Psychology 101

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Loving Encouragement

Submitted: January 19, 2018

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Submitted: January 19, 2018



“You’re the best, baby, and someday somebody is going to discover how good you are and then the whole world will see too how great you are.”

“Yeah I know, mom, you tell me that every day,” Anastasia said putting her paint supplies in her backpack. 

“I say it because it is true!” she said, and then yelled at Anastasia as closed the door to leave.  “Where are you going?!”

“To the park, where I always go.”

“Okay, be careful!”


Anastasia set her easel up and her stool.  She used her folding chair mostly to put her paints on.  Seldom did she ever sit on it.  She remembered her sign: “Will paint you a picture for food.”  Anastasia didn’t think anyone would pay attention to her or her sign anyway.  It would be like any other day, a day of painting and sketching and then she’d go home with her mom telling her how great she was.  She looked around to see joggers and dog-walkers.  Her eye caught a few little birds.  She grabbed her sketch pad.  She like working fast, and the birds forced her to see the full picture instantly and hold it in her mind until she got it down on the paper.

After an hour, an elegantly dressed, middle-aged white woman stopped in front of Anastasia’s easel.  She turned to look at what Anastasia was sketching.  She came around the easel.  She studied the sketch looking at the scene and the sketch and not saying a word. 

When Anastasia stopped and looked around, she introduced herself.  “Hi, I’m Ruth Wilson.  I noticed you have paints.  Would you paint my portrait?”

“Yes,” Anastasia said, sketching Ruth’s face as she spoke. 

“Ah, don’t you have a camera to take a picture,” Ruth asked.

“No, I lose all the feeling of my subject that way.  I’ll have it done in an hour,” she said sketching up to three sketches as fast as she could. 

Ruth stood there amazed, she looked at the sketches when Anastasia put the sketchpad on the easel next to her canvas and grabbed her palette and beginning adding paints to it. Ruth picked up the sketch pad nearly crying at what she saw.  It was her, but it more than her.  It had captured her inner soul.  She put it down and stared at Anastasia. 

“Where have you been all these years?”

Anastasia smiled.  “Right here in the park.”  She laughed.  Ruth backed away shaking her head.  Then she turned and walked away pulling out her cell phone.  Before dialing, she turned back to Anastasia.  “I’ll see you in an hour!”

“Okay,” Anastasia said, wondering if she could do the portrait justice in only an hour.  She liked this white woman, Ruth.  Ruth appreciated her! 

An hour later, Ruth showed up on the dot.  Anastasia realized she couldn’t finish in an hour and covered the right side of Ruth face in shadow.  “Stop!” Ruth demanded.  “I want it just like that!”  Anastasia put her brush down, ready to apologize.  “How much?” Ruth asked.

“I’m not supposed to charge today.  It’s an assignment for my psychology class to do something for food.”

Ruth was aghast.  “You’re serious.”


“Okay, name your food.  Now, come with me.  We have to talk business.  I’m an art dealer, and I want to be your broker selling everything you got.”

“Anastasia laughed.  I have hundreds of sketches and paintings.”

“That’s why we need to talk.”  Anastasia gathered up her stuff as quickly as possible and followed Ruth, who couldn’t stop admiring her painting as she carried it.


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