's voice – Why did you not wake me up?


Benison – I thought you were capable in doing that yourself;


Rudi's voice – Very funny;


Benison – Just to let you know that you have 1 unread message;


Rudi's voice – From whom;


Benison – Margo;


Rudi's voice – What does it say?


Benison – Have a nice day smiley face;


Rudi comes out from the bathroom he picks up the cell phone;


Benison – Shall I text her back?


Rudi – It's fine;


A knock on the door;


Rudi – Come in;


The door slowly opens;


Rudi's father – Breakfast is served why are you still in your dressing gown and slippers?


Rudi turns;


Rudi – Sorry father;


Rudi puts down his cell phone he takes off his dressing gown and begins putting on his school uniform;


Benison – Would you like some help master?


Rudi –I am fine;


Rudi’s father – Time is ticking;


Rudi’s father’s cell phone rings in his shirt pocket he takes it out;


Rudi’s father –Hello;


Dru’s voice – Fancy coming over for lunch later on?


Rudi’s father –That will be great at what time?


Dru’s voice – Does 1:30 sound okay;


Rudi’s father – Yes that will be fine;


Dru’s voice – Good I will see you then;


Rudi’s father puts his cell phone back in his shirt pocket;


Rudi – Who was that?


Rudi’s father – Dru;


Rudi – What does he want?


Rudi’s father – He just invited me for lunch over at his place;


Rudi – Oh okay;


Rudi’s father – Ready to go;


Rudi – Yes;


Rudi walks over to his father;


Rudi- Don’t just stand there come on;


Rudi walks out from his bedroom his father turns and follows;


Benison – Have a nice day at school master;


Benison begins picking up Rudi’s clothes while Rudi and his father go downstairs they walk over to the front door Rudi opens the door a woman with light brown hair wearing a jacket with fur holding a small dog was standing on the door step;


Rudi’s father – May I help you?


Woman – I have seem to have locked myself out from my house can you be a dear and help me;


Rudi’s father – Sure;


Rudi – No don’t it could be a trap;


Rudi’s father – This woman needs help;


Rudi – Yeah and I am the president of France;


The woman turns and walks away;


Rudi mutters – Good riddance;


The front door closes Rudi and his father walk over to the driveway Rudi’s father opens the car door along with Rudi they climb into the car they close the door Rudi’s father starts up the car and drives away inside the car Rudi begins texting;


Rudi’s father – Who are you texting?


Rudi – Margo;


Rudi’s father –Have you and her thought of,


Rudi – Going out not yet it’s still early days;


Rudi’s father – Early days alright any ideas in how you are going to ask Margo out;


Rudi – I was thinking in laying some roses on the ground for her to pick them up one by one while

A whole new world is playing in the background;


Rudi’s father – Sounds romantic and a little creepy at the same time;


Rudi – Why is it creepy?


Rudi’s father – Well son the fact that it’s a little creepy because it’s full on;


Rudi – Full on in what way?


Rudi’s father – Well in a way it sounds like a proposal;


Rudi – We are French;


Rudi’s father – Yes but I don’t think asking a girl to be your girlfriend in a form of a proposal is a good idea;


Rudi looks at his father;


Rudi – You’re just jealous;


Rudi’s father – I am not jealous;


Rudi – Yes you are;


Rudi’s father – Fine when you are ready to ask Margo to be your girlfriend you can do it how you want to do it;


Rudi – Thanks father;


Rudi’s father turns on the radio;
























Margo Edith and Agnes get out from the car;


Lucy – Have a great day at school girls;


The girls – We will;


Margo’s cell phone buzzes in her backpack she takes the backpack off she opens it and takes it out;


Margo – It’s from Rudi;


Edith – Is that boy still sending you messages about his matureness?


Agnes –I bet he does not believe in Unicorns;


Lucy – I will see you girls later;


Lucy drives away the girls turn and walk over to the school building;


Margo texting;


Edith – We are just about to go into the school building and you are texting;


Margo – He’s my friend;


Agnes – This boy has gotten you thinking about him 24-7;


Edith – Eating you like a parasite;


Margo – Look just because you both do not have many friends it does not mean I should be the same;


Edith and Agnes – What!


