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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Sweet Music

Submitted: January 23, 2018

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Submitted: January 23, 2018



Professor Ryan looked at his book.  “Uh, Linda Sanders are you prepared to give us your report?”  Ryan hadn’t realized until this moment how much his train of thought had been disrupted by his discussion in the president’s office.  Linda went to the back of the room and picked up her cello.  “Wow, how had I missed that big thing lying on the floor?” he thought. 

Linda didn’t say a word but placed her instrument on its side in front of the lab bench and went around and took the straight back chair from the Professor Ryan’s desk and brought it around to in front of the class.  She picked up the cello and caressed neck of it with her left hand.  Then cocked her head and proceeded to tune it.  Once she was satisfied she began to play and melancholy dirge.  When she nearly had everyone getting a little antsy when she switched to ragtime, then jazz, and finally gospel.  The class stood in unison to give her a standing ovation.

When she stood to take a bow and put her cello back down on the floor, the class sat back down with rumblings of discussions among the class members.  Ryan stood spellbound.  He had to admit she was good!

Linda remained standing dressed in her coordinated purple jogging outfit.  “When we were asked to do this experiment, I didn’t want to do it.  I came to Professor Ryan and made excuses why I couldn’t do it.” She looked over at Ryan who nodded at her to confirm what she was saying.  “I was so embarrassed and ashamed. I didn’t even tell my parents.”  She made a fist and brought it down in front of her, beating the air.“They had worked so hard for me to make it.”  She stopped and looked at her cello.  “How could I tell them that I was going to just give my talent away like some street urchin?” 

She walked over to her instrument and knelt down and put her hands on it.  “This was my life!” she nearly screamed.  “So, I came up with a plan.”  She stood now.  “I would play for those who would appreciate me and my music, so I set up in front of Julliard.  I put my sign up not in a too conspicuous place and began to play.  A man watched me for over an hour, and then he entered the college and came back out to with four other people with stringed instruments to play with me.  After another hour, they stopped and the man asked why I was there.  I told him of the experiment.  ‘Come see me tomorrow,’ and he gave me his card. ‘I think we have a place for you here.’”  The class hooped and hollered at her announcement.

She smiled a little embarrassed at the class’s reaction.  “I told my new Julliard instructor that I wanted to finish this class and especially the experiment.  He said he understood, and that it wouldn’t be a problem.  He also said, ‘The experiment is about you.  You know that, don’t you?’ 

“Yes, I know that now.  That’s what I learned.  I thought I was better than everybody else.  I’m not.”  She brought her hand to her chest.  “I play a pretty decent cello,” to more catcalls from the class, “but I’m not better than anyone else because of it.”  She hesitated for a moment.  “I was surprised how people reacted to me.  They liked me and stood and listened for long minutes and gave me money.  Even the best of the best like me!”

“Finally, L people listen.  O, I related to others.  C, I had to confront myself.  K, it didn’t kill me to put myself out there.  Thank you, Professor Ryan, for helping me learn who I really am!”  The class gave her another standing ovation as she took her cello to the back of the room a put it down on the floor and then finally sat down.  Professor Ryan stood clapping with the rest of the class.  He was taken aback by the presentation.  “Thank you, Linda Sanders,” he said.  “Wow, uh, I think we can take our usual break now and then come back for a few more presentations.”


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