Psychology 101

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Give It Up for the Band

Submitted: January 24, 2018

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Submitted: January 24, 2018



After the class break, Professor Ryan looked at his book.  “Bud Jones, are you folks ready for your presentation?”

Bud looked around at the others.  He shrugged.  “Yeah, I guess.” 

“If you don’t remember Bud plays drums in a four-piece band and they have their own lead singer, Cindy Rose,” Professor Ryan commented.

The five pulled empty desks to the front of the class, sat down and began by introducing themselves. 

“Hi, I’m Bud Jones, and I play drums in our little group.”

“Hi guys, I’m Cindy Rose.  I’m the lead singer and the spiritual leader of the group.”  She put her hands to her mouth and blew kisses to everyone in the room, including Professor Ryan, who couldn’t help but smile.  The rest of the class roared with laughter. 

“Yo, I’m Greg Morton, and I get it on by playing lead guitar.  He immediately stood and pretended he was playing an air guitar making all kinds of gyrations like a rock star, going back in front of the class.”  Oh, in case you didn’t get the song, it was Footloose.”  They all laughed because there was no sound, just the music in Greg’s head.  He sat down. 

“I’m Kathy Simpson.  I play rhythm guitar.  You are probably wondering do we really need another guitar.  Three guitars?  Don’t forget the Beatles had a drummer and three guitars, but of course, they could sing too.  I do help Cindy sometimes with a harmony part, but she’s our real singer.”  She looked over at Pete.

“Hello, I’m Pete Johnson, and I play the bass guitar.  If you heard the bass alone, it wouldn’t sound like much but put it with a group and it fills out the group like no other instrument can.  The bass is like a bass singer in a quartet.  Everyone likes the bass singer.  It’s the same with the bass player.  Everyone loves me!”  He put his hands on his chest.  More laughs from the class and one male voice yells out, “In your dreams!”  The class erupted into more laughter.

Bud jumped in again.  “I guess we would all agree Cindy has been our spiritual leader.  She got us a place to practice at the coffee shop where she works.  Eventually, people started coming in as we practiced even though the place was closed, and then we got our own gig playing once a week for real for the customers.  It helped us come together as a group.  Also, she came up with a new style crossover style of play, where we sing and play rock with a bluegrass style, giving the instruments solos between vocal parts.” 

“It has been dream come true to be a singer,” Cindy said, “and also to be a part of a band.  We really sound good!”  She gave the class two thumbs up. 

Greg Morton said, “I’ve always played lead guitar and have played in a number of groups, but I love this one.  We have something special.”

“We set up in Central Park,” Bud said.  Cindy and Kathy made us an artsy sign; we looked like anything but a bunch of poor kids needing food with thousands of dollars of musical instruments and amplifiers.” 

“Yeah, this guy keeps watching us and texting somebody,” Kathy said.  “Anyway, he comes up and wants to buy us supper.  Play for food, get it?”  She laughs.”

Bud takes over.  “He offers us a recording contract just like that.  It’s crazy!” 

Greg jumps up again and yells out, “Yow!”  And then he begins playing his air guitar again. 

“We are really good and we’ll play for you when we meet at the restaurant when Professor Ryan meets with us at Cindy’s day job at the Coffee Café.”  He cleared his throat and rustled in his backpack for his notebook.  “Ah, now we are going to tell what LOCK has come to mean to us.  Each one of us will take one letter and I will summarize it all when we are finished.  Okay, who has L?”

Cindy raised her hand.  “I have the letter L.” She said.  “I wrote a poem:

L is such a lonely letter

Squeezed between the K and M

In the middle of the alphabet.


But of all the words that begin with L

Two words have more meaning than all the rest,

And they are words Learn and Love.


I have Learned so much from my

Fellow players in our music group,

And I’ve come to love each of them.


It was just an experiment

Entitled: “Work For Food.”

But we Learned so much Love.


Kathy stood.  She held a poster board in front of her with a funny face on it.  It read: “O in LOCK stands for others.  I play rhythm guitar and sing a little, but not by myself but with others, I can make the magic of good music.  Others is the key.”

Greg moved to the whiteboard and picked up a marker, writing a big C on the board.  He turned and leaned on the desk like Professor Ryan and everyone caught it and laughed.  He said in his most authoritative voice.  “C represents consistency towards the people in the group.  We had to be there on time to do our part, to be present in the moment.”  He held up his right hand forming a C and then made like a rock star playing his air guitar all the back to back to his seat. 

“Hi, again, I’m Pete.  K means to know.  Who knows what is going to happen if we put ourselves out there.  Maybe grand things are in the wind.  Who knows?  No one knows until you do it.” 

Bud jumped in again.  So, there it is “LOCK.”  Love Others Consistently, and who Knows what miracles may happen.

They broke up moving their desk back and the Bud yelled over the scraping of the desk, “Don’t forget.  We’re playing on Ryan’s Day at the Coffee Café!”


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