Edith – Now hold on just a minute;


Agnes – We do have friends;


Margo – What imaginary ones;


Edith and Agnes silent;


Edith – You know what;



Agnes – We are going;


Edith – See you later;


Edith and Agnes walk away leaving Margo;


Edith – Imaginary friends what a cheek;


Agnes – I miss the old Margo the big sister Margo;


Edith – I regret calling her the greatest big sister;


Agnes –I hope she does not say that unicorns are not real;


Edith – Come to think of it she is at that length in doing just that;


Agnes – We have to get the old Margo back and fast;


Edith – Leave that to me;


Edith takes off her backpack she takes out a blue iPad;


Edith – I have done some research about Margo’s so call friend and I came across this;


Agnes – It’s a girl that happens to look like Margo but with long blonde hair blue eyes in a Japanese style school uniform;


Edith – Apparently she is from the south of France but moved to Japan due to her father’s job;


Agnes – Does she have a name?


Edith – Michelle Lavender age 14 and it was last updated 12 hours ago;


Agnes – 12 hours ago;


Edith – That’s right;


Agnes – So basically Margo’s friend is double befriending?


Edith – Not only Margo’s friend is double befriending he’s also lied about his age;


Agnes – Lied about his age?


Edith – He is not 12 years old he is actually 14;


Agnes shocked;


Agnes – We got to tell Margo;


Edith – Not at this moment;


Agnes – But she has to know;


Edith – Do you want Margo to turn her back on us even more?


Agnes shakes her head;


Edith – Then keep it a secret;


Edith puts the blue iPad back in her backpack the two of them continues walking by then Margo had finished texting and was heading over to the school building;





























Lucy arrives at the secret agent head courters car park Gru was waiting outside the entrance as she parks the car and gets out;

Gru – Are the girls safely at school?


Lucy – Oh yes Papa bear;


Gru – Good;


The two of them walk into the head courters building;


Male receptionist – Morning Mr. and Mrs. Gru;


Lucy and Gru – Morning;


The two of them walk past the reception desk they go into an office;


Lucy – So what’s the scoop?


Woman – There’s a clown that goes by the name T-bone is hanging around parks stealing ladies handbags and some staff members at a plaza hotel are stealing valuables from the rich visitors staying there;


Lucy – Okay send one of our eldest spies to pose as a timid old lady in a park and I and Gru will go over to the plaza hotel;


Woman – In order to catch these staff members in the act you and Gru have to look the part;


Gru – Look the part;


Lucy – You know look the part as if we are movie star rich?


Gru – There is no way I am dressing like some big shot millionaire;


Lucy whispers into Gru’s ear;


Gru – Does it come with ice cream?


Lucy – Come on let’s get ready;


Lucy and Gru turn and walk out from the office.





Part 2


Margo listening to Rudi's voice message on her cell phone;


Rudi's voice - Margo my Rose as I head off to school I will be thinking of you I hope you will be doing the same thing anyway I must go have a wonderful day at school Rudi;


Teacher - Good morning class;


Students - Morning Miss Appel;


Teacher - Now class I have some news we are going on a trip but it’s not to Disneyland;


Boy taking off his Mickey Mouse ear hat;


Girl - So where are we going instead?


Teacher - To an ice skating rink;


Margo - That’s all I need broken bones and cuts on my body;


Boy 2 - What about a Water park;


Teacher - Did you not hear what I said we are going ice skating?


Boy 2 - Yes Miss Appel;


Teacher - Okay that’s that cleared up did any of you bring back your Computer studies homework;


Margo opens her backpack she takes out a red ring binder file she gets up and walks over to the front and places it on the teacher's desk;


Teacher - Thank you Margo anyone else?


The whole class sat in silence; 


Teacher - How disappointing;









Agnes with a sad face was looking at a book;


Little girl - What's the matter Agnes?


Agnes - Nothing;


Little girl - Do you want to know something;


Agnes - What;


Little girl - My tooth fell out last night and I got some money from the tooth fairy;


Agnes - You did;


Little girl - Yeah;


Agnes - How much did the tooth fairy give you?


