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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Setting up the Band

Submitted: January 16, 2018

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Submitted: January 16, 2018



Bud Jones met with the other musicians: Kathy Simpson, Greg Morton, and Pete Johnson as well as Cindy Rose after class to set up a rehearsal time in the auditorium on the following Saturday morning.  He was hoping for a great sound but tried to keep his expectation down.  After all, they were just a bunch of strangers coming together to make some noise on the street to fulfill an assignment.

Each had ideas about practice times and where.  He remembered his dad, an engineer, telling him if you get three people to agree on anything it would be a miracle.  Fifteen minutes later they were still in the back of the classroom, and everyone else had left.  Bud put his fingers to his lips and whistled an ear-splitting note.  “Yo, I’ll tell you what.  Let’s meet down to the Beanery, the coffee shop, around the corner, and we can talk all night about times, how long to practice and where okay?” 

When they got there, Cindy Rose wasn’t there.  “What, did we lose our singer already,” Bud said.  “We need her!  She’ll be the glue that will hold everything together.” 

He looked over at Kathy Simpson.  She responded, “Don’t look at me, I’m no singer!” 

Just then Cindy rushed in breathless.  “I’m sorry I’m late.  I stopped by where I work and asked the owner if we could practice there.  They have a stage and everything, great ambiance too.  If we’re any good we might get a gig there!”

They were all so relieved she showed up they readily agreed.  “Now, we need to pick a time,” Bud said. 

Greg Morton said, “I’ll tell you right now, I’m not a morning person.”

“That makes two of us,” Kathy said.

“No, problem,” Cindy said. “We have the place all day Sunday.  They’re closed Sundays.”

“Okay, here’s what I’m thinking,” Pete Johnson said.  “We meet at two in the afternoon, and go into the wee hours in the morning if we have to.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Bud said.

“Nope, can’t make it,” Kathy informed them.  “I have a wedding shower to attend.”

“You’ve got be kidding me,” Greg said.

“I am!”  Kathy laughed.  Then they all cracked up laughing.

“Cindy, give us the address of the place you work, and I’ll see you there 2:00 pm Sunday.”


At 2:00 pm everyone was there at the Coffee Cafe, except Cindy.  “Anyone heard from Cindy,” Bud asked.  Greg said, “What are we going to have a panic spasm every time we get together because our singer doesn’t show up?”  He started plugging his equipment in and the rest followed suit.  Pretty soon everyone was doing the same.  Bud got his trap drums in place.  Kathy and Pete tuned their guitars off Greg’s lead guitar.  Greg started off on some of his favorite pieces.  Bud had to admit he was good.  Then Kathy and Pete joined in.  Soon Bud joined in.  Maybe they could make it without a singer, but he wanted a singer. 

Cindy finally rushed in.  “Sorry I’m late,” she said.

“It’s okay we were just getting set up,” Bud said.

“You know being late is a habit,” Greg said.

“Hey, I had to take my mom to the hospital, okay?  They think she might have had a heart attack,” she said.

Bud looked at her.  “Do you really need to be here?” he asked. 

“I said I was going to do this and I will,” she answered.  “My mom is resting right now.” 

“Okay!  I think we have a good sound,” Bud said.  Greg, totally into himself, started off with another guitar solo.  “Greg, can we keep it down until we’re done talking.”

“Sure, I got to take a leak anyway,” Greg said.

Bud sighed.  “This isn’t going to work.  Cindy, any suggestions on what you like to sing?”

“Yeah, I like crossover Blue Grass.  It features the singer and gives a lot opportunity for instrument solos,” she said, throwing out a few suggestions. 

“I can do that!” Greg said, picking up his guitar and jumping into some arbitrary song, and everyone following his lead.  Then Cindy picked up the mic and began to sing.  Bud had shivers running up and down his back.  “She is good!” he thought.  He liked it Blue Grass with a Rock and Roll sound.

She stopped and Greg came strong with his solo.  The next break Bud hit the drums for his solo.  Cindy was all smiles ear to ear. 

Two weeks later they were in Central Park with their fancy sign: Will Play for Food.  Cindy and Kathy created the sign with bright colors and musical notes on it.  As they played, they noticed one man continued to return and listen, texting someone on his cell phone.

At the end of the day, he came forward.  “Do you want to grab a bite to eat?  Your sign says will play for food.”

Bud looked at the others.  “Sure, why not.”


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