Psychology 101

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Joe Presents his Report

Submitted: January 22, 2018

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Submitted: January 22, 2018



Joe made his way to the front of the class.  He jumped up on the lab bench and stood up and began marching and singing in his best off-key voice, “When Caissons Coming Rolling Along.”  Everyone began to laugh, and Mr. Ryan had a big smile on his face.  When he was done, he had a serious expression on his face.  He jumped down and pulled one of the empty desks in the front roll out and turned towards the class.  Sitting down he began: “My father is a retired Army Colonel.  We moved at least twice every year during his career.  I attended no less ten schools while growing up.”  Suddenly, everyone sat in rapt attention.  “I decided early in life, I wasn’t going to make a career in the military like my dad.  I won’t put my family through that!”  Joe cleared his throat.  “You want to know the funny thing?  I yearned to be just like my dad.”  Joe got up and paced between the desk and the lab bench.  He wiped his eyes like he wanted to cry, but willing himself not to. 

“When I was on that street corner, I looked over at this old man across the street, and he consistently made more money than I did.  So, I let my hair grow out and grew a beard, some of you might remember.  I got some old clothes at the Goodwill and I looked like a bum.  I started making a hundred or two hundred dollars every day I sat there.” 

He looked at Professor Ryan.  “This is the hard part.”

“It’s okay.  Take your time,” Professor Ryan said.

After a while, people began stopping to ask me questions about their private lives.  One a news lady stopped and interviewed me.  She labeled me the begging guru, me some college kid.

Joe looked up at the ceiling.  “One day my dad stopped right in front of me.  I thought I was going to catch the devil from him, for embarrassing him.  But, instead, he put twenty hundred dollar bills in my pot, two thousand dollars!  Then he sat down beside me to talk.”  Joe rubbed his nose.  “He didn’t realize it was me because I hadn’t been home since graduation.”  Joe put his hands behind his head and stretched.  My dad then began to tell me about his life, and how he wanted to be a missionary to Africa, my dad?!”  When he left, I stuffed all my money into my backpack.  I had $3000.  I saw a Salvation Army sign and I walked over and gave it all to them in honor of my father, Army Colonel Miller, Retired.  Then I walked right down and joined the Army.  I will be leaving in January after this semester.  I may not become an officer, or even make it my career.  But, I am free to do what I’ve always wanted to do, be in the army. 

As for the letters: LOCK?  Remember, we are never locked into doing anything or not doing anything.”  Joe quietly walked back to his desk in the back of the room.  Professor Ryan noticed for the first time, Joe was wearing a conservative blue polo shirt with dark slacks and dress shoes.  Joe picked up his books and carried them to the front desk where he pulled it out for his report and turned it back around and sat down in the front row.

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