Running From The Darkness

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A poem about escaping from addiction

Submitted: January 12, 2018

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Submitted: January 12, 2018



Acceptance by the masses
Fuels the confidence within
A boost of purest self esteem
Masquerades beneath the skin
Walking tall on water
One day you’ll find a need to swim
A sugar pedestal of falseness
Reality so grim
Routing of self desctruction
Ignited with a flame
A blazing hot inferno
Engulfed by dreams of fame
After light falls darkness
Day soon become night
Darkened days surrounded
Suffocating all the light
A vicious path repeated
Repetitive in life
No where left to run to
Just the final turn in life
Hold on to your soul
Reverse the destiny unknown
Move towards better times
That the daylight now has shown
Temptation can be our best friend
Binding body, soul and mind
A curtain covering who we are
The truth we cannot find
Open your eyes to who we are
Look life straight ahead and smile
For being true and honest
You’ll walk that extra mile
The eyes that saw the first day
Will also see the last
The beauty is what you make it
Not how you lived the past

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