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After 6 years of marriage, she got a divorce. The reasons are shocking.

Submitted: February 07, 2018

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Six years into her marriage, Marsha Johnson got a divorce.  This is her story.

After Marsha graduated from Minot High, she enrolled at NDSU.  Her plans were to become a music teacher.  She had a good voice and played many instruments, including the clarinet.  While at NDSU, she enjoyed the full college experience.  She joined a sorority and played in the marching band.  And, of course, she went to college parties with keg beer, spiked punch and marijuana.

In her third year she met Bob Ryan.  Bob was a farm and ranch boy.  He grew up in western North Dakota.  Marsha, in complete contrast, was a city girl.  She had spent very little time in her entire life on a farm or a ranch.  She didn't know the difference between a steer and a heifer.

Marsha was slight of build.  She was about 5'5" tall and pretty in a Demi Moore sort of way.  Bob was stocky, about 5'9" tall with closed dropped hair.  He rodeoed in high school and at NDSU, primarily as a bull dogger.  He was a beer drinker once having consumed 21 beers in an afternoon and evening, and then losing count and starting over.

On one particular ocassion, Bob and a fraternity brother came back to the house after partying.  They had both consummed considerable alcohol.  Unbeknowest to Bob, his friend inadvertently went in to a coat closet before going to bed.  They found him in the closet the next morning.  He was dead.  His blood alcolhol was .43.

Bob was also known to get into fights when he was drinking, often picking on someone smaller or less experience than he.  Once, after a home football game in the parking lot of a bar near campus, he stopped a car that was leaving.  Bob tapped on the drivers window.  After the driver rolled down the window, and without warning, Bob punched the driver in the face breaking his nose.

But this odd couple got together, and during the last year of college they were inseparable. After graduation,they were married  at her home church in Minot with over 400 guests in attendance.  From there, they moved to the family operation outside of New England.

The Ryan operation consisted of four sections.  Two sections were primarily farm land where they grew wheat and canola. Marsha didn't know wheat from canola or corn from alfalfa, but she learned.  The other two sections were pasture and hay land.  They had 200 head of black angus cows which they calved in March of each year selling the calves off  in November after weaning.  Marsha had a lot to learn about calving, branding and the other aspects of raising cattle.

But things weren't always rosy.  One day, Bob put Marsha in charge of moving some cattle from one pasture to another.  He told her what she had to do.  All that needed to be done was to open the gate on the pasture to the north of the place, and then go to the south side and open the gate to let the cows out.  She would need to stand on the road and make sure the cows didn't wander off down the road.  Bob headed to town to pick up some parts and then he planned to meet some friends for a drink. 

Marsha opened the gate to the north pasture.  She walked across the yard and opened the gate to the south pasture.  The cows were familiar with the procedure and meandered across the yard to the north pasture.  She stood on the road and watched as 88 cows and their calves made their way to the new pasture.

Later that day when Bob got home the cows were all over the road.  He stormed in to the house and confronted Marsha "What in the hell is going on?  The cows are all over the place."  Marsha went over to the window and looked out.  There were cows all over.She had forgotten to close the gate. 

Bob closed the south gate and got on his 4-wheeler and drove the cows back to the north pasture.  It took about two hours to get it done.  As he finished, the sun was going down and it was cooling off.

Bob walked in to the house carrying a spade.  In front of their two children he said "Mommy has to learn not to do that".  He took her outside and told her to dig a hole six feet deep and when she was done she should fill it in again.  This, he said, would teach her to be responsible and remember not to make mistakes like this again.  He went inside and locked the door.

He left her out there all night.  She was cold and she cried most of the night. Come daybreak, Bob unlocked the door and summoned her in.  He said "Did you learn anything?"  She didn't say a word and went in and took a shower.

Several weeks later, Bob came up with an idea.  He was friends with a old bachelor named Pete Wilson.  Pete owned two sections next to Ryans and Bob wanted the property.  Pete had always declined to sell.

Bob told Marsha to prepare a meal and they would take it over to Pete.  She made a roast with potatoes and carrots, gravy and green beans.  For desert she made apple pie.  They took it over to Pete.

After dinner, Bob took Marsha aside and told her she had to go in the bedroom with Pete. She didn't want to and argued with Bob.  Finally, depressed and brow beaten, she went in to the bedroom with Pete.  For weeks after, she was sad and depressed.  About one month later she filed for divorce.  As part of the divorce, she did not want any part of the Ryan land.  She did, however, ask for half the value of the cows. 

Less than four months later, Pete Wilson died.In his will he left his place to Marsha.  Not long after that, she married her high school sweet heart and they remain married to this day.



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