Psychology 101

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Linda Begins Her Project

Submitted: January 15, 2018

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Submitted: January 15, 2018



Linda Sanders set up right in front of the Julliard School of Music, in central Manhattan.  It wasn’t the usual place for beggars to hang out.  She still felt disgruntled by it all and wasn’t too enthusiastic about the project.  She avoided stares by the people walking by.  As soon as she sat in the chair, she forgot about the people and the stares.  She just loved to play; it was all her.  People threw money on her cello bag.  She ignored it.  She wasn’t here for the money.  It was just an assignment, and the sooner it was over the better.  One fellow stood staring with his arms folded.  Thirty minutes passed, and he still stood there.  An hour passed and he finally entered the college. 

Linda stood and stretched and walked around a little and finally took a drink of water and sat back down.  She rosined her bow and checked her tuning on her cello.  She was about to start playing again when she turned around to see the guy who stood for an hour watching her play exiting the building with his cello, and four other stringed players, a violin, a viola, and a bass.  They had brought their own folding chairs and music stands and music.  They smiled as they tuned up, and then the man asked, “Do you know this one?”  He handed her piece of sheet music. 

“It’s my favorite,” she said and pulled out her own copy of the music.  They played together for another hour.  Finally, the man said, “Why are you here today?”  Linda explained the assignment.  “Come see me tomorrow for an interview, and bring your instrument, okay?”  He gave her his card.  “I think we might have a place for you here at Julliard. 

Her feet never hit the ground going to the subway on her way home.  She was going to get a shot at Julliard!  How could she miss being referred by the actual teacher she was to study under?

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