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these were the stories based on horror created by me for this book

Submitted: January 13, 2018

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Submitted: January 12, 2018



story 1 The unsold bunglow

once in a village.lived a Richest man and his assistant of the village.Named Joseph Richard.He lived a luxurious life ,after sometime due to some unfrozen reasons he was dead.and,the man who is the assistant of Joseph Richard was so afraid of the sounds that were coming out from his room and the assistant leaved that place and went somewhere.But,the soul of the didn't leaved the assistant.Every night he comes to the assistant's dream and tells "please don't leave me in the palace alone,come to the palace we will live our luxurious life once again".And the assistant was so feard to that words of the Joseph Richard and the next day he got fever.Then he decides to sell that bunglow and leave happily with their family.But the king didn't leave the assistant.so,at last he was very frustrated and went to his room and he attempted suicide. THE END

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