Little girl - A dollar bill;


Agnes - That’s nice;


A little boy walks over to Agnes he takes the book from her;


Agnes yells - Ask stupid!


Little girl - Agnes;


Agnes - Sorry I am just in a bad mood about what Margo said to me;


Little girl - What did she say to you?


Agnes - That I do not have friends;


Little girl - But you do have friends;


Agnes - Not to her;


Little girl - Whatever do you mean?


Agnes - Ever since she met this French boy all her focus has been on him and not her own sisters;


Little girl - Okay;



Agnes - I just want my big sister back;


Little girl - Would you like to play tea parties;


Agnes - Sure;


Agnes follows the little girl over to a table with a tea set on top the two of them sat down;


Little girl - So tell me more about this French boy?


Agnes - There is nothing to say besides my sister is head over heels in love with him;


Little girl - Is he charming?


Agnes - Kind of;


Little girl - Does he have cool things?


Agnes – I am not sure;


Little girl – Does he look like Justin Bieber?


Agnes – No;























Edith drawing;


8 year old boy - What's with the blue print drawing?


Edith - It's my plan to expose my sister's friend;


8 year old boy - Okay don't forget the Pepsi cola drink you promised me;


Edith - I won't;


The 8 year old boy turns and walks away;


Edith - There finished now all I have to do is send a heart-warming message in French to this Michelle girl;


She goes into her backpack and takes out the blue iPad she begins typing;


Edith - Good thing my French is top of the class;





























A black car with dark windows stops in front of a plaza hotel the car door opens Lucy wearing a fur coat and sunglasses steps out;


Lucy – Come on Gru;


Gru’s voice – I am not coming out;


Lucy – Why not?


Gru’s voice – Because I look ridiculous;


Lucy – You look fine;


Gru steps out from the car also wearing a fur coat and sunglasses;


Gru – I look like my twin brother with a 80s mullet;


Lucy – Come on time is ticking;


Lucy and Gru walks into the plaza hotel;


Male receptionist – Morning how can I help you both;


Lucy – The name is Sabrina Good-heart and this is my husband Bernard Good-heart;


Male receptionist – Okay what room would you like?


Gru – A standard room please;


Lucy – An early 18th century French style suite?


Gru – What!


Lucy whispers into Gru’s ear;


Gru – Do I get to make you laugh like a school girl?


Male receptionist – Is everything okay?


Lucy – Yes;


Gru – We will take the 18th century French suite;


Male receptionist – No problem;

He goes over to the computer;


Male receptionist – Okay that will be $999.00


Lucy – Card dear;


Gru – Oh yes;


Gru takes out a gold credit card from his pocket he gives it to the male receptionist;


Male receptionist – Thank you;


Gru whispers to Lucy – There is an elderly man giving us the eye?


Lucy whispers to Gru – Okay we will keep an eye on him;


Male receptionist – Okay everything is done here is your credit card;


Lucy – Thank you;


Male receptionist – Here is the key enjoy your stay;


Lucy and Gru walks away the elderly man walks over to the hotel reception desk;


Elderly man – Nice couple but be sure not to let them out of your sight;


He gives the male receptionist a bundle of cash;


Male receptionist – What’s this for?


Elderly man – Just don’t let them out of your sight;


Male receptionist – Okay;


He takes the bundle of cash;


Elderly man – Now about that upgrade;


Gru opens the door the two of them step into the room;


Gru – Very nice;


Lucy – Come let’s make ourselves comfortable;


She shuts the door and throws Gru onto the bed;

Gru – Jeez woman;


Lucy – Mama Bear needs to unwind before we start the investigation;


Gru – But its only mid-morning;


Lucy whispers in Gru’s ear;


Gru – Do I get to scrub your back?


The telephone rings Lucy picks it up;


Lucy – Hello;


Man’s voice – Just checking if you both have settled down;


Lucy – Yes;


Man’s voice - Okay;


A knock on the door Lucy walks over to the door she opens it;


Woman – Room service;




















































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