Psychology 101

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Last Day of Class

Submitted: January 26, 2018

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Submitted: January 26, 2018



The students filed in on the last day of class to take their final exams.  On their desks were the tests of multiple choice questions.  They waited for Professor Ryan to show up.  They learned so much from him that the examination could never capture what they had learned. 

Presently, someone else came into the classroom and made his way to the front.  “I’m Dr. Kibbins, President of the college.  On your desk are the finals that Professor Ryan had prepared for you.”

Joe Miller yelled out, “Yeah, we know who you are.  “You’re the guy who fired him.”

Dr. Kibbins raised his hand to silence him and the uproar that was beginning.  “This may not be the best time to reveal some bad news to you, but Professor Ryan was murdered last night.”

“What!  How?”  Joe shouted out.

“He was walking home and stopped to help a homeless man.  Two guys jumped out and mugged him.  The incident was caught on the security camera from the store across the street.  The homeless man tried to help, but he was shot too.  I’m sorry.”  Dr. Kibbins stood there a moment and then said, “Leave your exams on your desk when you leave.”  Then he strolled out. 

Joe Miller stood first, leaving his exam untouched.  He gathered his stuff.  “I don’t care what I get on the exam,” he said preparing to leave.  The rest got up too not taking the test.

Bud stood up and yelled, “Remember Ryan Day at the Coffee Café!”

Joe stood by the door.  “I’ll be there.  We owe Professor Ryan that much.”  They all stood there motionless for a moment then one by one agreeing to be there to pay their respects to their favorite professor and friend.  Finally, Anastasia yelled out, “Professor we love you!”  Then the floodgates opened up and everyone streamed out of the classroom, crying and hugging each other.



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